January 18, 2017


Are you always saying yes even if you wanted to say no? Are you saying yes because you are afraid that the person you rejected might get mad at you? If you are easy to convince then you have a problem in rejecting people. You are part of the YES MAN SOCIETY and that is very bad. You will never life your life to the fullest, you are always following others even though you have something else on your mind.

Disadvantages of being a part of the YES MAN SOCIETY.

1. You can never follow your own schedule. Whenever your friends ask you to go out even if you are doing something important... you will still say yes because just like I said, you are very easy to convince. You don't want them to get mad so you will still go even if you have a very important thing to do. Your schedule will be broken, you will become stress later and you will have hard time following your own schedule, your life will become very random. If there is an invitation, you will always go. The result is you are always rushing and trying to run after your schedule. You will always miss deadline, your work and career will be affected.

2. You can never become rich. How can you become rich if your money always go to the money borrowers? They know you can't say no so they will always borrow money from you. Sometimes your money is not even coming back to you. But it is ok with you because you are stupid and you will not stop it until you are broke.

3. You can never express yourself. When somebody says you are wrong, you will agree with them even if you feel like you are right. They will dictate your actions and you will not make any move without other people's approval. You were so afraid to express yourself because you are afraid to make mistakes and get judged.

4. You will never know who you really are. You always listen to other people's suggestions and comments that is why you are completely lost and you can't decide for yourself. You don't know who you are anymore because you always agree just to avoid confrontations.

5. You will never know what you really want. Anything that they want, you want it too. You will lost your identity, you will just follow the crowd because you think that it is the right thing to do. When someone ask you to join them, you will join without hesitation because you love answering yes.

6. You will never become successful. A successful person knows how to reject a person or an opinion. And because you always say yes... you don't know how to reject a bad idea or a bad proposal. You just allow something to happen to you because you can't block what is happening or what is being offered. You feel like you don't have any choice but to say yes to what is in front of you.

7. You will always be a follower. Your attitude is your altitude, and because you have a habit of always saying yes then people will look at you as a slave. They will command you and tell you what to do. You don't give yourself an option to disobey them because you love saying yes and following people, you will agree even if you don't want to do it. You will agree even if you can't do it or doing it will put you in an uncomfortable position.

8. You will have a lot of fake friends. And because they know that you are easy to persuade and it is easy to ask you a favor... they will befriend you because they can get something from you. They will take advantage of your weakness. They never look at you as a kind person, they look at you as a soft person with no ability to say no.

9. You will become scared for the rest of your life. If you can't say no now, you can never say it forever. People will always bully you because you are so afraid to protect yourself. You just agree and agree because you think it is the safest thing to do.

10. You will get what you don't really like. Because you have the habit of always saying yes to people, you will get what you don't like. For example if a salesman sell something to you that is somehow not appealing to your taste... you will still buy it. If your friend sell a second hand shoe to you because he needed money... you will buy it because you wanted to help even though the shoes looks ugly to you. You will not get what you want because you always prioritize other people.

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