December 17, 2016


If you are doing something for a very long time. If you think you're already an expert in your craft then for sure you have a fanbase. You  already have people who admires you, you have secret fans. Your secret fans just can't admit that they like you because they think that they are alone. They think that not a lot of people likes you so they were so scared to be criticized.

If you work super hard, if you put in the time then for sure there are some people who will be impressed with your work ethic. They will secretly follow you and want to be updated with what is going on with your life. They don't want to reveal that they are your fans because they still doubt if you can become successful.

Sometimes the people who hates you the most are your true, sincere and loyal fans. Sometimes it can be your family, friends or even neighbors.

If you are having this weird journey and people cannot understand what you are doing. If they continuously criticized you and mock you... don't get discouraged because it only means you are doing right. They are giving you attention because they see the potential in you.

If your father or mother keeps on pointing out what is wrong with you, don't get mad because it only means you are doing something right, they just wanted you to be perfect. They are your secret fans. They are guarding your progress so don't be too sensitive if you are hearing words from them that are not pleasant to your ears. Sometimes those words are also helpful, you can get something from it so don't feel bad at your parents because they secretly like what you are doing. It only looks like they don't want what you are doing because they haven't seen any glimpse of success yet.

Your secret fans can't admit that they are your fans because you are not big yet, you are not successful yet so it only means you have to work harder and be more focused on your goal so they will become proud of you one day.

Some haters are not really haters, they don't want to admit that they are your fans because you haven't prove anything yet, you haven't convince them that you are for real and you can become big. Once you become successful, you will see that they are cheering you and kissing your ass. If they are really haters then why are they following you everyday?

So just keep doing what you are doing and never get tired of making small progress everyday. Those haters will reveal their true colors if you succeed, they will become your loyal fans and they will treat you like a king. They will never hate you again and they will even die for you.

No person in this world who works so hard consistently haven't build a fan base on his own. Don't get discouraged if no one is admiring you at the moment because they will come naturally. They will come in time, you have secret fans... you just need to prove something first and give them something to look up to.

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