January 31, 2017


Are you lazy right now? do you feel like just bumming around or lying on your couch the whole day? do you feel like you are carrying the whole world on your back and you cannot even execute the first step? It only means your sense of urgency is very low, it only means you can afford to become comfortable because you can still survive tomorrow without doing anything. Maybe you can always ask for a help from somebody, it can be your mother or father or siblings that is why you can afford to be lazy and do nothing about your shitty situation. Maybe you're insured and you have a lot of support handed to you that is why you have a very bad habit of being lazy and doing nothing.

But sometimes some people doesn't have any support at all but still afford to become lazy. I don't know why but some of those people were born lazy and doesn't want to do anything with their lives. They feel like someday their lives will change, they feel like some kind of an opportunity or a hero will just knock on their door and change their bum lives right away. They were so relaxed, they were not threatened. Even if they don't have any food on their plate... they still feel safe and secured.

The number one reason why people can't get what they want is because they were so addicted to comfort. They feel like they have a lot of time and they can rest forever, they feel like they can change their lives anytime they want to. They don't have any sense of urgency to act and do the necessary actions for the improvement of their lives.

You must capitalize right away and see everything as an opportunity. You must not wait to feel good before you act because you will only feel good if you take actions, it feels bad when you are just starting but when a couple of hours have already passed... you will eventually enjoy what you are doing. Stay with the bad feeling until it feels good. Be ok being uncomfortable because it is just a feeling, it has nothing to do with success. Don't give too much importance to your emotions because sometimes it is tricking you. Sometimes you feel like you're the worst but the truth is you're not, sometimes you feel like you can't do it but the truth is you're almost there and a little more push and a little more patience can get the job done.

You must command your mind to do it and tell it that something bad will happen to you if you remain still and lazy. The right time is now, this is the perfect timing. Not tomorrow, not later, now is the time to make a move and make a little progress. Nobody will wait for you, nobody will save your ass. The decision is yours, it is up to you if you will do something about your ugly situation.

January 30, 2017


Even if someone mocks you and tell you something disrespectful and unacceptable, if you don't feel anything about it... it has no effect on you. You will still continue your day without being disturbed or affected. You will stay strong and keep your focus alive and laser like. You will not worry about what they say because you know who you are and you will continue being yourself. You will just smile at the way they treat you because for you it is nothing and cannot even harm you physically and mentally. Even if they throw the harshest words at you, if you don't feel anything about it then they are just wasting their time, they are only making life difficult for them because you don't feel anything about it and you don't even bother arguing with them.

If you are in big trouble right now because your business is not doing good and you are in the middle of being broke... if you don't feel anything about it then it is also nothing, it won't affect you. You will still be able to make good decisions for your business and climb your way back to the top. Not feeling about it, not worrying about it simply means you are still confident that you can still make it, you are still motivated and has the power to turn things around. It is not about forgetting the reality and being lazy to solve your problem, you will still move and do what is necessary, it's just that you don't feel anything about being broke because you are not going to get broke. You are in danger but you are still cool under fire.

If your opponent is bigger than yours (this applies to any kinds of sports) and you don't even care about his size then you can beat him. It is not about acting or pretending that you are brave. You are just allowing yourself to stay calm and do what you can do despite of having a bigger opponent. Some people will not even try to win once they saw that their opponent is too big, they will submit from the very beginning. But if you have a different mindset and you don't care about anyone's size then you can still win because your focus is mainly to your actions, you are still yourself despite of having an intimidating opponent which doesn't intimidate you. You are very free to do execute your natural actions and be loose while competing. Nothing is stopping you, nothing is freezing you. You're like a bird that is free from a cage.

This applies to any aspects of life. If someone is criticizing you or bashing you, if you don't feel anything about it then it can't do anything about you. You're still the same person as before. You know who you are and you know what you can do. You don't need to get bothered by the outside forces in your your life. You can stay calm despite of having a lot of destruction, you can still focus even if something is disturbing you.

And truth is you are the only one who is hurting yourself. You easily get affected by the small things, you are easily scared. You worry a lot, you don't know that you are in charge of your life and no other else.

How not to feel about something:

1. Be appreciative. Just appreciating that you are still alive will make you see the brighter things in life. Appreciate that you are still breathing and you can do a lot of things. If you have a mindset like that then you will thrive in any difficult situation. Be happy with every movement and every pattern that is happening to your life. Just look at the simplest things that you have and learn to appreciate it, you will see how blessed you are for having those things.

2. Always go to your roots. Know who you are, remind yourself what you can do and what you need to do. Don't focus on the things that bothers you, focus on the things that can make you win.

3. Remind yourself that is normal to have destructions. Life is not perfect and it is not supposed to be perfect. If you can accept that sometimes people will disrespect you and sometimes they will take advantage of you then you will never expect that everything will go smooth. Everday is a new day and random things can happen, all you need to do is stay relax and give your best. if someone is not treating you well or if something bad is bound to happen then just accept it. Let it go and it will go.

January 30, 2017


Your mind will always stand in your way, it will destruct you, it will entertain a lot of negative thoughts which are not healthy to your journey. Always be in control of your mind, you should command it, don't let it command you. Because if your mind is in control then you will not be able to focus, you will always tripped down and have a difficulty in finishing a task or executing a simple action. Because your mind has a lot of references and a lot of thoughts will easily play in your head because you already experienced those thoughts before.

If your mind is telling you that you must rest because you're tired, command it to shut up and keep moving. Your mind is simply tricking you, it is offering you a comfort that will only make your life even difficult. Always know what you want to get and what you want to happen, you can only get it by taking actions and making little progress.

If your mind is telling you that you can't do it and just look for some easier things to do, again... command it to shut up. Never listen to it, instead listen to what your heart desires and never look back. Once you made a decision that you are going to do it, do it. Never mind if it is hard or easy, what matters is your decision to keep going and making a little improvement each day. It is your willingness to take actions that matters and not the level of difficulty of your goals.

If your mind is telling you that you're not good enough, not yet ready or not deserving... again, command it to shut up and never entertain weak thoughts again. Never welcome thoughts that doesn't empower you. Only focus on positive thoughts, motivation and something that will lift up your fighting spirit.

Your mind is always against you and you should be aware of it. Your mind is always attracted to fear, negative thoughts and any harmful ideas especially if the situation is uncomfortable. If you can tame your mind and replace the negative thoughts with a more positive one then you will be alright, you can move to next level, you can execute the next step.

Own your mind and train it how to behave, you can do it if you a have a strong will power and the only way to attain it is by facing uncomfortable situations and reminding yourself that you will be alright and all you need to do is move.

Your mind is powerful if used in the right way but at the same time it can also be your worst enemy so you must always be ready and aware if you are not thinking the right way.

How to command your mind to shut up.

1. Always go to your belief. Remind your self what you believe in and stick with that thought, never allow yourself to crumble during pressure times, let your belief take over of the situation and guide you what you need to do.

2. Keep taking actions even if it is painful. Even if it is really painful... always keep moving forward, you can rest for a moment but don't ever stop permanently. Negative thoughts will go away if you keep moving because it will get tired of bugging you. A positive thought will start to enter and give you more energy to keep going

3. Think about already possessing what you want. May it be a task that you want to finish, may it be a simple or big goal.. think about possessing it already so your mind will be occupied by hope and motivation. Your fear and doubts will go away, you will have the strength to carry on and move to the next level.

January 29, 2017


Just do what you know with your very best and that's it. No worries, no second thoughts, no hesitation. Some people can't do something because they were expecting to be perfect. They don't want to make mistakes and that makes them stuck forever. If you strive to become perfect then you will always have a hard time progressing. Just do it anyway even if you feel like there is something wrong. Because at the end of the day, when it's all said and done, all you can do is give your best to avoid the feeling of regret.

The word perfect doesn't exist, you can become close to perfection but people will still find flaws in your outputs and inputs. People will still judge you in different ways. People are good in judging other people but they can't see the mistakes in their own lives.

If you have an idea, express it. If you have something in your mind and you want to do it... do it. The idea here is to make actions so you will be able to know the next step, answers will be revealed if what you did is right or wrong once you execute actions. And the good things is... you can always correct your mistakes, but how can you correct your mistakes if you are always avoiding one? how can you have mistakes if you are so afraid to start?

It is better to execute wrong actions than not to do one. If you can't express how your feel and try your ideas then your life will be completely miserable. You will feel like you're jailed and the key to freedom is lost.

You will find the right answers in the middle of your journey, not in the beginning, of course not in the end. You have to make a lot of mistakes to learn a lot of things. Don't be scared if you can't figured out what is the right move, you will be alright if you keep moving forward.

It's ok to strive for perfection and work really hard to be close to it but don't ever feel sad or disappointed once you didn't get it. Even the wisest man makes mistakes, even the miss universe has a lot of flaws so who are you to ask for perfection?

You're just a human and one of your privilege is you can make mistakes without someone executing you. They can humiliate you, they can laugh at you but at the end of the day... you still learn something.

You can become a better person from making a lot of mistakes if you are aware enough that you have to chat down the lessons from it. You can lose but don't forget the lesson, ever.

So stop thinking if what you are doing is right or wrong. Just give your 100 percent best and you will be alright. Start now and keep on paddling until you reach your desired destination. There is nothing wrong for being imperfect, what is wrong is you are trying so hard to become one.

January 29, 2017


Being abundant has something to do with two things: 1. Your thoughts 2. How you feel. So if you feel good and you are always thinking positive thoughts then you were already in the grid of abundance. But a lot of people can only think good if they feel good so if their situation is bad then they will always engage in negative thinking that makes their situation even worse. They will worry a lot so they attract problems even more.

So if your case is you have to feel good so you can think good then simply do some things that will make you feel good and appreciative. Don't do stupid things that will make you think negatively in the future.

The idea here is to train your mind of having more and receiving more. You need to feel that your wealth, time and resources are incrementing every now and then. So just simply upgrade your life little by little and then you will feel the abundance coming into your life. This is not a fast process, it may take some time but for sure you will feel it once you have a momentum.

1. Make advance savings. Save while you still don't need to save, you have to feel secured and rich. It doesn't matter how much money you save for as long as you feel good about it and you are trying to make it grow if you have a chance. You can attract more money if you have money. Save as much as you can and you will feel that you are getting richer and richer even if you are not buying things. Start now, start with one buck if that is the only thing you have and try to make it grow as days passed.

2. Pay all of your debts. How can you feel abundant if there is someone calling you everyday and asking for your payment? Pay all of your debts even if it is hard to. Do it little by little, you don't need to pay it all right away, just be responsible and stay committed to paying all of it. I am telling you, once you are free of debts you will feel lighter and you will have a new life. You will feel free and creative for making more money. Opportunities for making more money will come in, you will feel more confident in starting a new business or any money making activity because you know there is nothing to lose if you fail.

3. Do things fast. Feeling abundant is an not all about money or properties, it also has something to do with time. If you feel you have more time then you can attract more good things in life because you are not rushing. If you are always in a hurry then you will be suffocated and stressed. Sometimes you are wishing to escape your situation which is not a good thing if you are trying to become abundant, you must always be in the moment and feel everything that is happening around you. You must always be relaxed, well organized and still... that is the way to attract more abundance. So do things faster and earlier so you can have more time for some other things and you will not be in a hurry.

4. Buy some food and stock it in your cabinet. You can feel more abundant if you can see things, foods and money in your life. Knowing that you have something will make you feel richer and blessed. Resources will continue to flow into your life once you are happy seeing something expanding.

5. Be appreciative. This is the simplest and easiest way to build abundance... just be appreciative of your life and what you have. Being happy means you are satisfied and that good feeling will attract better things. If you are appreciative then it means you are not needy and you have more. If you feel that you are not lacking something then you can grow more and have more. Even if you don't have anything, you can still become appreciative, it is just a matter of perspective. An appreciative person is richer than a person with a lot of complain.

January 28, 2017


The number one reason why you are not happy because you don't know where you are good at. Or maybe you want to be good at something but you are so afraid to try. Or maybe you were already good in specific skill but that is not the skill that you want to be good at, you only become good at it because your boss forces you to do it. Skills like photocopying a bunch of papers, you were good at it because you've been doing it for years, you are so fast in doing it but you hate it because that is not the skill that you are dreaming of to have. Another skill like cutting the grass, you can cut the grass perfectly and evenly, you can cut very fast but the only question is do you feel great about it?

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with those skills if you really love doing it but if not... then there is something wrong with your life and you need to fix it.

Find a skill that you love and want to develop and be very good at it. It doesn't matter what kind of skill. A popular or unknown skill doesn't matter for as long as you want it. Some people even love fixing broken appliances, there is nothing wrong with that even if it is not earning too much money. If you love what you are doing and you are doing great then you are already successful. A street sweeper can become happier than a millionaire if he truly loves what he is doing. A lot of millionaires out there are spiritually broken because they don't love what they are doing, they just do it for the money, and that kind of approach will make you die fast. You will become stressed, depressed and unmotivated.

If you have something that you are good at and you keep on striving to become better everyday then you have nothing to worry about anymore. You will have a direction, you will not be bored, you don't need to socialize with people that you don't like anymore. It's like you are having your own kingdom and you own the highest position at it. Your life will become amazing because you know how to amuse yourself by simply doing what you love and exploring some areas of it that you still don't know. Your growth will become unlimited and you keep getting better and better everyday. Nothing can me you feel inferior because you know you are an expert in something.

So if you don't know where you are good at... stop doing what you are doing and look for something else. Look for something that will make you do it forever. Look for something that will make you happy and grow, that is the real purpose of life... being happy in your activity.

A lot of people have a great potential, they can become great but they don't pursue what they want. They end up doing something else that they don't really like. The result is misery and feeling unfulfilled. They always complain at their job, they were always stressed and angry.

You can only become happy by being passionate and giving importance to your work. So stop doing your job if you hate it because it will never make your soul happy. You will just live in anger and misery, you will never taste the real meaning of life.

January 28, 2017


It means go, you are always ready to go, ready to move and take actions for the improvement of your life You don't care if you feel bad or uncomfortable, you will feel better later once you see yourself taking actions. Unlike lazy people who love the color red... they always stop, they love to simply chill, take instant gratification and then later will worry what do they need to do because they put themselves in a very bad spot by being inactive and lazy.

Fall in love with the color green, it means you allow yourself to do what you need to do. You don't hold back, you don't worry, you don't think about what could go wrong. All you know is you have to keep going and make actions. Green is a lovely color, it is always moving, improving and making tiny progress that will become big in the end.

The red color is always stopping, always rushing in the end. It is a very bad color because it means there is something wrong, it means something is stopping you and you can't even take a tiny step.

If you are always on the go, you will never worry again, you will keep on evolving and growing. You will know a lot, experience a lot and become the best version of yourself. Progress is unlimited. You can make mistakes but its purpose is to teach you a lesson and make you more knowledgeable.

Green is the color of success, red is the color of failure. You can have a lot of fun if you are always moving, yes you will get tired at some point but your body will be very used to moving so you will regain your energy very fast. You will become tireless and a workhorse, sky is the limit for you.

What are the unhealthy benefits of not moving:

1. Your mind will become rusty. You will have an Alzheimer's disease. You will not be able to think the right way, your motor skills will go down. You will not be able to recite a simple alphabet song. You will be lost and depressed, do you want it?

2. You will be a hot headed person. And because you are not seeing progress in your life, you will get jealous of other people's success. You will become a hater because you can't even entertain yourself. You will focus on other people's lives and that is a bad thing. You will lose your touch with the reality.

3. Your skill will turn into a funny thing. You will not be able to use your skills on a highest level anymore. People will laugh at you because your skill looks like intermediate and useless. The difficult things that you can do before... you can't do it anymore because you let it die by being lazy and irresponsible.

4. You will become slow. You will become fat, your reflexes will not work anymore on its normal level. You will lose your speed. You don't have any muscle memory or willpower.

January 28, 2017


Are you stunned, are you worried and can't even execute any action? are you overwhelmed by the bad experienced that visits you right now? You can allow yourself not to move but you have to keep your mind moving, don't let your mind get stuck, be aware if your mind is not operating the way it needs to operate.

Stay calm and focus on what you really want to happen, forget about your emotions because that is the only thing that is making your mind stuck. How you feel is how you will be able to make decisions, sometimes you can't even make a decision at all. Just let your mind breathe and this can only be done by realizing that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about. Forget about what is happening around just relax for a moment and then start making a move.

Your mind is your key to make the right decisions so you need to keep it fresh, relaxed and functioning the right way. And the only way to do it is by simply being yourself and forgetting about what people say or think. Don't care about them, they can't rush you if you will not allow them. You can have your own timing for everything. You can make the fast slow and the slow fast. It is up to you. Your mind is very powerful, it can be your strongest weapon or weakest asset. So you need to use it the right way and never use it against you.

You can be mentally tough by just being relaxed and calm. You don't need to force things, don't ever escape any situation that you are in, you can move away from it slowly but don't shy away from any situation where you needed to take actions.

You can only think clearly and make very good decisions by being calm and stopping yourself from panicking. That is why professional and successful coaches never panic during pressure times. Professional and great athletes never try to escape from a very tough situation, they just embrace it and keep going. They know what to do and how to behave, they keep their mind calm and collective.

How to keep your mind always moving:

1. Know what you really want and entertain thoughts that will make you feel motivated to take actions again. If winning is what you want then what do you think you should do? are you going to win by entertaining negative thoughts? It is very basic, put your mind in the right position and you will begin to attract a better situation.

2. Remind yourself that there is nothing to worry about. Your main purpose is to simply enjoy life and become the best that you can be. Nothing else matters, their opinion doesn't matter, what they think doesn't matter. What matters is how you feel and how are you going to get that positive emotion. You can think clearly and have a moving mind if you will not take things seriously.

3. Detach from expectations. Simply do the very basic think that you can do that will make you happier and progressive. Don't expect too much from yourself, just do your best, just think positively and that's it.... your mind will not worry anymore and it will not be stuck. You deserve to feel good and be happy, stop depriving yourself from experiencing those feelings.

5. Reframe the situation. If you think  that your situation is really bad, try to give it another meaning. Think of it as a challenge and all it will do is make you better. Don't think of it as something that will make your life harder, think of it as something that will make you stronger.

January 28, 2017


Always remember that you can use your own style and play something the way you wanted to play it. Are you sick and tired of being always told what to do? are you sick and tired of following some patterns that doesn't resonate with the way your body and mind naturally move? It is time for you to play the game they way you wanted to play it. Express yourself to the fullest and never mind if you look awkward or weird. It is your obligation to follow what your heart beats and be genuine as much as you can. Because if you will behave and think naturally then success will be more attracted to you.

Enjoy playing the game, move without restrictions and let your body and mind become totally free without worries.

For example in basketball, a lot of gurus out there will tell you what is the correct form in shooting the basketball so you will be able to have a higher percentage of shooting it. If what they are preaching is true then everyone who follows them will be a great player but the truth is not. You can shoot it however you want it, even if your form looks ugly as long as you are shooting the basketball then you will be fine.

They key here is to fall in love with your movement, execute your actions with your heart and simply enjoy every second. Appreciate that you can move your body and you can do a lot of things, as simple as that. It is your duty to follow your authenticity and move according to the real you. Just move and do what you feel is right, become unstoppable, if they can't stop you then that is their big problem.

You can even make your own rules and if you are confident enough to prove that you are right and stand for what you believe in... they will also believe you and even follow you.

Life is to be played, it is not to be followed. If you don't want to follow someone even if his suggestions are somehow realistic and can make you better... then don't. Use your instincts because even if you are wrong, if you follow your heart then you will be really happy. That is why there are lot of people out there who were so happy even if they fail, it is because they do it their way, they simply become happy by just following their heart and never conforming to other people. They experience the real freedom, they experience how it feels to be really alive.

Because you will feel like dead f you can't express yourself and do things your way. You will feel useless even if you are winning if you can't achieve total freedom that can only happen by being yourself one hundred percent. You can feel so alive if you will not stop yourself from doing what you truly want.

Don't be afraid to look wrong to the eyes of many if you feel like you are right.

January 28, 2017


Let's talk about starting, a lot of you lazy people can't get started why? because you always think about finishing even if you haven't started yet. You always love shortcuts, you always love the easiest ways and easiest process. If that is your kind of mindset then you just better accept that you will not achieve anything. Anything great requires a lot of patience and determination.

It's very hard to start especially if you're thinking about the next step already but you haven't finished the present step yet. It's like you're thinking about the future even though you haven't live in the present yet.You will be stressed and confused. Your peace mind will turn into war of mind.

Whatever it is that you want to start... just start, it's all about committing to the present action that is required. Forget about the next step, forget about making it fast. Just start, stop thinking about what could go wrong. All you need to do is execute the first step, don't stop and that's it. It is not hard if you will not rush. Don't ever try to escape the uncomfortable feeling that you have while you are taking the steps, stay with the process and never pause just for a second.

Because if you will not start now then you will never start forever. You will always wonder what could happen if you take actions, you will be guessing, doubting and of course a lot of regrets will be felt by you.

Once you started and you make little momentum, keep that momentum rolling, keep the fire burning. Never look back and never wish for an easy way out. You're already on that journey, stick with it until you reach the finish line.

How to make the momentum rolling:

1. Just keep on taking actions even if you are not sure that your actions were right. You can correct your mistakes along the way as you keep moving, you will find out the right actions if you are committed to finishing what you are ought to finish. It will come naturally, greatness will find a way. And the only way to be great is to be committed to movement and improvement, very simple... Dedication is the only requirement.

2. Forget about the progress that you have. Stop looking for results, stop checking if your progress were already big because if you found out that it is small... you will be discouraged and unmotivated. Success is not the finish line, success is the journey, if you can find the love in what you are doing then that is already the success. The prizes and rewards were all guaranteed if you don't stop taking actions.

3. Stay hungry. Make yourself always hungry to perform, it can be done by visualizing and seeing yourself on that winning stage already. Imagine the things, situations and opportunities that you want falling into your hands, condition your mind for achieving and winning. Do this everyday, make yourself hungry like a wolf. If you stay hungry, you will find ways how to keep moving.

January 27, 2017


If you want to become successful... just simply take actions. What is it that you need to do but you don't want to do? DO IT and you're already successful, that's it. Because what you are doing now is what you wanted to do but not the most important one. Maybe right now you are just gossiping in facebook, talking about who is the most embarrassing celebrity, what is the most expensive cat, who is the latest pregnant and any other things that doesn't make sense. You love it but it's not taking action, maybe you are moving a little bit but that is not the real action that I am talking about.

A real action is something that will produce positive results in your life. It is hard to do that right? it is more fun to play Xbox 360 than to study chemistry, it is more fun to watch TV than to do something that will improve your skills. It is more fun to become lazy than to work super hard. Humans always seek for comfort that is why they always choose the easier path than the harder one. If they can afford not to take actions then they will not move at all. That is why there are lot of rich kids who were bum and cannot do something good in their life. They have everything, they don't need to work anymore that is why they don't know what to do. You think they were lucky and you want to exchange lives with them, but if you will only knew how they feel then maybe you will think that you are luckier than them. Those bums cannot take actions they were so used to having things handed to them for free. Once they feel stress, they freak out, they will go crazy and wild.

So if you were able to take action that will make you at least closer to your goal then you were already successful because that is very hard to do. Some people cannot even get started, they cannot even take a small amount of actions even though they always knew what to do.

So build the habit and the mindset of just doing it anyway even if it is hard to move. Even if your mind is telling you to just relax because everything will be fine and you can always do it later... still move and take baby steps.

You should be proud of yourself if you are taking actions even though you are not producing big results yet. Not all people can do that, not all people will move their ass and do the right thing. Sometimes brushing your own teeth is even very hard to do especially if you think you are tired.

But if you really want to change your life then commit to action. Never stop until you get it done. It is the only way to become successful, no shortcuts can save you, no magic pill can transform you into some kind of a machine that will instantly produce results.

You need to take it slow, take baby steps, one small action at a time. Breathe if you needed to but don't ever stop.

January 27, 2017


The answer is simply doing it everyday. Pick a habit that you want to develop and simply do it everyday. I am telling you will become a professional at it if you don't stop doing it. Make a pledge, promise yourself that you will do it everyday no matter what, I'm telling you, your life will change and you will see the different side of you that you thought was not possible.

You just need to do it even if it sucks starting, just move and don't worry about finishing just focus on making motion.

You only need a minimum of one month and then a habit will be ingrained into your system and it will be very difficult to get rid of it. You will do it automatically even if a lot of things are disturbing you. You will prioritize your habit because it feels like you're dying if you can't do it.  That is why champions and successful people are so focused... they already built a strong habit that they've been doing for years. They can't stop anymore, they were completely obsessed with it.

If you want to form a habit then look for a bad habit that you want to remove in your life and then replace it with a new habit that you want to build. For example if you are so addicted to social media and you want to stop it then try looking for a new habit, a good replacement will be reading books or just simply jogging. Yeah, it looks boring enough but if you will push yourself to do it then good results will happen to your life. 

Forming a habit is only difficult in the beginning, your success depends on the level of your commitment. The more committed you are, the more you will endure the pain of sticking with it and starting it. Yeah, it is really painful because you are forcing yourself to do the thing that you want to have in your life but is difficult to sustain. Your enemy is yourself, you are competing against yourself. 

Outside influences, circumstances and happenings has nothing to do with your process in forming a habit. You can get sick, random events may happen but if you want to stay consistent and keep your habit alive then you will do everything to do it again. Your feelings doesn't matter, emotions has nothing to do with it. You just do it no matter how hard, no matter how heavy your body feels like. Even if you feel like a robot uncharged, you will still force yourself to move. 

Forming a habit is also like disciplining yourself, you don't have any choice but to do it. It feels like a high voltage of electricity is punishing you once you find yourself rocking in your rocking chair and doing nothing. 

Always look at the bigger picture. Forget about how you feel at the moment, deprive yourself of being satisfied or happy. That feeling is just temporary, once you do it again for today then you will be very happy that you survived your habit. 

Stop talking and execute. You talk a lot, you think a lot that is why you can't survive any habit even the simplest one. Just go and do it without hesitating, slap yourself if you can't move, you need to get angry, you need to get mad for being such a lazy bum ass. Time is always running, you need to build the habit now and sustain it even if it feels really bad so it will remain in your system forever. 

January 26, 2017


You don't need to sacrifice a lot if you want to become disciplined. You don't need to face a lot of pain or make things really difficult for you. All you got to do is simply think about what you want, think about it and you will do something for it.

Think about it everyday, think about having it, becoming it and touching it. You will be directed towards it, you will make actions for the attainment of it. Everything will become easy and natural.You will wake up for your dreams, you will be able to make decisions fast.  You don't need even need to think a lot, you just simply do it because you want it. You will not care if your actions were right or wrong, you will become disciplined enough to do what is needed.

If you're thinking about what you want and not about anything else then you will become super focused. Especially if you are optimistic and always hoping for the best. You will become very discipline without knowing it. Everything will come at the right place. You will do things automatically, you will be able to produce little results and little results until you produce some greatness in your life.

So if you want a certain amount of money then think about it everyday, think about having it and holding it. Don't entertain thoughts that will avoid you from getting it, thoughts that are making you discouraged and stuck. Only think about thoughts that will make you motivated and take actions.That is the simplest way to do it. There are no tricks to become successful, all you need is tremendous focus and dedication.

Discipline will be formed, habit swill be formed if you simply think about what you want everyday and do something to get it. Do what will make you closer, do what you think is right. You don't need to know a lot how to get it. The right information will be revealed as you keep on taking actions.

A lot of people can't become disciplined because they thought that it is hard. They keep on restricting themselves of the things that they don't need to do in order to become successful. They will hold on for a very short time and will give up once they can't take it anymore.

For example, a man who decided to cut his weight thinks that he needs to do a lot of sacrifice in order to produce some results. He is thinking abut what not to do, he is thinking about the suffering instead of the thing that he wants. He will restrict himself of eating a lot but it will only take a few days to last. The right action here is keep imagining yourself with that kind of body and take actions instead of inaction. You should focus on what you need to do and not on what you don't need to do. So the best thing to do is simply walk and burn calories. Just walk and walk everyday and don't look for results so fast. Keep on walking until you made it a habit. You will see that once you mastered walking for 30 days you will already look for a more challenging activity and that is jogging. Keep jogging and don't stop doing it until you made it very easy, once you got bored in jogging then you will find yourself already running. And those healthy eating habits will also start budding up because you're already on a healthy grid, of course you will feel guilty if you will eat a lot because you think that all of your efforts will only be wasted. It becomes natural, you are not forcing anything, you just think about what you want, make small actions and then the discipline will be formed.

If you can't become disciplined it only means you are not thinking about what you want, you are thinking about how hard it is to get there, you are thinking about the difficulty and not the activity.

January 26, 2017


Are you thinking about partying later because some of your friends invited you to a party, you got excited, you are thinking about having fun already but wait a minute... Do you have money for that? Don't tell me you will never share expenses with your friends, are you sure you already finished your assignments before bumming around? Are you sure you don't have an important meeting tomorrow and none of your works will be affected if you got drunk and will not be able to work for the next day?

You are thinking about buying the nice clothe at the department store, wow it is so fancy, your friends will admire you once you wear it in your body... but wait a minute, did you pay your electric bills already? did you pay the rent of your house already? You're so excited of purchasing something but do you have enough money for that? Are you sure you will not be on debt once you made that kind of decision?

You want to eat that big burger but did you exercise yesterday? did you run a few kilometers to shed your fat? you want to add fat to your body but the previous fat was not burned yet. Do you want to become an obese or look like an elephant? Eating something without burning something in your body will give you an ugly fat ass.

Let's face it, don't be mad, if you didn't do something to deserve something then you don't deserve it. You can enjoy, have a lot of fun, buy everything you want and eat everything you want but make sure you already paid the dues so your life will not be out of balance.

Your mistake is you want to have fun right away but you are forgetting the responsibilities that you need to do first. A good life doesn't work that way. You can only have fun once you have the right to do it. You only have the right once your present situation will never be affected after having fun.

Because having fun first and making up later is not the right order of life. A lot of people thought that they can still do it after having fun first but lately they will found out that they were already trapped in a deep hole that they cannot escape.

Being responsible is somehow difficult but the good thing about it is it will give you an easy life, a more free life with lesser problems attached. You will only become free if you will jail yourself first and what is necessary. You can have a lot of time if you will do the right things on time.

Being irresponsible and always practicing instant gratification is very easy, it is fun but what will happen next... I am pretty sure you won't like it. You will rush, you will be out of tune, your rhythm will be very ugly because you don't have any rhythm at all.

Always be aware if you are prioritizing having fun first before doing what is needed, if you caught yourself in this kind pattern then you have to force yourself to get out before it is too late. Because you can have a lot of fun later if you already paid your dues.

January 26, 2017


I found out that those people who had a vacation gets stress even more when their vacation is over. They were so excited before their vacation, they plan a lot, visualize what is going to happen, buy things that they thought they are going to use on their trip etc. etc.

But after going home, they were so tired and stress and having a hard time going back to work. Now where is the recreation there? where is the lesson there? Did they become a better person? I don't know, all I know is you have to take a vacation because you don't have a problem and not because you want to escape stress.

Take a vacation because you don't need it and not because you want to escape the reality. Some people will do some recreation because they thought it will help them, they thought their lives and perspective will change once they did it. But no, it is not true, if recreation can change life then why the hell are there still some people who are always doing it but hasn't change their life for a bit?

Some people will do it because they want to escape their problems, they want to escape their debts, loads of work etc. But if you will try to escape your problem and thinking that a vacation or recreation will solve it then you are just making your life even worse. Life is not about escaping, it is about facing. Face your problems, don't run away from it. Recreation can be done at home, you can meditate, exercise and just simply think about positive thoughts that will make you pump up and motivated.

You will take a vacation, use your credit card to purchase the ticket, buy some stuffs that you needed for the vacation and when the vacation is over look what you've got... debts, pending works and a tired body. I am not saying that taking a vacation is bad but you have to be realistic in life, you have to make your situation stable first before acting like you're a king and can do whatever you want.

Recreation can be anything. You can just even read a bible and that is recreation already. Having too much fun that is outside of your momentum will make your life miserable. If you will take a vacation but you still have bills to pay then you'r completely a jerk who is putting your own life in a bad spot.

Escaping the situation is not recreation, you are just fooling yourself. There is no growth in recreation if your life is not in a good position before doing it. You can only recreate or take a vacation if you have a good life already and that is a fact. Because how can you have a very nice vacation if you have bigger problems when you go home? you have to finish your tasks first before doing things that are really not important.

Sometimes people are just using the word recreation as an excuse because they have a lot of dramas in life that they cannot face. They want to feel good right away which is a not a good method if you want to have a better life. You can even have recreation while facing the problems and stress in your life, you will be able to reflect little by little how good you are and tough you are by facing your problems one by one and not shying away from it. You will feel good about yourself once you are making small progress that will lead you to a better position. Recreation is just giving you a little breathing room, it is not solving your problems nor making your situation better. It is just taking your eyes away from the reality. Life is not all about having fun, it is all about facing it. Do your recreation at home before recreating to another place. Solve your problems yourself and be a better person with no debts or pile of pending tasks.

January 25, 2017


Everyone wants to become something, everybody wants to get everything but they are missing something... it is work.

You can want it so bad, you can dream for it and pray for it but if you are not willing to work then your want will turn into forever fantasy, it will never become a reality.

You can want it really really bad, who doesn't want it? Everyone wants nice cars, houses, money, fame etc. but that is all they got... wanting it. They are not willing to work for it, they are not willing to die for it. You are just wasting your life dreaming about things, don't dream for it, work for it. Dreaming will never make you closer to your dreams, working does.

It's all about work, you can't escape the grind if you want something, you can't be just lying in your couch all day and hoping for your life to change. It only happens in movies where a genie suddenly appear and granted a lazy bum 3 wishes.

If you want it then go for it, be willing to make sacrifices, be willing to suffer because the harder the journey... the sweeter the victory. So don't ever feel bad if you are in pain now and you can't produce results. Those pain will accumulate in the end and will turn into glory.

So stop wanting it, work for it, work like hell and you will see heaven. It is just a matter of enjoying your work and fully committing to it. You need to last longer than anybody else and be the last man standing. While everyone quits... you will still continue to push and grind no matter what.

Working for it is the only thing that will work. Dreaming about it is useless, the same as waiting.

REPLACE YOUR DREAMING TIME WITH WORKING TIME. Have you ever noticed that you're dreaming for so long to the point where you can't work anymore? you stay very long in bed thinking about the things that you want. You stay for 3-4 hours dreaming and smiling on your bed without doing anything. And where did you arrive by engaging with that kind of habit? did you become successful at some degree?

Habitualize what will bring you closer to your dreams. What actions can bring you closer? what kind of process can make you stay longer? It's all about finding what works a little for you then escalating it to another level. Do it over and over again until it give you something that you want. It may take longer than you expected but it will not take forever.

Just take your time, be patient, don't rush because by doing that you will miss some details that may help you to become successful faster. This is not a sprint, we are not talking about who is the fastest, were are talking about who's the most persevering.

Wanting it so bad will not work because you will keep on thinking about getting it, your time for taking actions will be eaten by your time dreaming. And for the record, yes it is fun to rest and relax but if you want to become successful then you should have more time for working and less time for recreation that will never make you progress.

January 25, 2017


If you're already thinking abut explaining even if no one is accusing you yet then you will become worried and you are ruining just your day.

And even if you're not 100 percent sure that what you did is right... don't ever think about explaining. Your explanation period will come if someone ask you what is going on.

Always thinking about explaining means you are guilty and you are expecting an interrogation. Even if part of you says you are wrong don't ever think about explaining. Because it's feeding a negative energy into your body and you won't be able to be yourself and do things naturally. You will be anxious and out of your mind.

If you need to explain something then someone will ask you, and if you know the truth and you are willing to tell the truth then you don't need to be afraid anymore.

Just be yourself and know who you really are, you don't need to be afraid of anything or anyone else.

Thinking too much will kill you, it will make you stressed, out of your mind and not authentic. If you want to live a life that is less stressful then just go do your thing and don't think about anything else. Everything will flow, everything will be fine.

Thinking about explaining yourself puts you in a defensive mode that sometimes will avoid you from taking actions. You will think about someone who is not even mad at you, you will think about what could go wrong, your mind is not at peace and you will always become scared. This is not a good mindset, this is not living life.

Stop preparing for an explanation, stop thinking about what you've done wrong because there really no is, you will never know it unless the problem is there. If no one is complaining about you, if you are not hurting someone then you better keep doing what you are doing.

Because if you keep doing that shit then you will lose your confidence, you will lose your momentum, you will not be able to enjoy the moment and another day of your life will be wasted.

The best way to solve this problem is to think about anything else. Think about how precious your life is and you don't need to think about such things that are not even real. Think about how will you be able to enjoy your day, think about having fun with your friends and family. Think about working hard and producing results that will give you a great future. You have the brain, own it and control it.

Occupy your mind mind with the best thoughts so your fear will go away. And even if you've done a mistake in the past, what do you think is the worst thing that could happen? nothing right? you're still alive, you're still breathing and you can do a lot of things that are more enjoyable and fun. Don't treat everything as a big deal, it is nothing.

January 24, 2017


If you don't know what to do in life and you are a little bit bored then look at yourself and find a room for improvement. That kind of approach will already change your life and give you the directions that you needed.

There are lot of room for improvement. You just need to accept that there are some areas in your personality that are weak and needs improvement. You can become great if you will just accept that you are weak and then start changing your life now. You already knew what to do, you are just pretending that you are stupid because you don't want to take actions. You are pretending that you don't know what to do because you don't want to face the stress of starting.

It is only difficult in the beginning, once you start taking actions and gather some momentum then you will find out that it is not that hard. It will be easy if you take consistent actions, you will fall in love with little progress each day. Improving is addictive, you need to give it a try so you will become happier and satisfied with your life.

You are not perfect and you can never become perfect but you can become better. You can always make yourself better than yesterday. It is just a matter of wanting it and making a little sacrifice.

If you are emotionally weak, improve it. Read a lot of books on how to handle emotions. Sometimes put yourself in uncomfortable situations and places so that you will be able to know how you will react and survive on those circumstances. Stay on that place and never go home or stop until you find yourself comfortable again. It is just a matter of knowing who you are and listening to your emotions. It is really uncomfortable but you can have fun with it. You will begin to know yourself even more and you will see your reactions. You will learn what adjustments you needed to do in order to become emotionally strong. And when you get use to dealing with uncomfortable situations, you will be able to build a strategy on your own on how to tame your anxiety and fear. You can come up with a game plan or let's say default thought that you will use once you find yourself feeling uncomfortable again. You are slowly improving everyday and becoming emotionally strong.

If you are weak in your work then find a way how to become strong. It is either you force yourself to do more or forge a strategy on how to work smarter. Even if you were already old, you can still improve. It is not true that an old dog can't learn new tricks. You can learn anything no matter what your age is. It is your determination to improve that will determine your success.

Just like in basketball, if you are weak in using your left hand then find a way how to improve it. Make your left hand strong too so you can use both left and right and you will become unstoppable. You will be very hard to block and you will become more creative. The key to improve it is to always use it, use it even if you are not sure that it can make a shot. The more you use it the more it will become stronger. Don't worry about missing, just focus on improving.

January 24, 2017


Everybody is talking about the same thing that is why they were getting the same results and same emotions. They love to talk about the news, the crimes, the government, the economic problems and any other negative things. I don't what is it with those negative things that they love to talk about. They were addicted to negativity and that is why they attract some of those things in teal life. They keep on getting the same results, they don't notice it but if you will study their lives carefully... they keep on getting the same pattern everyday. They will talk about it, become mad about it and apply some of those things in their own personal life.

But if you want to live life in a different way then you should stop talking about what they are talking about. You should be aware of what kind of thoughts you entertain. Everybody is talking about the same thing that is why they also get the same thing, nothing special, nothing extraordinary. They were all bitter and not happy with their life that is why they keep on looking at the outside and embrace negativity.

If you want to have a different result then you should talk different. You should talk about positivity, abundance and appreciation of life. Because that is the only way how to have a harmonious life. Talk about love and not hate. Talk about solutions and not problems. While they think about recession think about solution, while they think about jealousy think about creativity. Think something that will make your life better and not bitter.

If you really want to change your life, change your thoughts, actions and companions. Some people are really contagious especially the negative ones. They will make you feel bad but you will copy their attitude if you always associate your life with them. Spend your time with positive people and habits so you will always feel good and appreciative.

Majority of people talks about gossips, negativity, recessions, economic problems, government problems and any other topics that are harmful to your brain. Be careful because if you will do the same thing then your mind will be blackened and poisoned. It is your duty to take care of your mind and treat it like a precious, sensitive property that needs to be taken care of very well. Remove the weeds in your life that are only sucking your energy and making you weak.

It is time to filter all the negative thoughts that are about to enter your brain and only let the positive thoughts come in. It is not easy but if you were able to master it you will have a very good and easy life. Everything will be smooth and easy. Everything will flow. Just trust that every moment will be fine. Believe in the power of positivity so you can attract the best opportunities in life. Every thought, words and actions that you will produce should be different from the majority so you will have a different and meaningful life.

January 24, 2017


Not all instincts were right. A positive instinct is a right instinct but a negative instinct is not a real instinct, it is just a negative thought, it is a fear that is stopping you from taking actions. It is just a challenge that you must overcome. It is part of your life so don't treat it as a big deal. It is nothing if you will not give it any attention.

So even if you feel that something is wrong... still continue. You will never know if you are right unless you push your chances. It is normal to feel bad, it is normal to feel a little bit weird. fear will always bother you and that is just part of life. 

And sometimes, you are just scaring yourself, you are just making your life difficult because you entertain an ugly and negative thought from the start. You should know why are you thinking that way and replace your thought with a more positive and happier one. 

There is nothing wrong unless you see it. If you were still able to continue then continue. Don't stop until you win. 

Fear is a big liar, it will direct you to an uglier direction and you must be aware of it if you want to have a better life. Fear can only become real if you focus on it for an hour or so. Learn to neutralize it early before it even grow bigger. 

You will only feel good if you continue, you will feel better if you don't allow your fear to control your behavior and thoughts. 

What to do if it feels like there is something wrong:

1. Just stay calm and watch your thoughts come and go.
2. Always think about what is the worse thing that could happen, you will find out that it is nothing, it won't kill you, it won't make you poor. So go ahead and continue what you are doing. 
3. Appreciate everything about you. You will start to feel better once you are appreciative. Love will overpower any negative energy. Just appreciate the air, the sound, your movement and your participation for the moment. Appreciate that you are still alive and you can experience some better things. Realize that fear is nothing and it cannot do anything to you unless you allow it.  
4. Focus on some other things. Look far, look at the clouds, look outside of the window. The idea here is to forget about how you feel and welcome other emotions to your body. 
5. Breathe deeply. There is a negative air inside of your lungs so you must exhale it. Breathe in and breathe out until your body was relaxed and you were able to think the right way again. 

Sometimes feeling bad is just a signal that you must relax and run according to your own pace. It is a signal that you must appreciate life and don't rush for petty things. It is telling you to appreciate life even more and don't worry about anything else.

January 24, 2017


Fear is either created by negative thoughts or the stupid decisions that you did from the past. Fear is overrated, people believe it too much even though it is not real. Fear is not real, it is only in your head. The good news is you can destroy it because you are the only one who created it.

You will become scared if you are not prepared or if you don't know what is about to happen.

You are scared of your final exams because you didn't study your lessons. Now who created your fear? it is yourself right?

You are scared of the bank because you have debts and you didn't work extra hard to earn extra money to pay it. You are scared of their calls, they are threatening you that they will get some of your properties. Now tell me, who created that fear? it is no other than you and your laziness.

You will compete tomorrow but you are so damn scared that you might lose because you don't have confidence. And why is that? because you never practice hard. You bum on your practice, you watch movies, play video games and drink some beers. That fear was created by your stupid decisions and habits. You give life to that fear and now you have to kill it. But you can't because the time remaining is only little. You can only kill it through preparation and training hard. All you can do now is give your best but for sure you don't fully believe that you will win.

Any fear that you created, you can also kill it. You can outwork it and overwrite it. The number one killer of fear is hardwork, you have to work super hard and produce results so that everytime fear visits your brain... you can easily erase it by remembering the work that you put in from the past. There is no other way around, you can fool yourself and pretend that you are not scared but if you don't have any references that you did some work from the past then fear can easily dominate your brain.

Poor decisions and bad habits creates fear, once you did something wrong in the past or not productive then fear can easily strike your brain and control your emotions. Laziness is one of the best is summoning fears, same as procrastination. If you know that you didn't do something about your problem, if you didn't prepare, if you didn't take steps to solve it then you're in big trouble. Your mind will be easily dominated by negative thoughts. You will worry a lot and you will not be able to think clearly.

Fear can be killed by positive actions, good decisions and entertaining positive thoughts, and of course you know what to do, you just don't want to do it.

So while you still have time, kill your fears right away. Because the moment you found yourself having lesser time to solve your problems... the more your fear become stronger. It will suffocate you and leave you no room for breathing. Sometimes you will just even accept that you were already defeated.

You are the one responsible for your emotions, you created your own fear without knowing it. And because you are the creator you can also be the destroyer.

January 23, 2017


You believe in something but you don't believe it enough that is why it is not happening. There are some thoughts that are making your belief turn into doubts. You are a little bit scared and guilty by dreaming so big which is not healthy for your journey to become successful. 

You don't believe it enough, you want to believe it but you are thinking twice. Other people's comments are making you confused, you are believing them instead of believing yourself. If you will not fully believe yourself then stop believing at all. You are just wasting your time and life. You better follow some wannabes and kiss their ass. 

Because what is the use of your own belief if you will not believe it and make it real? Anything that you want you can have it. You just need to be patient and make your belief stronger than before. Harness it to make your dreams come true. Remember that your present situation is not your destination, you can always change, you can always turn things around. But you have to be committed and determined and never change directions once a strong adversity strikes you. 

Don't believe other people's belief. You have your own belief and you need to stick with it if you really want to experience living. 

You don't need to ask for their approval if your belief is realistic or not. If you believe it then believe it to the fullest. No more overthinking, no more mental lapses. 

Because if you will not believe in yourself then you will not get what you want. Success starts with belief, it is the foundation of all of your actions. Your decisions comes from your belief and it is the only thing that will guide you to your next move. 

It is normal to doubt yourself, it is normal to become scared but if you can remember what you truly believe then those fears will all go away. You will be able to summoned an energy that will make you move until you become successful. 

It is hard to believe yourself and it is easy to believe what other people say. But if you can reject their ideas and fully commit to your belief then your life will become pretty amazing. You will be able to defeat hard challenges. This is not a gimmick or something but the size of your belief is the size of your success. It is true. Because nobody who has ever become successful doubted himself when the pressure times are there. If the pressure is higher your belief should become stronger. 

It is your choice what to believe in, is it the belief of others or your own belief? It is your call. 

No matter how unrealistic your belief is, you should still believe it because it is part of who you are. It is an idea that comes deeply from your heart. You will only find true happiness if you will believe in your own belief. 

January 23, 2017


You want something? go and get it, no more questions, no more hesitations, just do it without thinking and worrying. Even if it is hard, do it still. If somebody already did it then it is doable and you can do it too. And even if nobody has done it yet doesn't mean it is impossible. If you can think about it then you can touch it.

Yes it is hard but it is still possible, and sometimes you only think that it is hard that is why it becomes even harder. It is only in your mind, you can make it easier if you will not think about the process that you have to undergo to get it.

If it takes a thousand steps to get it then do it. Take it one step at a time, be patient and don't look for the steps or time remaining to get there.

Yes it is hard but what can you do? can you get it by being soft and always complaining? can you get it by just looking at it and wishing that it is easy? Easy things are free things that will not even matter. If you want to achieve greatness, if you want to see the larger things in life then you should be willing to go hard and experience hard. It is just a matte of perspective. How you feel about something is how fast you can get it.

Don't be like others who always look for an easy way, those people will never be able to do something big. They want easy so they will get something that is ugly. If you are planning to do something great the you should be willing to swim in honey. It is messy, sticky and stressful but once you become successful... you will feel really great.

Doing hard things has only two hard parts, the beginning and the middle. Once you surpass those two stages then it will be very difficult to give up. You will have the courage to face any obstacle and you will power through until you reach the final stage.

And if you really want to have it, you will do anything even if it is painful, stressful and harmful. Emotions will not matter anymore because you don't give too much importance to it. You only focus on what you want and that kind of mindset will erase any negative emotion that you are feeling at any given moment.

Nothing is easy or hard if you really want it, the level of difficulty will not even matter at all. It's like you decided to throw yourself on the lake of fire and you will do everything to win. There is no turning back or quitting, you will go all out and push until the end.

The key here is to always look at your goal and find the smallest step that you can do to become closer to it. Forget about how many months or years to accomplish it, what matters is you are making a small progress everyday and you are happy about it. Don't feel sorry or have self pity when things are not going well. Just remember that you can find a way if you want it bad enough.

January 23, 2017


The only thing you should be afraid of is if you are not taking actions, that's it. There is nothing else to be afraid of because you own your life and you can still do anything you want to do with it.

If you're not taking actions then you're done, you're dead, nothing will happen to you, you ill live like a bum forever, do you want it? You will have a lot of regrets and you will feel really really bad.

The truth is no one can stop you from taking actions. You can walk anytime, try anytime, pursue a goal anytime, change your life anytime yet you are not making the best out of your chances. You don't see every second as an opportunity. You are underestimating the power of taking actions. Consistent baby steps alone will take you further, you don't need to make a quantum leap or jump right away to your dreams, no one can do that. Only lotto winners does that, those lazy lucky bastards that didn't work but became rich (but not successful).

So watch yourself if you are not taking actions, watch yourself if you are just bumming around doing nothing. If you found yourself in that position then move right away, make baby steps until you make a momentum.

If you're not taking actions then you will not be able to produce conclusions, as simple as that. Only movement can help you, it is the only thing that can make you happy. Taking actions holds they key to happiness and success so you better stand up and bust your ass until you produce some results.

Even if you're in a bad spot, you shouldn't be afraid if you can still take actions. Making movements will free your mind from fear. You will feel better and your hope will become stronger. So just move and stop thinking. Make movement as your default.

It doesn't matter if your actions were the right ones, what matters is you are moving and you are striving to make your situation better. Because you will be able to figure it out in the end only if you keep moving forward and stop thinking backward.

Not taking actions is very scary, it will make your mind rusty, your confidence will go down, you will be outdated of what is happening around you. Your skills will be downgraded and you feel like going crazy because there is no progress happening in your life. You should really be scared and do something about it before it's too late.

Look at those retired oldies... they don't know what to do with their lives anymore after stopping working, they become weaker and weaker because all they do is rock their chair all day long. I think they are just waiting for their death to arrive, it's sad but it is the reality.

I have a neighbor who is a retired fireman. Everyday he is just reading the newspaper while smoking his cigarette. I feel sorry for him because it seems like he don't know what to do with his life anymore. He just watches people pass his house, chat a little bit with the neighbors and then will repeat the whole process again for the next coming days. I feel so sorry for him because his inactivity is making his life miserable. I can feel that he wants to do something but he doesn't know where to start.

So if you want to have a better life whether you are old or young... you should take actions, much better if you will choose positive actions. Because resting and not doing anything is easy but will make you go crazy. Stagnancy will create insanity.

January 23, 2017


If you will just treat everything as a practice then less pressure will be felt by you. You will be free, loose and will be able to express yourself to the fullest. Don't ever think that if you made a mistake then it's all over. You can try again, this is just a practice.

But of course you still have to be serious in doing something, don't take it for granted but the idea here is don't get too much attached with it. Don't feel sorry if you are not making it perfect. Keep in mind that nothing bad will happen to you even if you made a mistake. It doesn't matter if people laughed at you, it doesn't matter if you are displaying awkward outputs. What matters is you are enjoying what you are doing and you are never scared to shine on the bright lights.

You can own the big stage if you will just treat everything like a practice, you will feel light, you will feel faster, calmer and stronger. Your confidence will soar on a different level and everyone will be amazed at how fast you can execute actions.

Because the truth is there is nothing to be afraid of. You should stop making it hard on yourself if you weren't able to perform at your best because the more you become angry at yourself, the more you will lose momentum. You will feel unmotivated and depressed.

Work harder but don't take it seriously to the point where you almost lost your mind. Just feel happy moving and making small improvements everyday.

If you are competing and you are infront of a large audience... still treat it just like a practice. Having this kind of mindset will take away the pressure in your shoulders. You will be able to think clearly, all of the negative thoughts inside of your head will go away. You will feel like you are floating and you have all the freedom in the world to decide what will be the best for you.

Even if you made a mistake, you will just laugh at it and execute the next steps. You are taking things seriously but you are not afraid of making an error. Because you know that your purpose in life is to just feel happy, grow and express yourself.

People made a lot of mistakes because they thought that they only have one opportunity in life. The truth is you have a lot of opportunity if you are still alive. You can try as much as you want, you can repeat anytime. You can come back stronger and more prepared so you must see every opportunity as not the last but rather an experience to grow and expand.

Your goal in life should always be giving your best and putting less pressure on yourself because the more you feel free, the more you feel good and light... the faster you will become successful. You will have a happy life if you are just moving forward and not caring about what errors could happen.

January 23, 2017


Always keep in mind that life is not all about winning, sometimes you will lose but you still feel good because you try and give your best. There are some people living their lives full of regrets because they feel they can win but they didn't even try, what a shame, they just waste their lives.

If you are focused on trying then you will never lose, you feel like you are just playing and you know you're going to win in the end no matter how many lost you experienced. You just keep on trying and trying without expecting anything. Little results were attracted to you and you are ok with it because you feel like those were just a bonus and trying itself is already a reward. 

If you are focused on trying then you will never quit, you will never feel the pain of losing because winning is not important to you, taking actions makes you happy already and you are satisfied with just experiencing different things that makes you grow. You never get frustrated because winning doesn't matter to you, but of course you still take things seriously and you are still open for winning but trying is simply making your soul contended. 

Because if you keep on trying and trying then eventually you will win, it is just a matter of time. If you don't give up then at one point in your life you will win. Because what most people don't know is that losing streak ends, it is never forever so if you keep on trying and you don't stop then success is already guaranteed to you. 

A lot of people can't win because they were so focused on winning, they wanted to win right away without working hard and making sacrifices. Life doesn't work that way. You will only win if you are deserving and you have the track records that you put in tremendous work in the past. To secure winning, you must work like a workhorse and never regret that you work so hard. 

Trying is free and it is unlimited so never get tired of trying. It will make you grow, it will make you a different person. Treat life like a game, you have unlimited tries and you will go further by simply trying and trying. 

If you are simply focused on trying then you will enjoy life even more, you will feel less pressure and you will be totally engaged with the process, you will never get tired and you already have an advantage from others. They love to win, they want it right away so when they fail... they will be disappointed. But you, you just keep going and do what is necessary to put yourself in a better position that is close to being successful. 

You will become unstoppable, your tenacity will be on a different level because you will feel like you are already winning by simply trying, and it is the truth. You don't need trophies, money or position if you are trying. Those things were already yours if you have the mindset of simply trying over and over again, you just need for a little more time to get those things.

Trying is more fun than winning, there is less pressure, you will be in the moment, you will be keen to details because you are not forcing yourself, you simply give your best and you are loving every experience that you are gaining. Unlike if you are focused on winning... you will rattle, you will rush, you will force everything that will lead to poor decisions and less fun experience. You will tire easily if you are always expecting to win, you will quit fast because you will be very hard on yourself, in short you will be a sore loser.

January 22, 2017


If you are constantly saying "I will" then you will never do it, that phrase is bullshit and was widely used by people who are just trying to make an impression that they will really do it. A doer will never say "I will". What they constantly say is "I am already doing it".

How many times did you say "I will" and how many times did you break it? I bet a million times right? You say you will cut weight and follow your new year's resolution but what did happen? You say you will change your life and pursue your ambition but what did happen? You say you will stop smoking but what happen? you say you will try to become a better person but what happen?

Don't say you will, just do it, stop broadcasting to everyone what you are going to do because people don't need promises, the world don't need hype, they need results and evidences.

If you say you will but you will do it later then chances are you will not do it anymore. It's a 100 percent guarantee that you will postpone what you promise to do. The worst is you will just forget it and do something else.

So do it now, stop talking, stop promising... just do it. All you need to do is move and sustain your movement, what is difficult about it?

Doers never talk, they just produce results, they never give hope rather they give assurance.

So which side do you belong? is it the talker's side or the doer's side? if you will just make excuses then you're already on the talker's side. You need to pull the trigger if you're on the doer's side. You need to smell blood and have a sense of urgency. It is like forcing yourself to do it even if you don't want to do it. Slap your face if you can't move, call yourself a bitch if you can't take actions. Make yourself angry, learn to summon a motivation that will keep you moving.

Having a habit of always saying "I am already doing it" will make you transform from talker to doer. You will just start fast, make momentum and finish strong. You will hate people who always say "I will do it" because you no longer belong to their group. You're a different animal now, you already have a killer instinct, you hate talking and you love doing.

What is the point of saying "I will" if you will just think about something else after saying it, if you will just postpone doing it and do something else that is easier. Your are just making yourself low, you are turning into a fraud who can't keep his promise.

So never say "I will", just make a bold decision on your mind of doing it once you have a chance. If you really want to change then start as fast as you can. Don't hesitate, just look for the first step and execute it right away.

January 22, 2017


You are constantly improving everyday, you just don't know it. Your habits are constantly getting wilder, stronger and legitimate. 

Using every single day as a capital for success is very effective. You don't need money, you don't need any talents or knowledge, just use every single day to change your present situation. You can make dramatic improvement or disaster to your life because just like I said you are constantly improving everyday even if you notice it or not. 

For example if you keep hating people everyday, you are becoming a very good hater. You can turn positive into a negative, you can't appreciate a good situation. And even if something is really good, you still able to find flaws and imperfections. You will be very good in hating if you keep on hating everyday, all you will see is negative, you are constantly improving but the sad thing is it is about hating. You will hate the people who are succeeding and even the ones who are failing, you just hate everything about life because you do it everyday and it becomes your natural attitude, it is not a habit anymore, it is already natural in your life.

Another example is a construction worker, don't belittle those workers because they can do something that you can't. They were very good in doing construction tasks and whether you admit it or not, you will admire some of them who can really do complicated tasks. It is because they are improving everyday, they do that job everyday so they learned a lot. Sometimes they just don't know that there is growth in their job because they are not proud if it. But the truth is the are still growing and they are also improving. They are getting stronger, they hammer stronger, they mix the cement faster, they build buildings faster and nicer.

You can use every single day to become better, it is very powerful yet a lot of people underestimate it. Time is powerful, it can build you or destroy you. 

Look at yourself and see what you are doing everyday, that will become your future. So if you keep on complaining everyday then maybe you will become a rallyist or an activist one day. You will become very good in complaining and disagreeing, you will see a lot of mistakes in every situation, you will become an expert in criticizing and complaining, that is what you will become. 

Even if you are not good at something, let's say your drawing skills sucks but you keep on doing it everyday and you love doing it then you will become a very skilled artist one day. There is a big chance that you can become a national artist, granted that you don't stop making arts and you consistently draw everyday. Time can make you great, time can make you something, it can mold you, it can define your future. 

A lot of people can't become great because they don't know that the secret ingredient is just time and patience. You will just pick one hobby and do it everyday even if it is raining, snowing or the world is melting. You just do it no matter what, keep your streak alive and let time handle the business.