December 22, 2016


This method is one of the most effective but underrated method of them all. It is not widely used because it needs a lot of discipline, belief and sacrifice. People don't want to use it because they love consuming so much, they love adding components to their lives which is sometimes causing harmful effects.  This method will give you dramatic improvement if you will use it wisely and consistently. It is called the decreasing method. Wait, wait, wait don't react so fast because I haven't explained it well yet, just bare with me and try to resonate with it.

If you want to become stronger decrease eating foods. You feel weak because you are consuming a lot and not because you are under eating, your body needs balance. If you are overweight it means you are doing something wrong with your body. It means your food intake is a lot and it needs to be controlled.  Try to feel hungry everyday. Try to sustain it as much as you can and once you can't stand the pain anymore... eat something but not a lot. Eat something that will just tone down your hunger a little bit. Do it everyday, decrease your food intake especially the unhealthy foods. You will feel weak in the beginning but in the long run you will feel more energetic and powerful. You will feel very light, fast and sharp.

Decrease the number of people around you. Lots of friends means lots of responsibilities, social obligations and stress. The truth is not all of your friends were real. Some are just using you and making you feel bad. If you will decrease the number of your friends and just keep the true ones then you will have an easier and more prosperous life. You will not be forced to attend celebrations that will only destroy your momentum, you will spend lesser because you only have to give time to friends that you like. Your life will be in harmony if you have lesser friends.

Decrease the information you are putting into your head. You will feel stressed if there is a lot of information running inside of your head. So stop absorbing information that is not needed. Stop listening to the news so much, stop reading a lot of articles that is not related to your growth. Just get the information that will help you in your life. Do it for a few weeks and you will feel that your mind is thinking faster and you were able to focus more on your present task.

Decrease the methods that you are using. If you have a lot of references and methods, you will not be able to perform very well because you want to do all of it. It will make you overwhelmed and stressed. You feel like you are obliged to do it all and that will cause war inside of your head. For example in conditioning, if you will do 10 or more drills everyday you will become overwhelmed, you may do it for just a few days but you can never do it in the long run. It will create frustration on your side, you will feel that you are not progressing. So instead of doing all of those methods, try to decrease them and focus on the methods that you think will help you. You will progress more and you will gain momentum so fast.

Life is not all about having a lot, you will feel overwhelmed if you have a lot of things going on with your life. You will be able to find your strength once again if you get rid of some people, habits and things that are not helping you.


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