December 07, 2016


After playing safe and conserving your actions, after hiding from blame and following the crowd, what do you think you get? nothing right? you get the same thing. You get the same money, same respect (if there is), same position etc. You never level up, you are the same person as before. That is what you get by playing safe and not exposing the real you. That is what you get by not pushing yourself to the limits and gamble for a better position. That is what you get by not taking risk... you get the same thing.

Yeah they will not blame you, they will not criticize you but they will also not be amaze at you. They will just see you as an ordinary individual who can do a simple and mediocre work. You don't get anything special. All you have is basic, plain and cheap stuffs.

If you will not take risk then you will get the same thing over and over again. You will get the same treatment, same pay and same life. Nothing will change, you will get the same as what you have now for the next year and the next year and so on. Your life will become very boring and predictable. That is what you get for not leaving your comfort zone.

I know you want more, I know you want something else and I am very pretty sure you know what to do, you are just afraid to do it.

The only one thing you have to remember if you are afraid is... does fear gonna help you? does fear can contribute something positive in your life? fear cannot be removed but you can over write it. You can think some other things while you are scared, you can become hopeful even if you are frightened. So don't escalate fear if you are feeling it, don't fight it but try to overwrite it. Fear will only amplify if you are thinking about negative things. You can't have 100 percent control in your thoughts but you can focus on the good ones, you can choose what thought to focus on.

You will get the same thing for the next ten years if you are still alive if you will not change now, if you will not take risk now. Change your mentality and try to get away from your comfort zone bit by bit. Step by step take actions, take small steps at a time until you go very far, until no one can see you anymore.

Say this to yourself over and over again until it completely dominate your thought: "I want something else, I don't want the same thing again". Say it whenever you doubt yourself, say it when you need to make a risk. This affirmation works very well and will bring the madness in you, it will make you angry and you will begin to think what is it to be afraid of. You will realize that you've been hiding from your fears for a very long time and this is the time to face it. You will become disgusted at your situation and you want to make a tremendous transformation.

So if you still don't want to take risk, just simply think about your one precious life. Just simply think about getting the same shits over and over again, you get the same thing that you don't know how to appreciate anymore. You are sick and tired of experiencing the same life so it is time to make a declaration. Declare to the universe that you will slowly get on top. Tell success to stay in its place and you are on your way to get him.

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