December 07, 2016


Have you ever wonder why there are people who are so good at something. They can do something fast, they can do something perfectly, they can do something confidently, they look like very professional when doing something. There is no secret behind their skills, they only repeat it a million times until they become very good at it.

Examples are people working in a circus. They can do things or stunts that looks very impossible to do. They can amazed people, they can make them say "wow!". But for them it's nothing, it looks like they are not even exerting an effort to do it.

Anything that looks impossible to do, you can do it. But you have to be patient enough to repeat it a million times so you can be an expert in it. You have to endure the boring times while practicing. You have to find the joy in doing it and keep pushing for perfectness. That is how greatness is achieved by simply repeating and repeating. There is no secret ingredient for it, all you have to do is practice forever until you achieved that confidence that you can't make mistakes anymore.

One good thing about repetition is if you are a master of something then you can create your own pattern, you can create your own style especially if your skills are on a different level. Look at those professional musicians, they have a pattern of their own. They can create their own style and rhythm. Sometimes they are even making mistakes but they can get away with it easily. You may not even notice that they are making mistakes. They were very good to the point where they almost hypnotized you and all you do is agree with their music. All you do is have fun listening to their music and you can't see any flaws with how the way they play.

This idea of repetition applies to anything. You can be a genius at anything if you keep on repeating it everyday. Pick something that you love and repeat it over and over again until you become an expert at it. Trust me, your life will change if you are great at something. You can control people, you can make people believe. You can impress them and make them amazed at you.

It can also be applied in business. The more you make business, the more you take actions and get money... the more you will become very good at making money. That is why there are some people who aren't afraid to enter any business. They were not afraid of not being successful, they are not afraid of being a loser because they knew they can win anytime they want. They always knew that if they lost some money, they can still make some and become rich again. It is very easy for them, it is just like a game.

You can make your own pattern, you can make your own process. Your pattern can be different from others but don't be afraid to look different. It simply means you are doing it your way and you are not afraid to express yourself and do the technique that you think is effective.

Just don't get tired of repeating and taking actions, you can find your own timing, you can create your own level of success. It is your own rules, it is your own terms. No one can amend it, no one can command you what to do. So keep on repeating and reach a different kind of level that will make your life awesome, a level where you are the king and you create patterns for yourself and patterns for other people to follow.

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