December 31, 2016


Success is to be shared, that is what success is all about. If you are very selfish in sharing your success and helping others then you are really not successful. Successful people were generous and wants others to become successful too. They want to share knowledge and wealth especially to people who are really deserving. You will become more successful if you want others to become successful too, it is a cycle that keeps on rotating and everyone else in your circle is becoming successful once you touched them.

So if you wanted someone to become successful then you should experience success first, you should bring it to your life and become big as much as you can. Become a superstar so you can have large influence and connections that you can choose to make other people successful. You can also have a lot of resources which you can use for helping others. You can't preach about success or help other people to become successful if you're a broke son of a bitch, you are just setting up yourselves for another epic failure because the knowledge and experience isn't there. 

If you're a huge success then you can make other people become successful easily. You can make requests to the organization you are working with to make the person you choose to help to be given an opportunity to become successful. Example is a politician with a very high position in the government, he can appoint anyone that will work in his office. He can give positions instantly without an further requirements or procedures. He can give anyone a chance to become successful by simply using his power. 

You are powerful if you are successful. Another example is a superstar in hollywood, he can also choose the cast in his movie, he can give a break to his friend who has a quiet career. He can make a request to the producer whom he wants to act in a specific role. And the producers and directors cannot deny his request. A successful star always get what he wants because his value is too high. He can do power tripping if he wants to as long as he gets the job done and make his movie successful. 

So if you wanted to help other people, make sure you're already a huge success. If you try to help other people but you only have few resources or you are not a success yourself, the chances are both of you will fail. You're just giving hope to something that will never go far. You will just create a beginning and won't be able to finish it. 

Success is very easy to share if you have something to share and if you are sure you can share it. You should have power to help other people become successful too, you should have influence and connections so that helping will be very easy and guaranteed.

A lot of people wants to impress and will offer a help, but the problem is they cannot even help themselves to become successful. All they are doing is showing off and nothing more than that. They just wanted to look good and successful but the truth is... they were failures. If you want to offer help, make sure you can do it, make sure you're a huge success so the people whom you offer a help won't get disappointed. 


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