January 15, 2017


Being consistent has a lot of benefits and only consistent people knows it. So if you badly want to change your life, just be consistent in doing healthy habits and your success will skyrocket to another level. Yes, it is hard being consistent because you will be able to invent a lot of excuses especially if it is very inconvenient to do it. But once you have a long streak for doing a particular activity then it will be hard for you to stop it because you don't want your efforts to be wasted.

You will see things other s won't be able to see. If you keep on doing something over and over again, you will be able to discover some techniques, styles and different method that not anyone can see. You will understand something that is very hard to understand because the only way to understand it is for them to match the number of hours that you worked. You will gain some knowledge through hardwork and dedication. And that knowledge is something that you will pride yourself about.

Of course you will become better. As your streak becomes longer, the more you become better. That is what is good about being consistent, you will become disciplined and your skills will become fully developed. This is one of the most popular attitude of successful people, they show up everyday, they don't care if they have hangover or baby flu, they knew they need to work so that they won't miss the opportunity of getting better.

Your confidence will soar high. Consistency is one of the best builder of confidence. Your self esteem builds up naturally, you will trust yourself even more because you begin to memorize the actions needed to get a job done. Your movements and decision making is so close to being perfect.

You're always updated. You know what is going on around, you know the latest development in your area. You know what will happen next and you know what to do next. You are never scared to face the next moment because you have the facts in your pocket to conquer any situation.

You will have power over others who are not consistent. To whom does the students who were always absent in class ask questions about the assignments and quizzes they missed? if a company have to promote someone, is it the employee who is always absent or the one who is present? Even if you are not that good, if you're always present then you already have an edge.

You will never become bored. Because you are highly committed of doing something everyday... you will have more fun in your life, you will experience more and opportunities will come more. Unlike someone who is not consistent or not doing anything in his life.. he doesn't know what to do with his day, he is completely lost.

You will have a very good life. It's almost like your predicting your future. You know your're going to become successful because you already have the habits of a successful person. The path is already laid out in your life, you'll just need to continue your consistency. You have the direction and you have an ambition.

Being consistent is hard but it will give you a lot of advantage. You don't need to be good in one thing to succeed, you just need to be consistent and you will surpass being good, you will become great.

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