December 18, 2016


If you want to make a name for yourself, if you want to be heard or known... you can't make noise by being noisy.

You will not grab any respect by just being loud without any content.

There are lot of people who are too loud, they want attention by simply doing stupid stuffs. They were literally loud and making noise every now and then. Their sole purpose is to catch your attention without offering any useful idea or entertainment.

I have a neighbor that is too loud, he is playing his stereo karaoke so loud, he is always making his car engine loud, I don't know how he does it but he is really making a lot of useless noise. I don't know if it is natural to him or is he just trying to look great by making a lot of noise. But if you will look at the bum's life... he is broke. He doesn't have anything, he doesn't have any flashes of big money or something. He is just loud, maybe that is the only thing he can do.

A lot of neighbors were annoyed at him because of his annoying noises. But he is still trying to look cool as if he is not affecting anyone. He does it everyday. Even if he is just talking to someone at the his cellphone... you will hear him even if you are million blocks away. The bum is really an attention seeker.

But everyone knows the truth, everyone knows that he is nothing but a joke. Everyone knows that he can't do any good so we just let him be. We let him be the king of his own bum kingdom. Because if you will argue with him, you will just waste your time. You can't teach the pigs how to fly, you will only get crazy if you do that.

The only way to make a noise by not making any stupid sound is to work silently. Be successful silently. People will discover your greatness, you don't need to broadcast it nor expose it. People will know if you're really good or not. Any stupid sound is not necessary because only people who can't do any good does that.

There are some people in our neighborhood who are so quiet but making a lot of noise because they are getting bigger every single day. Their business is booming, their money is growing even if they don't show it to the people. They were becoming popular and people were admiring them. Again, they are not noisy or loud but their name is making a lot of noise because they were too successful.

As the saying goes, a can that is empty is noisier than a can with something inside. So if you encounter some people who are noisy... don't argue with them, don't even give them some attention. They are loud because that is the only thing they can do. They can't afford to be quiet because they knew no one will notice them.

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