January 05, 2017


Here are some unique tips that will surely make you lost weight:

1. Brush your teeth 4 times a day. Brush your teeth right away after each meal to avoid eating a dessert. Brush your teeth so that you will avoid eating small snacks after each meal. Not only your body will become beautiful, you will also have a fresh breath and white teeth. It is like two birds in one stone.

2. Buy the foods that you can eat but is not appealing to your appetite. This will make you eat less. Having the foods in the refrigerator that are less appealing to your appetite will make you don't wanna open the refrigerator. You will only eat if you are really hungry and the best thing about this is you will eat less. Buy foods with less flavor so you will not enjoy it and you will only eat a portion of it.

3. Put your sexiest photo on the table or somewhere near the food. In this way you will feel motivated to take a strict diet because you would love to bring your sexiest figure back. You will miss being sexy and that will trigger your brain to bring back your healthy body that was once being fantasized by a lot of people.

4. Prepare less servings of food. Do the simplest method, prepare a small serving so you won't be able to eat more. If you're addicted to junk foods, buy the smallest size, yes you are still eating unhealthy foods but the idea here is you are trimming down the amount of unhealthy foods you are bringing into your body which will create some changes.

5. Be generous. Always give your neighbors some food so you will again eat less. Share your junk foods to all of your family members. It is like hitting three birds in one stone... you will look kind, you make people happy and of course your weight is going down.

6. Drink a lot of water. Drink 2 glasses of water before every meal. This will make you eat less because you will feel like you're already full even though you are not.

7. Stop watching cooking show and food channels. Your mind is very easy to program, it will always think about the things that the eyes have seen. So if you are always seeing food then you will crave for it and look for it. Expose your brain to fitness channels so you will be motivated to work out instead of eating.

8. Associate yourself with sexy people. Not only you will get jealous with their sexy bodies, you will also be able to adapt their lifestyle. You will be forced to eat healthy foods, you will go to the gym with them. Look for sexy people and befriended them so you will learn how to make your body yummy.

9. Make a bet with your friend. Ask someone to make a bet with you. You set a weight limit and also the date to reach that weight. Make sure the pot money is high so that you will be forced to take actions to cut your weight. I am sure you will do anything because you don't want to lose.

10. Join a sexy body competition. This is a best way to cut your weight. Make sure once you sign up you will never back out. Humiliation is a great motivation, I am sure you don't want to look funny in the competition so you will take your preparation seriously and do everything you can to make your body beautiful. Imagine yourself on that stage rocking your ass, how good was that?


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