January 10, 2017


Anyone can become great if he chooses to. Greatness is not for the chosen few, it can happen to anyone. You can become great by just trusting one process and that is repetition. You can become great by simply repeating over and over again until you feel that everything you do is perfect.

1. You are getting sick because of working hard. Great people becomes sick by working hard but they don't mind it. They just keep working and working until they become successful. They have a tremendous work ethic that sometimes look irrational. If a normal person can work 10 hours a day, a great person can work 24 hours straight without taking any illegal substance. And that is the reason why sometimes they got sick but they don't care, their passion heals them, their goals make them even stronger.

2. You always find yourself alone. You are alone because you are not joining your friends anymore in useless parties, drinking nights etc. You are so focused on being great and all you wanted to do is improve everyday. You don't care if you are not updated with what is going on with other people, all you want is to become really good and produce results.

3. You don't care about celebrities anymore. An ordinary person who is not pursuing greatness will love to watch celebrities, sports superstars and any other popular persona. A person who is pursuing greatness doesn't even care if a superstar walks in front of him. He doesn't care because for him it is just a waste of time. He treat those celebrities as just ordinary individuals. He knew that he too can become extraordinary.

4. You are making your own philosophy. You are establishing your own belief, you don't easily believe what other people say especially if it is destroying your confidence. You make your own quotes and motto in life. You really believe in your own philosophy and it is making you successful little by little.

5. You are working more than your usual hours of working. You are doing an overtime everyday. You don't count the number of hours you are working because it doesn't matter to you. You never notice that the day is already over. You love working and you feel guilty if you are working less.

6. You are looking weird in some ways. You are starting to look weird because you are starting to become different. You have a different point of view, you have your own schedule, you talk different, move different and think different because your belief is transforming you to greatness. You are being truly yourself and people will think that you are acting strange because you are changing a lot.

7 You are not getting jealous about the success of others. You don't mind if someone is successful because you are so focus on being successful yourself. Unlike others who become bitter when someone is succeeding... you don't care at all. You know you can become successful too and you know that being jealous will get you to nowhere.

8. Making small success is not a big deal to you anymore. You know there is something bigger waiting for you. You still feel good in achieving small success but it is just an ordinary day to you, you don't get excited with it too much. You are always looking at the bigger picture.


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