December 17, 2016


You are always wondering why you are still failing, you keep on asking people, asking the world, asking the universe why you haven't reach a certain level of success yet. Well the answer is already there, look at your actions and habits... they were all bullshits. They were all wannabes and could have been, nothing is real, it is full of fuckery.

You are focused more on dreaming instead of tacking actions. You love to dream, you're a dreamer and not a doer. And don't ever try to explain yourself that you've given everything you've got because if that is true then you are a big time now.

You are dreaming big but you are doing small. And that is why the results you are expecting hasn't manifested in your life yet. That's it, no other explanation needed.

You have to dream big but you have to do bigger. Your actions should be gigantic and your dreaming time should be minimal.

A lot of people will expose their dreams through facebook, twitter and any other form of social media but if you will check their lives... it is all about dreaming and not doing. They were the same person 5 or 10 years ago. Nothing has changed, it is all about dreams and not reality.

You must be realistic in the sense that you have to take massive actions. There is no time for daydreaming or living in fantasies because it doesn't exist. The story about Peter finding a pot of gold in a cold and dark forest in just one night is just a myth, it never exist and it never will. You can't work hard for just one night and expect good things to happen. There is no overnight success, you have to work for multiple months or years in order to make dramatic changes to your life.

Dream big but do bigger. It is ok to dream the biggest dreams in the world but your actions should be congruent to your dreams. Your actions should be greater and not lesser. You should look for sacrifices that will put you in a better position. Little sacrifices will make a big difference. People were so allergic in the word "sacrifice" because they don't want to feel bad missing an NBA game or a UFC fight night. All they want is instant gratification that will only put them in a deeper and sticker mud in the end.

While everyone is watching TV, you should be working. While everyone is eating hamburgers and fries, you should be working. You should not do what most people do, you should avoid the majority because they keep on getting the same results. If you want a different result then you should do what majority hates.

While everyone is writing something on their planner, you should already be executing your plan and crossing out your lists. You should be advance and late. Advance in getting up in bed and late in sleeping. Work like hell and get results like heaven.

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