January 02, 2017


This is not about how to get rich quick or how to make millions of money in just one week. I am not a preacher of shortcuts so if you want money fast or how to become rich fast then this article is not for you.

Making money is all about how you feel, it has nothing to do with your occupation, position or status in life. If you are poor now, you can become rich by just being patient, spending smart and being disciplined in managing your money.

Poor people becomes poorer because they always let their money go so fast. Once they earn some cash, they will spend it right away because they find the joy in spending. And when the time comes when they needed money... they don't have one. And that situation will make them even poorer because they will borrow money from someone with high interest. They were trapped in a vicious cycle because they are not looking at the bigger picture. They cannot change their bum lives because they always want to get comfortable by spending money.

1. Hoard the money if you needed to. The idea here is to make your mind think that you have money and you have something to pull from your pocket when an emergency comes. Having a feeling of security will make you even more creative to make more money and attract more money into your life. Try to save as much as possible and let saving be your bliss not spending.

2. Try to look simple. Just try to look simple, you can look elegant even if you're not wearing fancy clothes, shoes or bags. Try to look simple and save your money not for buying things but for buying assets. You don't need people to feel that you are rich or you have money, you need to feel it for yourself. If you feel you have more then you can be more and attract more.

3. Repetition. Repeat what gives you money and repeat it as much as you can. Become a master of something that gives you money and find patterns that will make you do it faster, better and smarter. You can become rich by simply doing one thing and repeating it over and over again. You can add components to it, you can add people, techniques etc.

4. Feel good about your money. No matter how much money you have, feel good about it so it can multiply so fast. If you feel good about your money then you will attract more, you will feel rich and you will be able to see different opportunities to grow your money. Always feel good about it, be appreciative and be thankful for your financial status. A lot of people can't fell good about their money because they think that is small and it can't never go too far. Any amount of money can become big if you will only do the right thing to make it multiply.

5. Count your money. Always count your money and watch if it is going up or going down. Have a mindset of always doing something to make it bigger. It doesn't need to be so fast. You can do it slowly. Once it is going down, double your efforts immediately to make it go up again. Monitor your habits of spending money and make adjustments if needed. Count your money everyday and do something to make it a little bit bigger than yesterday. It is just about building the habits of putting inside and not throwing outside.

6. Don't count other people's bread. Never compete with anyone nor compare your money with anyone. Look at your own money and place your focus on growing it. Being envy with other people's money will only stop you from growing. Jealousy will create poverty. You will only look even poor if you always envy the rich.

7. Give something back. Be generous to the people who really needs help and will not waste the help that you gave. Help people who also works hard and will also do everything to succeed so your money won't be wasted for nothing. Help people with dreams and who are willing to change their situation by any means possible. Money will go back to you doubled or tripled if you are helping without expecting anything in return.


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