January 18, 2017


Thinking about quitting is part of the journey. Every great person, every successful personality has think about quitting before. But the difference is they were able to find what motivates them and keep going that is why they succeed. It is normal if you are thinking about quitting, you're just a human being and you will experience a lot of emotional breakdowns.

1. Slow down. If you are doing something that is related to your goal, slow down. Don't stop but slow down, keep it slow, have a relax pace so you will be able to think clearly if you will really quit or not. Slow down and keep working. You are just tired and stressed that is why you are thinking about quitting. Just keep moving in a relax pace until you find that energy again and that urge to continue. Slowing down will make you realize that it is nothing but a feeling and you are just being too emotional because you want to succeed but you can't. Slowing down will make you remember who you are

2. Remember all of your challenging experience from the past. Remember all the obstacles that you destroyed, remember all the things that you went through, all the storms that you endure and all of the difficult situations that almost killed you. What you are experiencing now is nothing new, it is even easier than the past challenges that you faced. You were already hardened so you can't bend easily because of simple problems.

3. Detach yourself from the results. It is like you will do it even if it takes forever to get it. You will do it even if you are not getting any results. Forget about the results because it will really slow you down, you will feel bad if you are not seeing any progress. Detach from it and just continue taking baby steps that will make you move forward. Detaching yourself will make you move faster because you will never check how far you've got every now and then. You're just like a robot that keeps on working and working until the results show itself naturally.

4. Remember your purpose for doing it. Remember what is really your purpose for pursuing our goal, if it is about your wife or parents or siblings then try to remember all of them. If you are not doing it just for yourself and somebody is hoping that you will succeed then you will find that extra push to keep going. You will never quit because you know someone is waiting for your glory. You will be inspired and you will regain the strength that you have once before.

5. Remember that you will go back to zero if you quit. You will have to face the similar sufferings again if you quit now and start a brand new journey. Nothing is different, you will have to undergo a long process again and it sucks because you will have a longer time working before you become successful. You've done a lot now so you need to finish it because you're already too far to quit.

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