December 20, 2016


What is your job? do you think that it is really your job? what are you? an engineer, a coach, a teacher or a doctor? Sometimes the title of your job is not your real job, your real job is what you are doing, it is your habits and the way you give value to the people. 

Your job is what you do most of the time, all the time and not the title of your job itself.

So if you're a security guard but you always sleep during your shift then you're not a real security guard, you're a sleeper. Security guard provides security and guards his designated area all the time, a security guard doesn't sleep.

If you're a doctor but your main goal is to make money so you always suggest operation to your patients even though it is not yet needed then you're not a real doctor, you're a businessman. A real doctor will make his patients heal regardless if he can make money or not. A doctor will never add illness to his patients because of the big bills that the patient has to pay.

If you're a writer but you keep bashing people, you keep on writing negative comments and remarks, you always criticize and you never see the good side then you're just a basher, you're never a writer just for a second. Your focus is your job, you're more focus on bashing so basher should be the title of your job.

A government employee who never do his job and just waste time is a waster and not a government employee. How can you call yourself a government employee if all you do is watch tv and play video games while you are on your duty? you are just wasting the money of the people who pays you so change the title of the job under your name from employee to waster so people will know what your real job is. Because they will only waste their precious time if they ask an assistance from you and you will never give them attention. You're such a waste! you're a waster.

So don't wonder if the politicians are not helping you, their main focus is politics and not serving the public. Their main focus is fooling people, giving false promises, getting votes, getting power, controlling the party, that is why they are called politicians, they are not true public servants. Don't feel bad about it because it is the reality.

If you're a teacher but you keep on scolding your students and not having the patient to teach them right then you're not a real teacher, you're a scolder, you're a war freak and a hater. Your focus is to make the students feel bad and not teaching them right.

If you're a businessman and you keep on waiting for the right moment to start a business then you're not yet a businessman, you're just a waiter. You keep waiting and waiting, that is your focus, that is your reality. You keep on waiting for the right time that never comes.

If you're an office worker but you keep on complaining everyday, you complain about your salary, your boss, your overtime rate, your benefits. You don't see the right things around you, you're a complainant and not an office worker. You should be promoted to "complainant" and leave the old title of your job because you're very good in complaining, the company should give you a special award.

So the title of your job is not necessarily true, it is what you do everyday, it is your habits. Even if you are a CEO, if you keep on bumming around then you're a bum and not a CEO. You can't deny it because it is true, you know in yourself if you are doing the right thing or not. So don't get offended if someone addresses you your real title job.


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