December 19, 2016


You're are very strong, you just don't know it. If you're weak then maybe you are by dead now. But look at you, still standing. Your dream is still alive, your heart is still pumping, you are still thinking right. It only means you are very strong.

You withstand all the adversities, storms and challenges that comes into your life. You never get hopeless, you keep on standing up everyday. You dust yourself up everytime you fall down and act as of nothing happened.

If you're weak then you must have lost your sanity but look at you... you can still think of solutions that will solve your problems. You must be proud of yourself even though you're not yet successful because no storm has destroyed you.

You're too strong because you've already defeated hundreds of problems and you are not afraid to face more. You treat problem like a bitch. You laugh at it and conquer it like a boss. You're too strong, you have an indomitable spirit. You're unbreakable, you just need to realize that you're stronger than what you think of yourself.

How many times you said to yourself that you can't do it but you keep going on until you solve your problem? how many times you could have go back but you still finish your journey? You're not a quitter, you can keep going as long as your will is still there. You're too strong, you can handle any problem but problems can't handle you.

If you're weak then probably you're not standing anymore nor breathing. You could have do a suicidal attempt before and take away your own life. But look at you, alive and kicking, still a badass, still an inspiration to many.

I know sometimes you feel weak and wanted to give up but that is normal. You just need a breathing room, rest for a few hours and go back grinding again. Sometimes you doubt yourself but you keep on bringing that faith back and continue your journey again.

Even if people were counting you out and not giving you the benefit of the doubt, you still keep moving forward and try to claim what is rightfully yours. You know you deserve something special that is why your effort is so special. If you're weak then you could have listen to what other people say but instead, you listen to yourself and keep believing in yourself. You do what you are supposed to do and you do it until you can do it.

You're one of the strongest person alive because you never give up and lose your faith. You keep your heads up and keep going. Your energy never ran out, you have an unparalleled will. People even wonder if you're normal or not because you just keep going no matter what.

You know you will not live forever that is why you are cherishing every moment and do what is necessary to bag that dream and keep it in your house. You're too strong, it seems like you will never die.


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