December 19, 2016


You should always be creating something even if you think that it is wrong. You shouldn't stop creating, that should be your mindset. Always creating every now and then will make you very creative. It will make your mind and body busy, you will always be on the move and that is a very good habit to become successful. Because if you are always creating, you will know what is right in the end, you will be able to make adjustments.

Wrong grammar. It doesn't matter if your grammar is always wrong. Even writers doesn't care if their grammar is wrong. Just write something, write an article or a story. Don't strive for perfection because it will never happen. Always write something because it will make you a very good writer.

Wrong technique. Wrong techniques doesn't matter if you were able to produce some results. If you are making a progress and you were able to get what you needed then forget about doing the right techniques. It's just a waste of time. You can produce your own technique if you are always creating. Remember that your goal is to become successful and not to look flawless or technical.

Wrong style. Everyone is entitled to use his own style so if your style looks wrong to many but you still feel that it is effective then use it. Don't be scared to use your own style, even if people were laughing at you... still use your own style because it makes you unique. Using your own style is a testament that you are celebrating your freedom and individuality.  

If you are creating with confidence then people won't even notice that you are making mistakes. Just try to look very calm and confident, that is the trick on how to get away if there is something wrong in your actions.

Some inventors knew that there is something wrong in their creation but they still keep on creating it. They knew that somehow, their invention can still be useful and people will still admire it. They knew that they still have to finish their invention because it will be very useful to all the people and it will be corrected by someone someday.

So just keep creating if you have some ideas on your head. Never stop creating even if you feel that there is something wrong. Keep publishing your content, keep exposing your inventions. There is nothing wrong in doing something wrong.


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