December 26, 2016


A lot of people were assuming things, they thought they know the whole truth, they will invent stories, they will spread false information that will create buzz and will change people's minds. They will act like they know the real truth and that they have enough evidence to support their talk. But if you will carefully analyze things and use your own critical thinking, you will find out that those people were all abut lies, they were full of conclusions that don't have enough proof to support their words.

1. Mafias are real. It is funny because when a popular team or a heavily favored fighter loses, a lot of people will conclude that mafia has something to do with how the fight or game ended. They will conclude that mafia scared a player or a fighter and forced him to drop the game or the fight. But the whole truth is, you will only know the truth if you're the one on top, if you're the player or the fighter then you will be able to know if the activities of mafia are real. You will be approached by someone and ask you to drop down the game. But if you haven't talked to a mafia yet, then don't invent stupid stories that will create tensions and negativity. Just shut up because people who participates the game or the fight are the only ones who knows the real story.

2. Illuminati. I've heard this shit a thousand times before and I don't know if I will laugh or get mad. When someone is getting popular or succeeding, some people will labelled him as an illuminati member. You will only know if it is true if you are the one who is on top, if you are the one who is succeeding and gaining popularity. No hand signs or tattoo can prove that someone is an illuminati member. You don't even know if the whole illuminati thing exist.

3. A corrupt government official. You can't accuse someone that he is corrupt if you're not on top. You can't immediately say that a person accused of corruption is guilty if you're not a government official too and you know what is going on with the government. Politics is very playful and you must not just believe what most people are trying to say. Not all you heard is truth, you must be careful of the things that you wanted to believe.

4. End of the world. This is another stupid predictions that a lot of people with wrong thinking is spreading. How many times they release the exact date of the end of the world but it didn't happen? You will only know the truth if you are the one who created the world, you will only know the exact date of the earth's explosion if you are the man on the top, in other words if you are God. So don't ever think about the end of the world if you are not even an angel and you didn't hear God saying its exact date.

It is easy to believe something especially if a lot of people is buying it. You have to remember that you have your own judgement and you can't simply believe something that was spread by unreliable sources. Because if you do, your life will be affected somehow, some negative things might alter your decision making skills. You will be scared or worried of something that don't really exist.

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