December 31, 2017


You think it's not going anywhere, you think it will kill itself along the way but don't underestimate the crazy train because it's headed to greatness.

If you are doing impossible things, if you are trying to achieve a very high goal... you need to be a little bit crazy, display a work ethic that not all people can do. Make sacrifices that are unthinkable. Don't be afraid to get crazy. You will invent a different process that is not acceptable to all people. They will call you weird, they will not like your ideas and knowledge at all because it looks so odd and unrealistic.

Riding the crazy train will give you a bigger chance than riding a normal train. If you are crazy then you will have no fear, you will try everything you can to get that dream you are dreaming of for a very long time.

You will never be afraid of what people say because you will have your own world. You will try different things even if you think that some of them has no chance of making you successful at all.

It's ok to look weird but still stay positive. Just do unrealistic methods that will give you a chance. Just try to become lucky at least. Try every possibility, devour every opportunity. be a little bit insane but has a direction.

You'v been riding the normal train for so long... did it give you some results? did it change your life?

It's time to go to a different direction, it's time to do it your way, it's time to ride the crazy train.

December 29, 2017


You still need to work even if you are rich, you still need to work even if you can't see any result from what you're doing. Work is a necessity, whether you like it or not... you need to work in order to have a momentum in life. Work should be part of your life, don't ever let a day escape without working and doing something to improve your life.

Work even if you're not earning money, you need to establish that work ethic of working super hard because you need to apply it when you're already earning money. Work even if there is nothing to do, you will get bored if you're not working, it will make you sick and weak, it will make you lose your momentum.

The harder you work, the luckier you will get. You will have a lot of opportunities if you're working hard, you will see a lot of openings and chances, you will somehow feel how good you are. If you will not work then you will become lazy, you will always feel slow and powerless.

Do something for your dream, work even if it is not working. Always remember that you are building a character and work ethic here, you are building a habit of working super hard so when everything is working already... you will get a huge amount of result.

Taking action is better than entertaining procrastination. If you take actions now you will feel better than ever, you will feel good and free. Unlike in hesitating to do something... you will always feel bad because you are thinking how are you going to do it, you are always worrying and overthinking. You feel like you're going crazy.

You have the strength so use it, you always have the energy to move but you are wasting your energy for non sense things. It's time to start now and move, work until the work is done.

Just do something positive for your life, start it and finish it. Never let a day pass by without working.

December 27, 2017


Whatever you are thinking, whatever you are doing... you are training your mind. If you're always thinking about girls then you are training your mind to become a playboy. If you're always thinking about money then you are training your mind to become rich. If you're thinking about problems then you're training your mind to become a negative thinker. Whatever you put inside of your brain... you will become it.

What you are thinking now... you will also think about it again tomorrow, there is a possibility that you may think about it forever. You are training your mind every now and then, you are responsible for your actions and behaviors because what you think about is your reality.

BE AWARE. If you're always thinking about negative thoughts then you're life will become very negative. It's simply because you will attract it. Entertaining negative thoughts will make your head hot, it will make you do negative things. The worst thing is... you will think about negativity everyday, you will consider almost everything as negative even if it is not.

Having a good life requires having a healthy and positive mind. If your thoughts were healthy and positive then you will be able to take positive actions every now and then, it's an automatic thing for you.

Associate your life with people who are positive thinkers. You will absorb their positivity, you will start to believe in yourself because they will tell you to believe in yourself. You will harbor their insights that leads to a better life.

If you want to have a good life... think about wealth, hard work, solutions, creativity and generosity. If you want to live in poverty then simply watch news, think about problems, have pity on poor people, do something that will put your life on a bad spot. Being rich is simply thinking about rich and money, you don't think about the life of other people including their problems.

A well trained mind means a well live life, filter those negative thoughts now and start living a new life.

December 26, 2017


The goal is to repeat the success of yesterday, if you've done a wonderful job yesterday... do it again, repeat it. Repeat it as much as you can, do everything to do better. If you can surpass your success yesterday then much better but if you can't.. just try to repeat it.

Success is all about repetition, if you earned 200 dollars yesterday, repeat it over and over again and let's see how far can you go, let's see how big you will become.

The one who can repeat small success consistently is the one who will achieve greatness. Be patient because it takes a lot of time to become successful. You need to repeat a million times, you need to be really serious or else you will never get anywhere.

Repeat now, do it again, do it over and over again. Repeat and repeat until you succeed. It's all about being fast to repeat and being committed to repeat. It's not that difficult, all you have to do is do it even if it is boring, do it even if it is hard because it's doable in the first place.

If you're getting tired and bored... sorry you have no choice but to repeat, it is what it is, it's hard but you have no other choice but to do it if you want to become successful.

December 25, 2017


Pretend that you're the greatest, pretend that you're the number one. Have it in your mind, see what you wanted to have, dream of becoming the best, you have the right to do it because dreaming is so much free. But... you have to work like hell, it's not just like you're being delusional about being the greatest. You also need to do what the great ones does. Copy their work ethic, emulate their beliefs and apply it to your own life.

It's better to believe in something rather than doubting it. If you really want to change your life then change your beliefs, pretend that you're the greatest. Make a movie out of your life, you're the star and people around you were just another characters. You're always in control, you will always get away with struggle.

Because if you will not believe that you're the greatest then you will never become one. You will never level up, you will always settle for mediocrity which is bad for your life.

Pretend that you're the greatest. Act great, talk great, walk great. Do what the greatest does, copy their work ethic, copy their thoughts and actions and for sure you will also get great results.

December 23, 2017


That's it, always stay active, always stay in motion, never stop. That is how to live a very good life, that is how to destroy worries, fears and insecurities... always keep moving. Stay busy and be very productive.

Staying in motion will make the momentum live forever. You will never get lost, you're always updated and informed. Just like going to classes everyday even if you're not excelling, you know what are the lessons, you know the coverage of the exam, your assignments and quizzes are complete, you have complete requirements... the result is your professor will pass you.

Be aware if you're not moving and move right away, never stop, never get complacent. You will get rusty if you're not moving, you will become broke, you will never achieve anything. Your skills will become weak, your mind will become slow, you are dying slowly because you are not using your body and brain.

Stays in motion even if your movement is slow, that is the best thing to do. Never look back, never have any regrets... just do what you are suppose to do and stop thinking about anything else.

December 22, 2017


You're not a king nor a queen, whatever is presented in front of you... get it, you only have the right to choose if you have a power or if you have a lot of options but for the meantime... don't be too picky. Just devour what is presented, remember that you don't have the right yet to become picky. You're not rich yet, you're not successful yet so who are you to act like you have a lot of options? Be humble for the meantime and just take what is available.

Don't be too sensitive, don't act like you're part of the royal blood family. Be adaptive, learn to appreciate what is in front of you and try to grow from it.

If you will not be choosy then you will always get something, let's say you're not a college graduate and you want a job that smells good, you want to become a manager or supervisor right away... that dream won't happen. Accept the lowest job first then try to work your way on top. If you will do the job that is available then good things will happen to you.

You want a date but you're not handsome and confident? just pick an average girl, pick someone who will not intimidate you and you feel like she will say yes to you. Date her, have fun. And when you already feel confident because of that experience... go and find a hotter date. Don't be picky in the beginning because if you do... you will not get anything. The point here is you are starting to build your confidence little by little. Just pick someone that you think is easy and once you have some confidence... it's time to level up.

It's all about grabbing what is available and when you feel confident and satisfied on that level... go up and find another challenging level.

If you don't want to end up in zero... accept the best opportunity available, even if it is ugly and you don't like it, if it's the best thing available for you and you feel confident that you can get it... get it. What are you waiting for? you gotta keep moving, life is all about making a lot of experiences, you will be stuck in a mud forever if you keep on being picky.

Avoid the feeling of having self entitlement, you are not entitled to get a special treatment. Things will not be handed to you for free, you have to work for it, you have to climb your way to the top. Build your own ladder and start climbing now. Devour what is in front of you, eat it like a shark and then go for the next food when your hungry again, something that is more tasty. You're already eaten so there is no more pressure for you to get some food.

Have an abundant mindset, there is always something waiting for you today, all you need to do is get it. Again, never judge if it is ugly or not, what matters is you get it. Don't worry if it is not that good because the next one is always better. But for now, take away the pressure in you to get something by not being picky.

December 22, 2017


Why are you doing something? because you think it's the right thing to do. Why are you following your boss? because you're so scared that you might get terminated if you don't follow him. Why are you pursuing that goal? because you think that you're going to become happy if you achieve it.

It's all in the feeling, it's not about the outcome. Some people can even earn a lot of money but doesn't feel anything about it anymore? why? because they already felt it over and over again, it's nothing new to them. An employee who doesn't care anymore about his job will never feel scared of his boss anymore, he is ready to go even if he hasn't found a new job yet, the feeling of being scared is gone so he is free to do anything he want.

It's all about how you feel, no matter what happen to you... if you can control the emotions towards it then you will be able to control the situation. The cooler you feel... the more you will be able to do good decisions. So if you're feeling bad now... just completely get rid of it right away, it's possible. Don't ever feel bad about petty things, it's not even relevant to your dreams and ambitions.

Manage your emotions, you can do it by filtering the thoughts that will go to your head. Be aware if it is a negative or a worry, if it is... replace it with a happier one, change your perspective about it. Just think that fighting any negative thought is a sign that you are getting mentally stronger. 

Feel good, learn to feel good if you're feeling bad, don't make it a big deal if there is a fear inside of your body.

You're doing something because an impulse is telling you to do it, you are either happy to do it or scared that you might lose something if you will not do it.

Look at yourself, feel what you're feeling, why are you feeling it? what is scaring you? is it going to kill you? is it going to take away all of your money? is it going to affect the rest of your life? if not then never make it a big deal, just deal with it and embrace it. Any negative emotion will soon go away. Fight it if you can but the more you fight it the more it will resist. The best thing to do is be one with it, let it run inside of your system. You will discover that it is nothing, it can never harm you nor make you lose your mind. It is nothing but a feeling. You will feel better if you keep moving while feeling it, it's like a game, life is like a game of emotions... the more you control able your feelings the more you will win.

So relax and enjoy the ride, it's all in the feeling. Life is just emotions, one day you're happy the next day you will feel sad for whatever reason. You can never feel happy forever, you can never feel sad forever. It is what it is, this is life, it is challenging but if you can deal with any kind of emotion then you will survive longer, you will win life.

December 22, 2017


The day is over now, let it go because you can never get it back. Just sleep and try again tomorrow.  It's your fault that's why you didn't get it, it's your fault from the very beginning, you can't blame anyone because the power and the decision is always yours.

If you wasn't able to run now don't feel sorry, try again tomorrow. It's too late to run because it's already 2 am in the morning, the killers outside were roaming so stop forcing the situation and just try to force yourself to run tomorrow morning. You've made excuses now so you can't afford to make excuses again tomorrow.

If you didn't reach the quota now, try reaching it again tomorrow. You wasted some of your hours that's why you fail, but it's ok, you're still alive, you still have another chance to prove yourself tomorrow. Just make sure you are going to give your best, make sure you will not take any second for granted.

The day is over what can you do? blame? be mad about yourself? there are plenty of days for this month so stop crying. Tomorrow is another day, you can try again.

But if you're so sick and tired of getting the same results time and time again... you better change your habits, you better change your perspective and behaviors. You're being too soft that's why you can't get it, you love to quit, you love to say "I will try again next time". But did it work? did you manage to forge a different result?

If you lose now so be it, stop bitching and whining about it but make sure that you will exert a different effort tomorrow. You energy should be different, you should be on fire and relentless. There is no other way around, exerting the same amount of effort everyday is only making you stuck in a rat race.

It's time to change your life, it's time to make a change. Today is over and nothing happened, it's another wasted day, are you going to let it happen again tomorrow? or will you do something magical that you haven't done before? listen to me, you are being too soft and lazy, it's time to do something special. It's time to do something hard that will produce a different result.

Rest now if you really can't do anything anymore because it's too late. Prepare yourself for a war tomorrow, the moment you wake up... go hard right away and never stop. Push and push and never pull back. But this time take it seriously, this time you have to do whatever it takes, forget about everything, forget about winning or losing... just push so hard to the point of exhaustion. Push so hard and stay focused, don't look at the clock and count the number of of hours you work.. just keep working until you find yourself winning.

The days of being a loser is over, this is winning time baby, give your best and never take any second for granted.

December 22, 2017


Scars will make you stronger, it is a pain that was not totally healed. Don't worry about your scars because you can always cover it.

If your car was scratched by an unknown object... don't worry you can cover it with your favorite sticker. It can be an emoji sticker or whatever sticker that works, do it and the scar is totally gone. Very easy it is like one two three.

It means whatever failure you have in the past, no matter how many times you fail... you can erase all those failures by just winning one time. Just win once and people will forget that you're a failure. People will recognize your efforts and they will kiss your ass.

You shouldn't be ashamed of your battle scars because those scars symbolizes that you're trying and doing your best to win in life, those scars made you strong so don't ever feel bad about it. Even if people were laughing at you because you're always failing... just keep going because just like I said... one win can change everything, it will wash away all the pain, it will change your miserable life.

So keep trying, never stop trying. You can try as many as you want, you can fail as many as you want, one day your life is going to change and you will see success falling into your hands.

Just like a pimpled face, those scares made by acne can be covered by a concealer. You can cover something you don't like.

Life is not always beautiful, sometimes it is really painful and hard but what else could you do? it is life, if it is not hard then it is not life.

Be proud of your failures because it made you a better man, if you don't want people to talk about it anymore then cover it with a victory. Try your hardest to at least get a big victory. If you are winning then people will like you, if you are losing then people will even  put you down, that's the saddest truth in pursuing a goal... if you can't win then you will embrace the bitterness from other people.

December 22, 2017


It's because you have the freedom to become creative, you don't know rules, you don't know boundaries. All you know is you want to become successful, you're not stopping. You don't care if your process is not working, you will still push your hardest and hope for the best. You improvise your own method, you're not following any path instead you are just following your heart and instincts.

Because the only stopping you is yourself, your thoughts about you can't do it, that you're tired, that you can't take the losing anymore. But if you are carefree... you don't care if you are tired, you don't care if you're on the right path, you don't care if people are laughing at you, you don't care at all. You're just focused on your work and nothing else. You feel like an authority and you feel like everything you do is right. You are so loose and offensive minded, you are killing it day in and night out.

You need freedom if you want to become successful, freedom for making decisions, freedom from pain. Sometimes you feel so heavy, sometimes you feel that taking actions is painful which is not. The goal is to feel free and you will achieve any kind of goal you have. If you can take a million steps without feeling guilty for any of it then you will become successful. It's hard to win because it's hard to move. So if you will feel free, if you will feel that nothing can stop you then everything will be possible for you, you will reach a certain level of success that you are dreaming of for a very long time.

Stop caring about what people say, stop caring if you will win or not... just move. Stop caring if you're doing right or wrong, just put yourself in the best position to win. Nothing can stop you from moving, you should be moving everyday and doing something for your dream. Your position now must be at least one inch better than yesterday. If you're not moving then it means you're dying.

If you're doing your best then there is nothing more to worry about, you will attract success, just be patient and keep moving forward.

Feel free to move, always think that you're right because even if you're wrong... you will still be able to make adjustments later, don't be afraid to make mistakes because everybody makes mistakes, no one is perfect in this world. People who are willing to make a lot of mistakes are the ones who always win.

Don't strive for perfection and just focus on action. Making moves should be your priority and not making it in just one night. There is no overnight success, it only happens in movies that was directed by fraud directors. Overnight success is for losers and lazy people. You gotta be moving everyday, feel free to do anything you want for as long as it is connected with your dream.

December 21, 2017


Are you trying to change the world? why? do you want to be a hero? do you want your name to be carved in the history books? it's ok if you really want it but the truth is... no one can change the world. No matter what happened... it will still revolve, it will still evolve and things will happen.

You can never control the opinions of other people, you can make a contribution but you can never change the world. It is what it is, things will happen by itself even if you don't take actions. The more you control other people... the more you are making your life very difficult. You can only inspire but that inspiration will fade away so fast, people will forget it so fast.

Change happens if a person wants to change his life, nobody can change somebody. Change occurs when someone is open for a change but if he is not interested with it then that person is hopeless, he will live his life the same as ten years ago, he will not achieve anything, he will remain as a bum with full of regrets.

Don't change the world, don't try to change someone because he will not change no matter how hard you try to change him. Just be yourself, you can inspire people but you must do the inspiration naturally and not forcing them to listen to you.

Just do what you want with the best of your abilities and some people who were inspired by your works and ideas will follow you, they will become interested and ask you a few things.

Even the president can't change the world, even the king can't control all the people. All people have different interests. If they can't resonate with your idea then they will just laugh at you, they will not believe you even for a second.

Just make your own contribution, it doesn't need to be a popular contribution, it can be a simple contribution that can somehow alter the minds of people, just give your best and let them feel your idea. Give your life into something and they will be inspired by the way you live.

The works of the greatest ones were even forgotten, the kings from the past who wants to conquer the world were even forgotten, yeah sometimes we talk about them but did their works unite the people?

The world cannot be united because everyone has his own point of view, even if the world is not getting better... it will still revolve, it will still continue to serve people. It will never end.

The world is changing by itself so you don't need to change it anymore, how many wannabes did try to change the world but did they really succeed? no matter how big your contribution is... it will still be forgotten, a new idea will blossom, a new hero will be born. Nothing remains forever because the world is changing by itself everyday. The only world you can change is your own world.

December 21, 2017


You've been following other people's way too much that you almost forgot that you can do it your way too. You can make decisions too and decide what is best for you or not. Just be confident and work hard, you will become successful one day. Trust your chosen process and stick with it until the end.

Do it your way, trust yourself, believe in yourself, believing is free so abuse it and use it forever. There is nothing wrong in believing yourself too much, it's ok, you just need to pair it with hard work and you will succeed.

For once in your life... do it your way. You've been influenced by your parents, friends, peers, idols, teachers, frenemies from the past, they manipulated your decisions, now is the time to do it your way. Believe your beliefs, soar high with your dreams and own process, develop your own technique of becoming successful. Build your own empire, travel your own journey. It's never too late to do it your way, you can do it if your will is so unbreakable.

So define what you want and pursue it relentlessly, never be afraid to fail. Failing is learning, it will teach your everything. It's just a matter of time before you become successful, just be patient and do whatever it takes, anything that you can think of to make you one step closer to success... do it, do it without thinking, do it without any hesitation.

Doing it your way will avoid you from feeling any kind of regrets in the future, it is because you followed your heart, you made your own decisions and you never rely on someone to make you successful, you did it your way and you feel so free while doing. You have no one else to blame, it's all in your hands if you succeed or not.

Whatever you want... you can get it if you will use all of your might and face all the challenges in front of you. Do it your way, solve problems your way, get your dreams your way. Use all of your knowledge, trust your instincts, never think that you can't get it, even for a second.

It's all about using all of your strengths and skills, it's all about not being afraid to fail and embarrass yourself, be the best that you can be and go all the way.

Because following other people's commands is already a suicide, it's already not living your life in your own terms, it's like wasting your life and not celebrating your freedom. You will do what they want even if you don't like it, they will treat you as a slave that will follow every command that they instruct. It's a sad life, very very sad. So if I were you... leave your old life and carve a new path, follow yourself, do it your way. Never look back, once you made a decision you can't go back anymore, you're all in, go all the way, die for your dreams, don't worry because success will revive you later.

December 21, 2017


Yeah, this is possible, you can earn more than your boss. Your boss is just another human being trying to look cool in front of his employees, don't be scared of him, maybe you are even better than him so stay relax, enjoy your job and never let your boss abuse you.

If your boss is earning $3000 a month and you're only earning $1800 a month, you can earn more than him if your job is about commission basis. If you there is a bonus for every product that you sell then you can earn more than him. Work hard, I mean super hard, sell products as much as you can. Never stop until your telephone explodes because of too much cold calling. Get commissions as much as you can, that is how to earn more than your boss. Your boss is just sitting in his office, he is pretending to be working so you will be able to surpass his earnings and make him feel bad about it, how good was that?

That's why there are lot of people who doesn't want to be promoted especially if the new position has no chance of earning more than the basic salary. If your earnings depends on your hard work then you are lucky, you will be able to earn more than anybody else including your boss. Granted that you work really hard and you have an iron will that will make you achieve the impossible.

Now you know that not all boss is earning more than you, you can earn more than them if you will work hard and give yourself a very high quota. You really need to push yourself if you want something to happen. Nothing will happen if you will not try to make it happen.

Some bosses are acting like they have money but the truth is they are also broke. So if you don't want your boss to belittle you, earn more than him, make him feel your money. Show him who the real boss is.

Be your own boss, make yourself rich. If your boss doesn't want to promote you so be it. Just make sure you are enjoying your work and you're putting yourself in a position to succeed. You don't need him, he don't care about you, what's the big deal about it? at the end of the day you are still the one who can make yourself rich and successful... not the other people.

It's all about who can work the hardest, if you are the hardest worker in this planet then for sure you will have a higher rank in the society, for sure you will achieve a certain level of success. So use this formula and apply it to your daily life... work the hardest and never stop until you get what you want in life. It's only hard in the beginning, once you get use to it then it will be very easy, hard work will reward you... just trust it to the fullest.

December 21, 2017


If you want to develop a new skill, if you want to survive a habit... just do a little. If you can't do more then do a little, if you feel lazy then just do a little. What matters is you do it everyday and you are not thinking if you're going to do it or not. Do a little everyday, make the habit very deep until it's very hard to get rid of it into your system. Don't worry because once you feel very comfortable of doing it a little... you will do more in the future and that is guaranteed. You will look for a challenge because you don't want an easy thing anymore. You will look for more, you will do more, you will aim to become great.

For example in running, if you want to run everyday but you feel lazy... just do a little, do it for 5 or ten minutes a day. Do it for a month and for sure the next month you will try running for 15 minutes or more. Installing a habit into your system doesn't require huge installation, just take it slowly but surely because if you will try to run for an hour day then you will only get overwhelmed, the habit will die as fast as possible.

Doing a little is better than not doing at all, time is fast, all of your efforts will accumulate in the end. You will see the results in the end. Just do it everyday and never skip, never make excuses that you can't do it now.

You want to learn something? lets' say you want to learn algebra? pick the book and study some lessons, just try to learn it by yourself. Again, you don't necessarily need to understand it all, just understand what you can understand and study again tomorrow. You can make a research if you needed to, just do something to learn it, don't worry about learning slow... you can learn a lot if you are patient enough to stick with the process.

You can't rush learning, you're not a genius, all you can do is take baby steps and wait. The learning process will take place so take it easy, be serious but don't get mad if you can't get something.

Doing a little will give you confidence, it will give you a momentum that you can carry on for the next few days. It will also give you a little happiness knowing that you finish something for today and you didn't waste this day doing nothing. Be proud if you do a little, a lot of people can't do anything at all, they were just good in planning but they can't execute something.

Just start and never think, thinking will make you think even more, it will only derail your development, thinking too much will build fears and those fears will eat you alive if you can't control them. Start now and do something, kill that fear by taking actions, don't worry about what's next,if you are committed enough then every single step will be revealed as you undergo the process.

December 20, 2017


You are afraid of failing. People were so afraid to give their best because they already think that they are going to fail, they judge their abilities from the very beginning. You don't have the self confidence, you think that failing is so bad. The truth is... failing will give you the knowledge about the right things to do, failing will only make you a better person so don't be afraid of it. Fail as much as you can because it means you are giving your best.

You are afraid of getting tired. You just want it but you're afraid to exert an effort, you're so afraid to use your energy. In other words... you're lazy, you just want to win but you're not willing to get tired and stressed. You just want to dream, you don't want to do... as simple as that. If you really want to  give your best and see what is possible, be willing to get tired, be willing to push further and discover your real power. getting tired is normal, the truth is... the more you get tired, the more results you will get.

You think you are just wasting your time. You are so conservative of using your time. You think that you have better things to do. Instead of pursuing your goal, you are doing some other things like watching TV a lot, going out for no reason, chatting with your fake friends in social media etc. You think that you must enjoy your life and you should not waste your time just pursuing your goal because you think that you're wasting your life by doing that.

You always think that other people were doing better than you. You want to become better than others that's why if you think that other people were doing better than you... you don't want to do it anymore, you will play safe, you will not show them what you can do. You will hide and pretend that you're not interested with your goal, you are pretending that you're not committed with it that's why you can't become good at it. Stop thinking that other people were better then you, even if they really are... so what? what is the big deal? stop competing and just focus on giving your best, remember that the main goal is simply giving your best and nothing else.

Your're simply shy. You need to destroy your identity if you want to take your skill to another level, if you want to become successful. Always remember that being shy will not work anymore in this world. The shy people will be eaten by other people who have thick skins. Show them what you got even if you're not that good, give your best and go all out. Being a shy type person sucks, you feel powerless, you feel weak and stupid.

You want to succeed on the first try. You want to have a perfect record, you're watching a lot of action movies that has a story about an action star who can kill hundreds of people with a single hand gun. You think those stories are real but the truth is... you will always fail on your first try. But the key point here is you should still give your best even if you know that there is a chance that you might fail. It is like training your mind, don't expect to succeed on the first try but make it a habit to always give your best every now and then.

You think you are being judged by other people. You think about what other people say that's why you are so stiff, that's why you can't move freely. You need to feel loose if you want to give your best, you need to take risks and be not afraid of making mistakes. They don't care, people don't care about you. They may watch you but they don't really care if you bum on stage, twist your words, slip on the floor or get humiliated. Maybe they will laugh at you for a bit but they will forget that easily.

You're afraid to win. You're simply afraid to win, you're playing not to lose. You're not playing to win, you're so afraid to make wrong decisions. You don't want to lose your momentum once you have it, you want to conserve the good thing that is happening. But the momentum will not always stay on your side, you have to accept that something might go wrong and you need to adapt, still give your best even if the momentum is not on your side. Never be afraid to win.

December 19, 2017


It's not your fault anymore if you give your best and still fail, sometimes things will end up like that. No matter how hard you work, you can't figure out how to win. But everything happens for a reason, maybe it's not your time yet, maybe you still need to do some other things so that the next time you try... you will already win.

Just keep trying, never stop until you become successful, the universe is just testing you. One day, all of your dreams will come true, you will finally say to yourself that you succeed. Failing means you need to try again, failing means your skills are not enough and you still need to improve.

The goal is to always give your best even if you're not sure that you're going to win. Just give your best and see what will happen. Do what you think is right, do what makes you feel free.

It's not all about winning, it's all about giving your best, giving your all so you won't have any regrets in the end.

Success is not always guaranteed, you can try so hard and use all of your power but still fail. But giving your best is the real price. Feeling your true power is an unreal feeling, it's like flying, it's like being invincible and feeling unstoppable. You feel like a different human being with wings. Not all people can give their best, some are even skilled or talented but are so afraid to give their best because they think that they might fail.

Giving your very best is the real prize here, giving your best will make you feel happy because you feel so free, you feel in the zone, you feel hot, you feel a different kind of feeling that you haven't felt before.

You can fail anytime, success is not guaranteed. All you can do is give your best to avoid worries, giving your best will erase all of your fears.

Just let it fly, never hold back, never become conservative. Just do what you can do and forget the next thing that might happen.

The universe is the judge if you will become successful or not but it's in your hands if you will give your best.

Still give your best even if success looks very impossible to achieve, still give your all because there is nothing wrong with that. Give your everything, leave everything on the line.

December 19, 2017


You are dreaming too much, you are using your imagination a lot that you already forgot to take actions. You always dream about your crush, dream car, big house, money, fame etc. Most of your time was used for dreaming, you are not taking actions anymore that's why you can't become successful. If you will only use your time in dreaming for executing then maybe one of your dreams is true now.

Wake up, you're sleeping too much, it's time to take actions and see what is possible. Doing something is far way better than just dreaming. Dreaming is fun, you will just lie on your pillow and imagine a lot of things, but where can it take you? nowhere. Taking actions is harder, you will become tired, you will get frustrated if you can't get results but it has a bigger chance of making you successful. Become addicted in taking actions and you will see what is possible in your life.

Your dream time is over, you already saw what you want in your dreams. You already drive that dream car in your dreams, you already hug and kiss your crush in your dreams. Now is the time to make those dreams come true. Wake up, stand up an do what you can do to realize your dreams. It's all about doing it, every action can make you one step closer to your dreams. Don't just let your life pass by without trying hard and giving your best. You only have one life, are you just going to waste it watching other people become successful while you are not getting what you want?

Focus on what you want, think about it but also do something about it. It should be 95 percent action and only 5 percent imagination. Taking actions is the only way to make your dreams come true, there is nothing else other than that.

Wake up and do something. Your eyes are wide open but you are still asleep, you're wasting a lot of time, it is unacceptable because time is the most important ingredient to become successful. If you will use your time for things that are meaningful then maybe you are a big time now, maybe you are almost there.

Dreaming is for the losers while taking actions is for the winners. You can have the biggest and most beautiful dream in the world but if you're not doing something about it then your dream is useless, it will only become a dream forever. Nothing will change in your life, you will remain a bum forever.

It's time to wake up, you've been sleeping for a very long time, is your head not aching? your sleeping too much, your dreaming a lot. Why don't you just do something for your life and live in reality. Dreaming is for dreamers, it is for losers who can't move. You are a doer and you shouldn't let your dream become a dream forever... you should make it real one day.

December 19, 2017


The only thing that you need to trust to become successful is hard work. Pair it with patience and tenacity and for sure you will become very successful. You will become a huge success, there is no doubt that you will get it.

If you will not trust hard work then what else will you trust? laziness? shortcuts? relying from other people? waiting for someone to support you? waiting for someone to save your ass? Common, stop dreaming. Hard work is the only thing that will make your dreams come true, stop looking for anything else.

And even if you fail after working super hard... still trust hard work because you don't have any other choice but to do it. Massive actions, relentless effort, insane focus... these are the only things that will give you results.

Put your faith into hard work for the last time. Just give it a try and if you fail again... give it one more try, again and again until you succeed. Hard work will take care of you, it will never disappoint you if you will trust it for the last time. Never lose your faith in it, yes it's hard to believe again especially if you feel that you're just wasting your time but sometimes you really need to go through hell if you want something special to happen.

Just one more time, give hard work a chance. Start working again, work the hardest as you can. Be the hardest worker that you can be. If it still didn't work then it's time for you to QUIT work again and give it another chance, they cycle goes on and one, you have no right to stop, you have no right to doubt hard work because it is your last remaining option, it is your last card that will surely work.

You may not see the results right away, it's part of the process, the universe is just challenging you. It is forcing you to quit but if you will not quit when things are really tough... then it's showtime, good things will start to show one by one, you will see the door of opportunity. If it looks impossible then try to make it possible.

Hard work will give you the benefit of the doubt if you're already hopeless. It is somehow reviving your dying hope, unlike laziness and procrastination... you already knew that you're going to fail if you applied it into your life. Hard work will give you a little hope, it will somehow uplift your weak spirit.

Trust it for the last time, put your 100 percent faith on it, never stop until you're done. It will work, it will make you successful.

Just keep on climbing, keep on working, never stop even if you feel like your actions were nonsense. Even if you can't manufacture a small momentum... still trust hard work. Keep the actions alive, keep that dying fire burning, even if it is just a little fire remaining in your heart and you're about to quit... don't worry, hard work will revive that fire, you just need to trust it for the last time.

December 18, 2017


Don't be ashamed of working hard, don't be shy if you are suffering yet you are getting small results. It doesn't matter if they are getting more but working less and you are working more but getting less. Always remember that hard work is a life style, it's a choice. It's a part of your life everyday so regardless if you become successful or not... work hard.

Hard work will change your life, it may not always work but the good thing about it is it gives you the right direction, it makes your life ok. Hard work will never put you down, it will never disappoint you. You always have a chance if you're working hard. You will get what you deserve, you just need to work hard everyday and no need to worry about anything else, as simple as that.

Work the hardest and see what will it give you, hard work will give you hope, it will make you very confident because you're doing what they can't do. You're setting yourself apart from others.

Once you make hard work as your lifestyle... your life will become magical, your life will change, you will even be surprised at how big you become. So trust it and never stop it, it should be your bread and butter, it should be your identity.

A lot of people will only work hard because they want to get results right away. They always expect something from hard work. So once they see that nothing is working.. they will go back being lazy, they will look for shortcuts that will even make their situation worse.

Hard work will not always work as fast as you can, you need to wait more, you need to give it a time, you need to make the situation develop.

Be patient while working hard. Always remember that you are working hard not because you want massive results but you are installing it into your system, you are adapting it into your life. You are making it a habit, you just don't care if you're making results or not... you just love to work hard because you can't live without it, it's part of your culture, it's part of who you are.

That's the lesson, that's the key ingredient... work hard but never expect for results. Just make it a lifestyle and the rewards will be attracted to you.

Because if you will be needy of results... if you will always look for the money, fame, expensive things... you will not be rewarded, you will even stop working hard because you can't get what you want but you feel like you're getting tired everyday.

If you will simply make hard work as a lifestyle then you will never get tired anymore, you will become like a machine, you will never get stressed in your life. You will keep working and working because it makes you happy, you will feel incomplete if you haven't work hard for a day.

December 18, 2017


If you're questioning me how much should you do and how fat you should do it, the answer is very simple.... as much as you can and as fast as you can.

Do more, work faster... as simple as that. You need to be on a different level if you want to succeed in life, you really need to push yourself or else nothing will happen to you, you will never evolve, you will never gain any momentum.

Just do something, work super hard, work as much as you can, work as fast as you can... just make sure you are giving your best.

You need to push yourself, there's no other way around, you need to set a quota that is very hard to reach... you need to do it because if not then failure will be rewarded to you.

Don't be afraid to push yourself to the limits. Don't be afraid to work hard, don't be afraid to work fast. It is what it is, you need to do something spectacular in order to change your life.

Never stop, once you set a goal... never stop until you reach it. Never care about how many repetitions you need to repeat, never care about failing or not getting it on the first try. What matters is you keep pushing and your belief never dies. Keep moving even if the results were not showing.

It's all about speed and numbers, if you can work more and produce more... good things will happen to you. The formula is very simple... massive production. Just keep moving forward, the direction is only forward, never step back, never go back. Keep producing until you start winning.

Doing as much as you can and working as fast as you can means you are setting yourself apart from others, it means you are doing what you can do and trying the very best that you can. It means you are going all out regardless if you succeed or not. You don't care about getting tired, all you care about is producing the numbers that are unbelievable.

Forget about the results, just move fast and do more. Always strive to produce the highest numbers that you can ever produce, it's time to make history, it's time to become the greatest. Be the best that you can ever be, break your own records everyday, never settle for less... it's all about doing more and having more.

Once you see yourself declining and slowing down... make adjustments, the goal is to make more and move faster. Make sacrifices if needed, the numbers should go higher and higher everyday, make breaking numbers as your life style... it should be your life.

Because you can always move fast and work hard but you're not doing it, you are accepting less that's why your life is mediocre, that's why the results were unacceptable. You can always level up anytime you want to, it's a choice... greatness is a choice, it is not given.

December 18, 2017


You still want to lose over and over again, you still can't get enough of losing that's why you're not successful yet. Because if you're already sick and tired of losing then you will do something about it. You will change your perceptions, thoughts and actions. You will change your life, as simple as that.

You will never waste time anymore, you will not spend it for negativity and other things that are making you unproductive. If you're so tired of losing then you will keep working until your fate changes. You will even kill yourself by working, you will look for what is the missing ingredient for success, you will do whatever it takes... whenever, wherever. You will just do it, you will never make excuses... ever.

Look at yourself... if you feel like a loser then you must do something about it, you must get what you really want, you must use all of your power to change your situation. Aren't you sick and tired of people treating you like shit? aren't you sick and tired of being treated unfairly. It's time to make a stand for what you want for the last time.

It's all about winning or dying, as simple as that, if you can't win then just die. If you will put your life on the line and do whatever it takes to become successful then you will become successful, the universe will give up, the universe will submit to your will. It will give all of your demands, it will make you a king.

So if you're not winning then it means you still love losing, you still feel good about it. No matter how hard you deny it... it's a fact because you're not making yourself suffer, you are not facing the pain. Even if you're working hard and you can't get the results you want... it means your hard work is not enough, your not focused, you're just playing around. You are thinking about winning but you are doing something else, as simple as that.

Do something about it. Stop blaming other people, stop making excuses, stop doing things that will not even help you. You need to have an insane focus to get what you really want.

INSANE SERIOUSNESS. You have to be serious about it, you need to use all of your energy to get it, you can't be doing something else, you can't be caring about what other people are thinking of you, you can't be a yes man, you can't be someone who easily gets pushed to do something that is not related to your goal. You have to be a little bit weird. You have to be different, it's your life, you command the universe how you want to live it... enough of the distractions.

Win or go home and cry like a bitch. If you really want to win then you will sacrifice everything, including your time with family and friends. You will do something to win 24 hours a day. You can't be making excuses or else you will never get it. It's like dying for something to feel alive again, you feel alive once you're winning, you will feel how good you are if you are making results. Even if those results were very little.... if you put all of your heart into it... you will be happy about it, really really happy.

December 18, 2017


You don't need to tell them how good you are, just be yourself and show the real you and they will see your true skills, talents, riches, personality, kindness etc.

Some people, when they help less fortunate people... they will broadcast it, they want the world to know how kind they are, they want popularity, they want praises and appreciation. If that's their goal then they shouldn't have help people, they should have done a commercial on TV saying that they were a good person.

If you're really rich... you don't need to talk about it, you don't need to tell it to everyone, you don't need to spread it in social media, post in news etc. They will feel it, they will see if you really have money. In fact, what is the big deal if they doubt your riches? if you really feel that you're rich then there's nothing to worry about. You just feel it, you just celebrate your wealth, opinions of the herd doesn't matter anymore.

Never try to prove them that you're like this or like that because you will look needy and fake. You will look like an attention whore. Just be yourself and do the normal things that you usually do.

Don't worry, they will see the real you if you keep on being yourself. They will appreciate your ideas, they will get what is on your mind. And if you're really good... people will talk about you, people will get curious about your life, they will study your life.

Have the mindset of just being yourself, giving your best and not thinking about what people might say. You know the truth, you know if you're just trying to impress people, you know if you're real or not.

December 16, 2017


Don't expect punishment, don't wait for it because you already punished yourself. If you didn't do what you are suppose to do, if you become lazy today... you already punished yourself. The punishment has already been served, you don't need to be scared of it anymore because it is happening to you already. For example, you have an exam tomorrow and you didn't study your lessons... that irresponsible act alone is already a punishment. Because while you're on your way to school... you're already worrying, you're already scared, you're worrying where your answers will come from, you are already scared because you don't know how will you be able to pass the exam without knowing anything. The punishment is already starting, the negative emotion before the exam is already severe, it is already killing you. The funny thing is... it is just the beginning, when you're already taking the exam.. the punishment continues. You are sweating because you don't know the answers, you are looking stupid, you are relying on your friend for the answers, you want to copy his test paper. You're so scared because your professor might caught you. The punishment keeps going and going, and after the exam... you are worrying again because you are thinking about your grades, and when your grades are already there... TADAH!!! instant failure. But that's not the end of your punishment, your parents will still know it, they will mental torture you with their sermon, how good was that?

If you don't do what you're suppose to do... you already punished yourself, you are already serving it. You will worry about the worse things that might happen, you will feel bad and scared. And when the consequences for your actions is already there... you will feel bad even more, your mind will be consumed by regrets, you will go crazy, you will get lost big time.

If you didn't prepare, if you didn't do your assignments and rely purely on luck... you will fail big time, it's an epic fail. You will worry a lot, your mind will be consumed by negativity, your peace of mind will go away.

So do it now while you still have some time, do your responsibilities. Again, it doesn't need to be a perfect execution, what matters is you do it and you finished all of the urgent and important tasks. If you will not do it now, good luck to you, your life will be in trouble, you will get the worse punishments you can ever think of.

Don't ever think that someone will save you, don't ever think that you will get consideration. You are responsible for your decisions so be ready of the worse consequences that will come into your life because of your irresponsible behavior.

Always remember that you're already punishing yourself if you didn't do it, you're already serving it... the funny thing is the punishment will double or even triple. It's like a snowball effect, you can't get away from it.

So stop acting like a kid and do what is needed, do it now while you still have some time.

December 16, 2017


You can't force results to come in, you can't force success to like you if it doesn't like you. All you can control is your actions, if you will focus on what you can control then you will have an easier and better life.

Just take actions and see what it can give you. If you will keep on thinking about the things that you can't control then you will live in misery forever. Life is all about taking actions, living is all about making the moves that you can do to make your life better.

If you don't know what to do just take actions and that's it, problem solved. Any action will make you feel better, it will give a clue, it will put your mind on the right place. It's the greatest thing to do. Procrastination will make you crazy, it will make your situation worse, you will always think negatively if you keep on procrastinating, you will attract negative circumstances. Instead of moving forward, you will move backwards.

Move now, it's never too late. Deciding to move is always right, even if you think that nothing will happen anymore... still move because for every action there is an equal reaction. Something will happen, just be patient and keep believing yourself.

Become addicted with baby steps, step by step you will eventually get to your desired destination. Be willing to wait and work hard, one day... you will get what you want, you will become proud of yourself because you made the right decision to keep going.

If you will not take actions now, what will you do? wait? waiting is for the losers, waiting is for people who are hopeless. You have to take matters into your own hands and make something happen. Move fast and stop waiting to feel better, you will always feel bad, you will always feel heavy. The biggest challenge is how to conquer yourself and force yourself to take actions despite of feeling the heaviness inside of your head.

Stop overthinking and just do your thing. Overthinking will only make you crazy, it's just a waste of time. So instead of thinking about the past and thinking what might happen... just move because it's the most logical thing to do. Any kind of movement will help you so move now.

Never be afraid to make mistakes, never be afraid to look bad. Remember that the goal is to take actions and not to look perfect all the time. Just live with the moment and that's it, forget all of your fears, forget all the judgment in the world... just move now and never stop until you become successful.

Feel free to always move, keep in mind that the more you move... the more you feel great. Everything will be alright for as long as you keep moving, you're on the right track if you're moving. Regardless of your situation, may it be good or bad... move and never stop. Dedicate yourself to taking actions, be relentless and never quit.

December 16, 2017


Don't be afraid of any problem, any problem will never kill you, it can make you quit but it can never hurt you if you will not allow it. A problem is just a problem, it's not bigger than you. You can solve any problem, all you have to do is take actions and give your best. Your problems will go bigger if you will worry about it so stop thinking about it and just do what you think is the best for your life.

Embrace any kind of problem, keep in mind that those problems will soon go away if you do the right thing to solve it. It will never kill you, it's just another day. All it can do is make you mentally tough. You will be able to think solutions for it, you will become wiser, you will become a doer and a solver. You will become a better person so never be afraid of it, it's part of life so never make it a big deal.

Never make excuses, never cry like a bitch. Do what is necessary and that is taking positive actions every now and then. Never try to make your problems bigger by not doing anything. Face it like a man, deal with it, do something for it.

Any problem will contribute to the growth of your mental toughness, you will become mentally tough so be happy if you have one. The more problems you face, the more your mental game will expand.

If you will only accept and embrace any kind of problem then any problem will not scare you anymore... even the scariest ones. You will treat it like a small deal and you will never panic in your life, you will stay in control of your emotions and thoughts.

A problem is a blessing, it will make you discover the real you, you will unlock your hidden strength. A man's character is revealed by the size of his problems. You are weak if you will quit, you are strong if you will face it and do something about it.

What character do you have? are you the one who run away from your problems? are you the one who makes excuses and point fingers to anyone? or are you the type of person who deals with the stress and solve your problem step by step?

All the problem can do is make you stronger so never be afraid of it. Be happy that you have it because you are making yourself better than yesterday the more you face it. Act tough, act fearless... face it without feeling anything.

Face it boldly, think of what you can do about it and then do it. If you don't know what to do then simply do something, just make sure that it is positive and will make the situation easier. Always remember that any problem is normal, it is part of our lives, people who have no problems are dead people, or maybe they are the ones who already lost their sanity. 

December 16, 2017


This world is a nasty place... deal with it. Even if you are kind, even if you're a good person, even if you're doing the right things in life... you will still be hurt. Someone or something will hurt you along the way.

But don't be afraid to get hurt again, don't be afraid to try again one more time. It's better to get hurt and feel the pain than not trying at all. Not trying again will give you misery, it will give you regrets.

Don't be afraid to fall in love again. Even if your ex-lover hurt your from the past, forget it. Learn to love again, learn to trust again. Of course you will feel the pain again, it is love... it is a complicated thing, it's full of ups and downs. But you should rather be hurt again than not trying for one more time. Be open for new relationships, love is all about giving your everything and embracing the pain that it can give. You will get hurt even more if you will deprive yourself of love, you will feel lonely and depressed, do you want that?

Don't be afraid to get punched again in the face. If you've been knocked out from the past.. forget it, fight again, fight for the title again. It's just pain, it's just a feeling, what matters is you fight and you didn't give up. If you will not be willing to get hurt again then nothing will happen to you, you will remain the same loser forever, if you want to win then don't be afraid to get hurt again, as simple as that.

Don't be afraid to fail again, I know it's hard failing over and over again but you have to deal with it if you want to change your life, face the pain if you want some change. You will get hurt again but that's how the life was designed. If you need to face the pain then face it, don't shy away from it because by doing that... you will never be able to see a different version of your life. Failing is really painful especially if you work super hard but it is what it is, if you fail you fail, you can never change the outcome anymore. The best thing to do is try again next time and feel the pain, never be scared to get hurt again... it is the only key to success.

If you get hurt you get hurt, you're still alive, you can try one more time. Who knows? the next try could be a big success. The next try could be the break that you're waiting for so never be scared to try one more time, never be scared to get hurt again. If getting hurt is the only way to find happiness so be it. Face it and deal with it, don't try to run away from it because the more you stay away from it... the more it will follow you. Face it now and see what is possible, not being afraid to get hurt means you are living your life.

December 16, 2017


Don't think that it's going to get boring, try it first. You might enjoy it, give yourself a chance to enjoy it by trying it and living in the moment. Enjoy every process of it, stick with it and finish it until the end.

You think that an activity is boring because you already judge it from the very beginning. You think it is not fun, you think you're just wasting your time. Let me tell you this, any activity can become very fun if you will manage to control your emotions towards it. If you can think that it s fun then it will become fun, you need to control your thoughts and think the right way. Any job that you think is boring and dull can become a very fun job if you will only give a time to enjoy it and enjoy every process or steps of it.

It's all in your mind, standing in a long grocery line is very boring to a lot of people but if there is a way to enjoy it, you just need to find it... that's the challenge. You can have fun standing on the line, just remember the happy past of yours, just think that you're getting mentally tough by standing on it for a very long time, just think that you are still getting some advantages from it because you really are. Your patience is becoming stronger, you are getting more matured and stronger.

It is boring in the beginning but it you will have a lot of fun if you stay with the process and never quit. Just take actions, think that you are getting something from it, think that you're becoming a better person.

Wait for the feeling to develop, never think about time because it will make you boring even more. Just do it and never stop, just take actions and find the happy thoughts while doing it, fool yourself if you need to, invent some stories in your head why you are doing it.

You will feel good in just a matter of time especially if you are seeing momentum and progress, you will begin to realize that it's not that boring. Just use all of your senses while doing it, be in the moment and you will have a lot of fun. Never try to escape it nor end it.. just do it until the end.

The trick here is to never think about finishing fast, enjoy every second that you are spending with it. Enjoy every steps, enjoy every idle seconds, you will feel good in a while.

You can find happiness in any boring situation, you can become happy while in traffic, just play your favorite music and time will fly so fast. You can feel happy doing your ten year old boring job, just do something different, impress your boss or compete against your co employees, whatever makes you excited... do it and never hesitate.

Life can become very fun if you will find the right thought process how to make it fun, you can reinvent, you can become very creative... whatever works, do it.

December 15, 2017


If you can just condition your mind and make trying as a game and not a pressure then everything will be easier for you. Make trying as a part of your life, make it your lifestyle, make it as an enjoyable activity. Focus on trying and doing it and everything will be easier, everything will be a breeze. Never expect winning and becoming successful so fast, it will come in the right time.

Just try and try and laugh if you're failing. If you fail... try again, the formula is very simple and easy. All you have to do is do your best and that's it. Give everything you can, forget about the results and what might happen because it is only making your fears grow even more.

Try become rich, just work hard, do your best and make money as much as you can. Try anything, try business, try applying for a work with good pay, try inventing a product that may sell. Try everyday, it is free, that's the good thing about trying... it is unlimited. You can try any process, you can try everything to earn money, you can become very creative. Find what works and do it over and over again, as simple as that.

You want to try becoming successful... anything will work, you can try as many process as you can. It is easy, trying is very easy. Just give your best and never take anything seriously, what I mean is never get disappointed if you fail for trying something. If something fails then try a different method next time. Trying will become fun if you will make it as your daily routine, never mind about becoming successful, just make trying as your habit.

It's like a game, make trying as your favorite game. It is the only thing that makes you happy. Because the truth is... you will never discover the truth if you will not try, you will have a lot of regrets in the end if you will not try. So try it now, whatever process you can think of... try it now and never regret trying it even if it didn't work.

There are some people who knows what to do, they know the answer but they never try. It is simply because they don't want to fail, or maybe they were just too lazy and playing safe, they will only realize that they have to try when they were too old and can't do anything with their lives anymore.

Try now while you can still try, time will come and you cannot move anymore, your time for trying is over, your life is over. You will no longer have an energy one day so try now while you are still strong. Try now while you still have time.

If you don't want to have any regrets in your life... you better try now, make it an enjoyable activity. Try as much as you can and let the results come naturally. Who knows? your next try might be the big break you are waiting for.

December 15, 2017


The greatest and the best thing that you can control is your thoughts. Once you controlled your thoughts and control it the best possible way that you can... your life will become very amazing, you will change, you will control your destiny. It's hard to control your thoughts but if you persevere enough, if you use your willpower then you will achieve a very strong mindset. A mindset that can never be changed no matter how hard the situation was.

Control your thoughts and direct it in the best direction. Never entertain negative thoughts such as fear, guilt, regrets, worries, thinking about future, etc. Your thoughts are very powerful, it can make you or destroy you. It can make make your life ugly or beautiful.

Control your thoughts and you will create the life that you are dreaming of. If you will always think about riches then you will become rich. If you will always think about poverty then you will become poor as a rat. If you will think about solutions then you will solve your problem, if you will think about problems then it will become bigger. What you focus about is what your life will be, as simple as that. Your thoughts will shape your destiny so if I were you, I'd rather think about positive thoughts than negative ones.

Look at your life now, is it better or is it worse? your thoughts created your life and nothing else. You can blame anyone, you can blame the government and your parents but at the end of the day... you are still the only one who make decisions, you are still the one who is in charge.

Control what you can control. The easiest thing that you can control is your thoughts. Change your perspective and the way you see things. If your life is ugly right now, if you can't see success it means your thoughts are not properly in place, you need to make adjustment of your thoughts. Thoughts are things so never underestimate it.

If you will control your thoughts and never get too emotional about something that is not good then you will be able to see more beautiful things in life. If you can be not so sensitive about the bad things that are happening around you and divert your thoughts to things that are more meaningful then your life will be easier.

It is easy, if something bad is happening... see it as a blessing, it may sounds ridiculous but there is really a blessing behind a bad happening. If you will just open your eyes and never get too emotional about things then you will have a happier life. Give a different interpretation, give another good meaning behind a bad situation.

Your thoughts will give you power and at the same time it can also be your weakness. If you are weak mentally and you easily get disturbed by small things then you will never prevail in life. But if you trained yourself to become mentally tough and absorb everything that is thrown at you then you will become successful one day, your potential is unlimited.

December 15, 2017


It's not tomorrow or next week... it's now. You have to look for the opportunity if you can't see the opportunity, it is everywhere, just dig deep and never quit until you find something. Now is the best opportunity to become great, you may not become great fast but today is the starting point.

Stop wasting time, life is fast, you need to act now, stop pretending that you're alright, stop pretending that you're satisfied with your life. I know you want something else, I know you want more so stay focus with your dreams and do whatever it takes to get it. Stop fooling yourself, you want a significant change in your life, you want something different so what are you waiting for? the golden opportunity is now so never let it escape. Do what you can and stick with the process no matter what. Take calculate risk and never regret the mistakes that you did.

Just try it, grab it, get it, own it. Never take no for an answer, never get lesser than what you deserve.  You deserve a lot in this life so you need to take every golden opportunity that you can think of. Sometimes the opportunity is already there but you can't see it because you don't believe in it, rather you believe your doubts and fears. You are so scared to try, you are so scared to fail. Being scared of failure means you really don't want to win, you want to play safe that's why you will get lesser in life.

It's now, look at your surrounding, look at the people around you. The golden opportunity is happening now, if you can't see an opportunity then go ahead and make an opportunity. It's all in your hands, give yourself the chance to win in life. Focus on what you can do, never focus on things that doesn't even matter. Never waste this day because it is the starting point of a big change in your life. Every second counts so materialize and capitalize.

Never clown around, take this day seriously because you can do a lot of things today. This is the best time to start while everyone feels lazy, while everyone is doubting you, while you are doubting yourself. Look hard, work hard and you will find something big. Never get tired of trying and working, it is what it is... it is hard so deal with it.

If you can't see an opportunity it only means you're not serious, it means you are playing around and you are not doing what you're suppose to do. If you really want it then you will find a way. It's all about in the perspective. If you can see a hard situation as a good situation then you will prevail, you will get something.

It's easy to make excuses and blame people and circumstances. You know what, you don't have the right to make an excuse if you're not dead yet. You have every opportunity and time to become successful so never waste your life making excuses and bullshits.

December 14, 2017


CONSISTENCY AND NUMBERS. That's the main story of the rugged breed, it's all about being consistent and making numbers each day. I know that sometimes I wasn't able to post something, it's all my fault, I will not make an excuse. But the main goal here is to become very consistent, at least one post a day is enough. One or more additional follower in twitter or instagram a day, that is enough. I just want to make numbers and be consistent in making it grow. It's not about perfection or trying to become great, I just want to make numbers and take my shit to another level. 

There is no destination here, I'm just happy doing something for the rugged breed, I'm just happy making a post and continuing to make the number of posts bigger and bigger. There is no stopping in me, I will continue it for as long as I can, for as long as my body allows me to. Money or without money, the goal is very simple... to make numbers everyday. It can be number of views, number of followers, number of emails... anything that can produce numbers... the rugged breed will welcome it.

It's all about emotions too, studying my emotions and pain, controlling myself every time I get disappointed. Forcing myself to move whenever I'm not motivated. I will admit that it also has something to do with money, I also wanted to become rich from it but every time I fail... I realize that I'm a true writer because I keep writing even if there's no money that is coming in, I still enjoy the pain of writing, it makes me free, it gives me courage and freedom. It gives me a sense of direction. 

It's all about doing it and never holding myself back, it's about having zero regrets when I do or say something. What is done is done, it is what it is - these are my favorite lines.

It's all about repetition and enjoying my work ever single day, evolving and learning a few good tricks. I feel bad when I'm not evolving, I feel the growth through working hard and simply adding up numbers into my work. I count my money and I always do something to make it a little bit bigger each day. I count the number of repetitions that I can do to anything that makes me grow and I try to break my own records every single day. 

I just do it no matter what, even if I feel bad I do it, even if I'm not ready I do it. Nothing stops me from doing it, I'm a doer and not just an ordinary dreamer. 

It's about focusing my willpower to something and seeing what is possible. It's about inspiring people, being positive and pushing my self to the limits. It's about speed, consistency, hard work and dedication. It's an old school process, this is not fancy, it's a basic process that anyone can do, this is nothing special. 

Endurance. Enduring pain, boredom and frustrations just to reach another level. It's a high level sacrifice and being patient to become great one day. 

It's a story about life, triumph, defeats and living in the moment. 

December 13, 2017


You will only get lucky if you will work hard, as simple as that. If you're aiming to get lucky without doing something it means you're lazy, it means you don't believe in yourself. Stop trying to get lucky, you're only wasting your energy by doing that. Start working super hard until luck becomes attracted to you.

Hoping to get lucky will make your situation very ugly. It is because you will just wait for luck to happen, you will not move anymore, you will just pray and wait. You're not executing action which will make you inactive and rusty. It will take away the momentum from you which is a very very bad thing.

Lazy and unsuccessful people doesn't want to work, they just want to get lucky. They want things to be handed to them. The funny thing is they really believe in luck, they really believe that one day they will become rich and successful without paying the price. If you want to get lucky then show the universe that you deserve it, show the universe that you really work hard and you are deserving of any reward that you can think of.

The more you aim to get lucky the more you will get unlucky. It means you want shortcuts, it means you want to make the process short as possible which is a bad thing to do because it will make you lazy, it will make scared of any challenges in life. And if you are scared of risks... you will become unlucky because a lot of opportunities will go away.

Focus on hard work instead and wait for luck to come, never force luck, never trust it because if that kind of mentality will only bring you down, it will disappoint you especially if results were not happening, you will feel unlucky and unblessed, you will make a lot of excuses in life.

Instead of trying to get rich by joining a lottery game, just work hard and focus your attention on things that will give you sure money and not impossible money, don't think about millions if you're no willing to work for it.

If you're working hard as possible then you will get lucky, as simple as that. The more you work hard the more you get lucky so you should be aware of your situation. You should be honest of yourself if you're working hard or not. Sometimes you're just pretending that you're working hard but the reality is you're not.

There are some situations where you will really get unlucky, sometimes you feel like life is punishing you because no matter how hard you push... things were not going on your way. Keep persevering, keep pushing, success will give up on you one day, it will submit itself to you. It has no choice but to reward you because you deserve it.

You will create your own luck, a lot of people are making excuses about it because they were simply too lazy.

December 12, 2017


Your're too conscious that's why you can't be yourself, you care too much about what people say that's why you can't express yourself. Be natural, be yourself and forget about anything else in this world. It's their problem if they don't love what you're doing, it's their problem if they are getting jealous.

The main goal here is to become successful. Whether if it is just about speaking in front of a large audience or simple talking to a person... be yourself anytime you want. It sucks not being yourself and not being able to express yourself, you feel you don't have the freedom, you feel you don't have the authority. You feel powerless and scared, it is a very weak feeling.

Starting today stop being conscious. Ask what you needed to ask, do what you needed to do regardless of what people might say. And the truth is... their opinions doesn't even matter, what matters is how you feel and you will only feel good if you were able to express yourself to the fullest. Be loud if you need to, be the number one, forget about the critics or the haters... just be yourself and stop thinking too much.

Always keep in mind that what you're doing is right, you are always right so forget about them and just give your best every second. Always stay natural and never force things, don't try so hard but don't be too soft. Forget about who will be offended, forget about what will they say, the idea here is to give yourself the chance to become happy by simply expressing yourself.

Because you need to finish it even if all eyes were on you, you need to execute and do what you are suppose to do. It is simply being professional, being who you are and not caring about anything else other than the task that is in front of you. You need to finish no matter what, even if you are so uncomfortable.

If you can embrace discomfort and still do what you need to do then you can get anything, it's all about facing stress and facing the negative emotion that is running in your body. Just do it even if you don't feel like doing it, forget about the eyes that were looking at you, forget about the ears that are listening to you, just be yourself no matter what and never stop until you're done.

The reality is, they don't even care, they don't care if you're making a mistake, they don't care if you are lost, they don't care about what you're doing, they don't care about you at all. You're just imagining that they are thinking bad about you, you're just imagining that they are laughing at you. They don't care about what you do so stop being conscious, you're not popular so never care about your identity.

Just move and stop thinking, this is the best way to stop being conscious. Keep moving forward, all you need to do is forget the people around you because they don't even matter at all.

December 12, 2017


Everyone wants to become special, everyone wants to be appreciated. Even you, I know at one point in your life you also dream of becoming popular, rich and successful. You also wanted to make an impact and catch a huge attention. You wanted to be treated different.

But what does it take to become special? what will you do to become something special? the answer is very simple... don't try to become special because you already are. Just be yourself and people will see something special in you. Never try so hard, never try to look for a lot of attention. They will appreciate your work, personality and skills if you will be yourself and stop forcing them to like you. Never care if they don't like you, some people will like you and some people won't. Even if you're the greatest man in the world, some people will still not like you.

Being special doesn't mean being popular, it simply means being yourself and being proud of who you are and what you can be. It's simply expressing yourself and doing the best you can to improve your life and level up your skills.

Just be passionate in what you're doing and people will realize how special you are. They will see something different in you. They will love you and ask how did you do it.

You're already special if you're just enjoying what you do, never compare yourself to others because that will be the time when your specialness will stop. Stop comparing, it's the stupidest thing to do. You have your own style, technique and way of doing things. You have your own face, body, mind, achievements etc. so what is the point of comparing yourself with them? It's just a waste of time and energy, so what if they are better than you? will that make a difference? will that help you? it is better to focus on your own life and be the best that you can be.

If you know who you are and what you can be then you don't need to compare yourself to others anymore.

You're already good, you're already special, you just need to find where you are good at and when you find it... never stop doing it. Do what makes you happy, always look for the growth, always look for the happiness.

ALWAYS BE CONFIDENT BUT DON'T BE ARROGANT. Be confident that you can do things, be confident that you can become successful. Accept what you can't do, never lie about your weakness. Weakness is just a sign that you're just a human, don't be afraid to tell the truth. People will love you even more if you will tell the truth and not pretend that you can do this or do that. Don't pretend that you have this or have that, just tell them what you are without reservations or hiding anything.

You will become more special if you will reveal your true colors. Never be afraid to admit your flaws. Just do your best, be yourself, be genuine and you're already special.

December 11, 2017


Appreciation is the best way to live an easier life. It's all in the mind. You can appreciate everything if you will train your mind to do it every now and then.

Appreciation is not only about beautiful things, situation or people. It is more real if you can use it for ugly situation, old things and everything that is not spectacular. It is more effective if you can us appreciation for something that irritates you. Use it for something that doesn't attract you. 

Appreciate your food even if it is not so delicious, even if your taste bud is not liking the taste... appreciate it because it is still a blessing. Be happy because you have something to eat. A lot of people in the world are getting hungry, they don't even know where they can get something to eat. 

Appreciate your old shoes, at least you can still use something. Never compare it to the new ones, if you can still wear it then appreciate it, be proud of it. A lot of kids doesn't even have slippers, you are so lucky that you can still use something that will protect your feet while you're walking. 

Appreciate your partner even if she's getting old. All people will have wrinkles sooner or later, never compare your partner to anyone because that will kill the love and attraction. Appreciate everything about her, make her feel special... that will make the relationship hotter even more. 

Appreciate your life, it is your life, even if things are not going well... appreciate it. A lot of people are dying to have your life, they wish to have a life like yours because what they have is even worse. You are still breathing, you can still move, you can still do something about your life. Appreciate it now so everything will become better tomorrow. Even if you have a lot of problems, you can still survive, always remember that life is not all about having a good time, sometimes you just need to appreciate the bad things because it is still part of your life. 

Because appreciating everything is all you can do. You will become happier if you can appreciate all the things around you, it's all in the mind, happiness is just a state of mind. You don't need anything to make you happy, all you need to do is change your perspective and be appreciative of what you have. Happiness is easy if you will not complicate it. 

Appreciate the traffic, appreciate your sickness, appreciate the pain, appreciate your fake friends, appreciate your struggle, appreciate your country. You don't need to become a critic of everything. It is better if you will just be happy that you're still alive, possibilities are endless so keep your positive vibes alive. Your mental game depends on the level of your appreciation, if you will start to become an appreciator instead of a critic then your life will change dramatically. Life will become a  magic, you will see how easy it was. 

December 11, 2017


KEEP MOVING FORWARD, this is the best and fastest way to solve your problem... always keep moving forward. Whatever you can do to make your life easier... do it. Whatever solutions you can think of... do it, do it fast. Never hesitate nor doubt yourself, if your intention is right then you are always right, your actions are right and you don't have to doubt any of it. Any problem can be solved if you are taking actions so stop wasting time thinking about how to solve it, just move and go with the flow, carry the momentum and never let it die.

Your problem will  become worse if you will always say you are just going to start solving it tomorrow, you will become lazier if you will always make an excuse. Your mind will be crowded, you will get frustrated even more. So take actions now even if that action is so little and looks like it will not make any impact. Your focus is to build a momentum and keep the actions running.

Any big problem will become smaller each day if you will do something about it. Be patient and don't try to solve it in one night, solve it little by little each day. Don't rush, take your time and soon you will see that all of your problems are gone. It's all about dealing with it and not staying away from it. Deal with it and look it into its eyes.

Never look for someone to solve it for you. If you can do it on your own then do it, take full responsibility of it. Because asking for help will only make you weak, don't look for help... look for solutions.

Stay calm, stay with the moment. Always remember that it's just a problem, it will never kill you. Try not to make it worse, divide it into small pieces and eat those pieces one by one until they are all gone.

Stay focus my friend, focus on the solutions and not the size of the problem. If you will always think that your problem is big then it will become bigger than its real size, don't overthink, make the solution simple but consistent. Never stop until your problem is gone.

Be tough, always be tough. If you're not tough then act like you're tough because you don't have any choice but to do it. If you will not do it then you will become a victim of your own weakness. Sometimes all you need to do is wait for the time to pass and your problems were gone. You don't need to do anything magical, just do positive steps slowly and you will be able to turn things around.

Be aware if you're stuck and not doing anything, once you find yourself getting lazy and making a lot of excuses... change your mindset right away. Do something, stand up and think of something that you can do that will give you a momentum. Any problem is just a test to your life, it is testing you if you can weather any kind of storm, it is only making you strong so don't ever think that it is the end of the world if you have a problem. Always think that all people have their own problems, some people even have worse problems than  you but they are making it through.

December 09, 2017


You want to know how close you are from your goals? look at yourself, if you're almost dying and wanted to give up then that's how close you are. The level of the difficulty is how close you are from you are goal. If it is really difficult, it means you are only a few steps from it. So don't stop, keep taking actions and you will get there in just a matter of time.

If you will always check every now and then how much effort you need to take to become successful... the process will only get longer, you will become irritated and impatient. Sometimes you will stop and doubt if you can still do it, sometimes you will have a break and do things that are more fun. It will veer you off away from your goals, you will start to lose your momentum and there is a tendency that you might change a new direction.

Be happy if it is getting harder and harder, it only means you are very close from it, it only means you are on your way to the top. So keep grinding, keep doing your best and forget about how stressed and bored you are. Be on a roll, once you have that momentum never lose it.

Because if everything is easy, it means you are still far away from it. So you need to find the difficulty, you need to make things difficult. You can only do it by working harder and harder each day, you need to produce a different level of madness and enthusiasm.

It doesn't really matter at all if you are close or near because you still need to keep moving no matter what, being successful is a daily movement. Because once you get it, you still need to take massive actions because you will lose it if you don't. Being successful is one thing, maintaining it is another thing.

A lot of people wants to become successful because they think that they never have to work again if they do. That is a complete lie, you need to work forever if you want to remain on top.

Accept that you need to take actions forever and you will never become bored anymore, you will  never become impatient again.

Close or not... work, difficult or easy... work. The more you want to become successful, the more it will become difficult. So relax but don't slow down, chill but never lose your focus. Just keep working harder each day without pressuring yourself too much.

The truth is once you have it... you will discover that it is not the only thing that will make you happy, you will find out that you want something else. So don't want it too bad, detach yourself from it, stay focus but don't lose your life.

Just become one step closer from it each day, try to make yourself very close as possible, you will feel it, you don't need to verify it.

December 09, 2017


A different kind of drive, something that not all people can have. You only need to train your mind and make your work ethic stronger each day. You will just do it, you will do everything for your dream. You don't care if you are tired, you don't care if nothing is working... you will just go and force things to happen. Sleeping will become a disturbance, you just don't want to sleep anymore, all you want to do is work and do something for your dream... that's a different kind of drive, your mind and body is wired for greatness.

Do something that you haven't done before, whether it is about sacrificing heavily, just doing something for your dream or working for 24 hours this day... do it. Produce a different drive to produce a different result. I know it's difficult, I know it's not normal and it's really hard to sustain it but you have to do it if you want a different outcome.

You just need to change your mindset and perspective, push every second and forget about what may happen next. You need to become hard, you need to go hard. There is no point in being soft anymore. Produce a different drive, produce a different you. You need to do it or else you will become stuck in a mud forever, do you like that?

Produce a different kind of number, if you can produce 100 yesterday then produce 200 now. If you will not do it then what else will you do?

If you are so sick and tired of your life then this is the best time to change it, produce a different drive, do something differently for your life. You have the power to do it if you will produce a different drive.

Strengthen your effort, strengthen your mind, make your actions quicker than yesterday. Decide faster and be a doer not a dreamer. Be someone who will not just think about it, be someone who will do everything for it. Always stay hungry, always stay thirsty... produce a different drive.

Change your body language, change your identity, change your culture. Do something differently in your life, never take no for an answer. Never quit, learn how to become tougher when the situation is getting tougher. Learn how to become more motivated even if results were not coming in.

Never care if you are suffering, never care if you are in pain. Greatness is really painful, if you don't want to get punished or get stressed... never dream about big things, just be a simple guy earning pretty cash but full of regrets in the end.

A drive that you haven't felt before, a drive that you haven't experience before. Install it into your system. Be wild, be an animal, go relentlessly for your dreams, never stop until you collapse.

Always move, you can stop if you are tired but you must only rest for a very short period of time, remember... this is a different you already so stop thinking about comfort and keep practicing that different drive.