December 16, 2016


Don't count yourself out yet. You're not yet done. You can still read, write, walk, run, jump, think, speak and make decisions. You're not done yet. Even if you are old, even if they are counting you out already, you're not done yet. There are so many things that you can still do. Maybe you just need to rest a little bit to quiet your mind and regain your energy but don't rest for too long. You still have a lot of things to do and can do.

You can still make a strong come back, you can reach your prime for one more time. You haven't reach you highest peak yet so stand up and do your best to dominate the game once again. Re-establish your dominance and make them feel that you are about winning again.

The though of weakness in your head is not true and will never be true. You are more powerful than what you think. You can still do impossible things and make people wonder how did you do it. The answer is very simple... you have an indomitable spirit. No adversity will bring you down. You may doubt yourself sometimes but hope and faith can come back easily to your system and finish what you are supposed to finish.

You still have it, all you need to do is summoned that burning desire once again and never be afraid of failing. Remember your dominance, remember your strength. Always remember how you toy your opponents and be the number one. Remember how you eat the competition and make everyone looks like a rookie. Remember that feeling, remember that fire in your eyes symbolizing your hunger for victory.

Don't listen to people who are saying you're already done, they don't know you, they don't know how your heart bears. You know yourself, you know how good you can be. It's still your time, you still have enough time.

So dust yourself up and finish your unfinished business. It maybe true that you've weaken a little bit but you can still cover up those weakness with your newly found strength and courage. You still have a lot of gas left in your tank. It will never be over until you get what you want and reclaim your throne.

You are the king once and you will be the king forever. So don't ever let your throne be stolen by others, it is yours and no one can take it from you.

So make a testament of your comeback and let them know that you are still here to get what is yours. Strike fear in your competitors' head once again. Let them feel your powerful energy again. Work the hardest and move the fastest.

And of course doubts will never leave you but you've been in that situation before, you already knew how to overcome it. Just make a comeback, enjoy the ride and give your very best. It is never too late, you can still make a run, you can still make noise and show them what you are made of.

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