December 20, 2016


A lot of people nowadays were very concerned about being different, they wanted to become unique, they wanted to standout and become popular. They wanted to produce something that the world hasn't seen yet but sometimes doing it will make them a failure and a loser. Why is that? because they are not being themselves anymore, they just want to do stupid things or catch attention from people.

They wanted to look different but what they are doing is not really what their hearts are telling them to do. So the result is... epic fail.

If you want to standout you have to make a stand. You have to be consistent. You have to pick something that you will do forever, something that you will do everyday that will make you grow, progress and become successful. Don't do something because a lot of people were doing it, do something because it makes you feel good, free and confident. That is how to standout, that is how to become unique.

Consistency is mastery. Just pick a hobby, a business or an idea and keep on making it better everyday. If you are growing everyday then you don't need to look unique anymore. People will see it, you will gain followers, people will be impressed with you. And the best thing about it is you are feeling that you are succeeding little by little. That is what consistency does, that is what making a stand does.

So don't try so hard impressing people, don't force yourself to look like a unique red unicorn with yellow spots. You just need to be yourself, work everyday and make your idea grow. Time will make you successful if you will use it wisely, the longer your streak is... the more successful you will become.

I've seen a lot of people who fail because they are trying something that they don't really want, they were trying to become very unique only to find out in the end that they were already sick and tired of what they are doing. They will try something else again but they will never succeed again because they were trying hard to become unique again. The cycle goes on and on, they were losing their minds.

Being unique is simply being yourself, you don't need to look cool, you don't need to use profanity or something. Just say what you want, do what you love and dress comfortably. Don't ever compare because that will take away the uniqueness in you. Just love your own stuff and keep improving everyday, keep learning and keep growing.

Things that will take away the uniqueness in you:

1. Following the trend. Don't follow what people are talking about especially if you don't like it. You are just punishing yourself by doing the things that are not making you happy. If you will follow the trend just to get some attention then you will not look natural, you will look like a fake chocolate hiding inside of an ugly box.

2. Comparing yourself with others. If you constantly compare yourself with others then you are not being you, you are being them. Any actions that you execute has something to do with other people.

3. Imitating. You don't need to imitate, you just need to elevate. Elevate yourself by being yourself. Be proud of your actions and ideas and not being afraid to execute all of it. Having the confidence that you can standout without trying so hard and doing stupid things.


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