December 18, 2016


All you need is you, nothing more and nothing less. All you need is yourself to become successful in anything that you choose. You are enough and you have all the tools to become what you wanted to become. Just look inside of yourself and appreciate everything about you and you will become happier and more successful.

You are looking too far that is why you can't get what you want. You are looking for other things or people that is why you can't be happy and become confident. You are comparing yourself to others, you're always looking for what is missing in your life. You always look for what you can't do and your weakness which is a bad thing.

You don't need a fancy shirt if you are confident that you can carry yourself no matter what clothes you wear. All you need is calmness, being in the moment and not looking at other people's style. Just appreciate what you wear and be proud of it even if it is not that expensive. Appreciation is the key to freedom. Be appreciative and you will no longer have any problems in life.

You don't need cars if you are confident that you can go to any place you want without having to rely on cars. Just use public transportation and you are ready to go. You don't need to always look good and elegant. What if all you have is yourself? what if you don't have any of those things? Just be yourself and learn to adapt to your environment. If you will always look for what you don't have then you will never be able to do anything.

You don't need strong friends or relatives to thrive in life. If you are confident enough to take actions then you're already fine. You can get things by yourself, you don't need any help from others because that will only make you weak. You will rely on them everyday, what if they are not available? what if they are not in the mood to give you a helping hand? you will only become disappointed if you always rely on the strength of others. You have your own strength so use it. Develop your own skills and trust yourself that you can also reach the top.

You can become very confident by working hard everyday and improving everyday. You don't need a lot of things if you are always improving your worth and value. You don't need materials to look great. All you need is your strong mindset that you can overcome and thrive in any situation.

Confidence is the key and the only way to develop it is by outworking everyone and pursuing a big goal. If you are so focused on yourself then you don't need to get envy with others anymore. You don't need to praise them nor hate them. You don't need to look for other people's lives because your life is more interesting than theirs.

Just keep on trusting yourself, just keep on evolving and working hard. You don't need anything if you are confident enough. You don't need their approval because you know you can do it and you are right. You don't need to ask them because the answer is already in you.

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