January 18, 2017


1. Admit that you're an addict. You have to admit that you're an addict so you will be able to entertain change. A man who will not admit his disease will not cure his disease, admit that there is something wrong with you so you can cure it and find a way how to remove it in your system. Don't be shy if you're addicted at something, whatever your addiction is... admit it and commit to changing it.

2. Replace it with a more productive activity. If you find yourself wanting to smoke again, then find an alternative way how to replace it. It can be reading a book, doing a 5 minute walk or even just chewing a gum. The key here is to entertain yourself of another activity so you will refrain from doing your addiction again.

3. Destroy the source of addiction. If you are addicted to playing video games and you want to get rid of it because you can't do something good anymore and your life is out of direction then simply destroy the source of your addiction. Smash your playstation, burn your games, block the websites of video games that you regularly visit.

If you're addicted to pornography then block the pornsites where you're addicted at, block it for years so you will never be able to visit it again. Request your internet service provider to block it so you really can't visit it even if you wish to. Stay away from the source and you will never think about it again.

4. Seek for medical help. If you're addiction is already worse and you can't find a way how to cure it then it is time for you to seek for medical help, consult some professionals that will help you and will understand your situation. They are the best people that can help you cure your addiction.

5. Just stop it for one week. Make a declaration to yourself that you will stop it for one week and you will shot yourself if you don't do it. Desperate times comes desperate measures, you have to do anything just to stop your addiction. Try to force yourself to avoid your addiction for one week, if you surpass the seven days then there is a big chance that you might not come back to your addiction again.

6. Scare yourself. Think of the worst things that may happen if you don't stop your addiction. Make your mind believe that your life will be in danger if you don't stop now. Think of the worst case scenario and keep it in your mind forever. It is easy to stop an addiction if you are always aware of the pain that it may cause you.

7. Engage in hobbies that will prevent you from your addiction. For example if you wanted to stop your drug addiction then pursue a goal that will make you focused, disciplined and positive. If you want to stop smoking then join marathon or any other sports. You will feel guilty smoking because you're trying to become healthy and fit. Engaging in productive activities will make you forget your addiction or even stop it naturally because you are seeing the better things in life.

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