January 08, 2017


Being a champion is not all about winning, it also has something to do with your attitude, vision and willingness to win . You can still be considered as not a champion even though you are holding a trophy or something especially if you don't do anything to become a champion.

1. Not afraid to win, not afraid to lose. A champion is never afraid of the moment. He will do whatever it takes to win. He will do impossible moves, his mindset is simply to win and that's it. He is loose despite of pressure situations, he never gets conservative. He can pull a miracle even though it looks impossible to win.

2. Will sacrifice anything just to win. Will sacrifice his body, reputation, status in order to just win. He is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of winning, that is what real champion does. For him, victory is more important than anything else in this world.

3. The one who uses all of his energy until the end. A champion never rest. His mind is on the prize and he doesn't care if he dehydrates or die on the battlefield. He will never conserve his energy because he knew he can find that strength in the final stage when he needed it the most.

4. Willing to take the pain just to win. He is not afraid to get hurt or hospitalized. For him, pain is just normal if you want to become victorious. He can get bloodied or bruised but he will still keep going and fight for victory.

5. Will never quit until he win. Of course a champion will never ever quit. Even on the last second... he will still fight. You will never see him get discouraged or frustrated. He may get emotional but he can control his emotions and focus on winning again.

6. Can accept a lost. A real champion can accept a lost and come back again stronger and better. He never become bitter because he always knew he can win again next time. For him, a lost is just a lost... it is never a defeat.

7. Will never regret that the try. A champion will never regret that he try even if he lost. He doesn't care if  he will have to try over and over again. He will keep trying until his very last ounce of breathe.


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