January 02, 2017


A lot of people doesn't want to hear the truth because it really hurts especially if the truth is against them. Would you love to hear someone saying you are not good enough? would you love to hear someone saying your body is ugly? would you love to hear someone saying you don't deserve? Of course not, it hurts especially if it hurts your ego. It will make your confidence low, it will give you uncomfortable emotions.

But sometimes you need to know or hear the truth to change, you need the truth to become a better person. Because if you won't know it... you will never feel the urgency to change, yes you will feel bad but feeling bad is a strong force to move you to do something about your situation. 

If you wanted to change... you have to face the truth and change it. Accept it and do something about it. If your mom told you that you're getting fatter and fatter... look at the mirror and see if it is true, step on the weighing scale and look at your weight. If it is true then start doing something about it, change your situation, change the truth. Seeing yourself stepping on the obesity world is painful, it hurts but accepting it is the only way to change it. Admit to yourself that you are having health issues and your pants were getting tighter. Accept that you didn't manage your health very well and do something to change it. 

You can change the truth to false. And that is the beauty of life, you can always change your reality. If what they are saying to you is true, you can make it false by redirecting your life to the other side of the truth.

So if truth is really hurting you, simply change it and use it as motivation. If they are saying that you are lazy and you can't produce results... be honest with yourself and accept it then change it. Be a hardworking guy now who can make progress, be a guy who will do whatever it takes to become successful. As simple as that, truth will hurt you but it can also wake you up if you are sleeping for so long. Hearing the truth will put you in a sense of urgency, it will make you take actions to change your reality. 

The truth will set you free, the only thing that is jailing you are the lies that you put in your head to make you feel better. You can only change the truth by accepting the truth. So if you have a bad attitude now, the only want to change it is to accept it. Feel the hurt for a short time because the truth hurts and then do something about it. Do anything that can change your life. 

Use truth to improve everyday, once you heard some critics... if it hurts you then it is real. Look inside of you and judge the critic if it is real. Be honest with yourself, if it is real and it gives you bad emotions then do something about it. But if it is not appealing and it doesn't hurt you then just let it go. Live your life and do something else. 
Who are these people who will tell you the truth:

1. Your parents. Yes their words were hurtful sometimes but they are just being honest with you, they want you to have a good life so don't feel bad once they say something not nice to you. They don't care if you get hurt with their words, all they want is to correct your mistakes. 

2. Your siblings. Who else other than your parents that will tell you the truth, of course the other members of your family. They are not afraid to tell you the truth because they love you and they were also concerned about your life.  

3. Your coach or teacher that loves you. Other than your parents, there are also some people who are concern with you. Trust some people, not all people would love to hurt you. Your coach or teacher will tell you the truth because they see that you can do better.

4. Yourself. You know in yourself if your life sucks, just look at the mirror and you will see what is wrong with you. Don't deny it, change it.

5. Your bestfriend. If you wanted to know the truth right away, just ask your very bestfriend and ask him to tell you the truth. Just tell him to be honest with you and you will get the truth right away. He will not hide anything from you because he know that you need it so your life will be in the right direction.

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