December 18, 2016


Doctors never crumble when they see a dying patient brought to the emergency room. You will even wonder if they are serious or not. It is simply because they know how to deal with the situation. They know that during pressure times, you need to stay calm, relax and be still because panicking will force you to make wrong decisions and execute poor actions.

It can happen, you can become cool under fire. Of course an ordinary person will say "how can you relax if the situation is really dangerous?" But that is the best thing to do, stay calm and do what is needed to fix the situation.

You should read the situation and feel the opposite way. If the situation is stressful like traffic then you should feel relaxed, relieved and peaceful. If the situation is critical or crucial you should also feel cool and calm. Because if you will crumble and feel tensed during hard times... you will fail, bad things will happen to you. You will have a very hard time and it will be very difficult for you to escape the situation.

So if you are in a fearful situation, learn how to quiet your mind, just take a deep breathe and learn how to adapt to the situation. Don't think negatively because your fear will only become stronger. That is how to live life, understanding the situation and controlling yourself. Master your emotions and you will become a master.

But if you are in a comfortable position then that is they best way to pressure yourself. In life, you can't be relaxing always. You can rest, you can take a vacation but not for so long.

If your financial status in life is doing very well then that is the best time to pressure yourself to earn more, establish some business and continue being rich. Create a pressure if there is no pressure. Pressure yourself to work hard even more, create opportunities because it is easier to become successful if you are in a good position. It is hard to establish a business or create fortune if you are in a bad spot because you will feel stronger pressure that will break you down.

It is easier to find great opportunities if you don't have any problems because your mind will think clearly so while the fortune is still on your side... put evolutionary pressure on yourself and make your life even better, make your position even higher.

If you are comfortable on top, if everything is going well then you should pressure yourself to climb another level. Because if you will not feel the sense of urgency... you will be happy being relaxed and that is the sign that you will fall back at the bottom. Being relaxed during good times is a bad thing to do because you might fall in love being lazy and slow, your pace will become very ugly and not progressing. You will slowly fall down and experienced repeated failures.

So even if it is Christmas, even if it is holiday... learn to pressure yourself even more and work harder. Of course you can still celebrate, you can have good times but not for so long. Learn how to work when everyone is having a good time and you will see that you will get something that they can't have.