January 08, 2017


There are some characteristics that will make you a winner. These are very simple and easy to follow. You don't need to be special to become a winner. All you need is belief in yourself, hardwork and a bold game plan that you will never change until you win.

1. Being genuine. You are very true, your actions were true, you speak from your heart and you are never afraid to express your own ideas. You do things that you think will make you a winner. You accept suggestions and advises but if it doesn't make you interested... you don't care about it. You move without holding back, you don't care about what people say. You just follow your journey and all you care about is winning in life.

2. You don't get intimidated with the presence of others. You never get insecure. You don't care if someone beside you is popular or powerful. You run your own energy and rhythm. You can deal with people who are more powerful than you and you don't change anything with the way you move everyday. Seeing popular or powerful people is like an ordinary day to you. You don't get excited, scared or intimidated.

3. You take actions right away. You never waste any second. Once you see an opportunity, you grab it like it's the last opportunity remaining. You don't care if it doesn't feel right. Once there as an opportunity... you jump in and force results to show up. For you, taking actions is better than sitting around and waiting for a miracle. You always have a sense of urgency, you feel like you will always fail if you don't take actions.

4. You are pushy. You always push your limits, you want to finish a lot of things. Even if you are tired you are pushing, even if you are sick you are pushing. You don't care about pain, you always want to go further that is why you get more results than others.

5. You every see opportunity as a chance to grow. Once you see an opportunity, even though you have know idea that you are going to succeed with that opportunity... you will still take it. Even if you fail and nothing happened to your efforts, you will still take it and be happy with the results because you knew that you will learned from that. You know you become a better person by taking that opportunity and you feel that your knowledge has widened.

6. You are not scared to try and fail. You just try and try and fail and fail. You are not afraid to fail a million times because you always knew that one more try can make you successful. You don't mind failing because you don't feel anything about it. Failing doesn't give you any negative emotions because it has no other meaning for you. It is just like an ordinary day.

7. Your commitment level is on a different level. You are very committed. You are committed like crazy and you take every single day seriously. You always do something that will make your position improve a little bit. Even if it looks like the action is nonsense, you will still do it. You never miss a single day. Your commitment is very insane. You can work 365 days a year without taking a day off.

8. You are ok being alone. It is ok with you even if they call you a loner. You rather work and make results than to hangout with people who will never contribute to your success. You are ok even if you have a very few friends or no friends at all. Winning is more important to you than hanging with people who will just slow you down.

9. You are not sensitive. You handle rejection very well, if someone criticized you... you don't get hurt easily. You are not emotional because you knew that you have to have a thick skin in order to win. No bad words can harm you because you are too focused on winning and you know that giving attention to what people say is the first step to failure.

10. Supreme confidence. You believe in yourself so much that you find a way out of now way. You never lose hope even if you are struggling. No once can break your confidence, even a strong adversity never make your self belief crumble.


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