December 08, 2016


Motivation is sometimes the root of procrastination. You will watch a lot of motivational videos, read a lot of motivational books and articles but if you will examine yourself carefully... you will see that nothing is changing in your life, you were the same bum as you were yesterday. You still have those bad habits, you are still broke and you don't want to take actions. So it only means the real problem is you, you don't want to take actions, you want to remain the same person as you were 10 years ago.

Motivation is already inside of you, you will have it once you take actions. You cannot become motivated if you are not seeing progress so it only means you have to take actions even if you don't feel like taking it.

If you are tired and you need to do something, just do it, do it even if you are not motivated. Once you start doing it, you will be able to gather some momentum, you will love what you are doing until you are done.

The more you take actions, the more you will become motivated. That is the best formula to get motivation. But if you really wanted to see videos and read some articles about motivation... it is fine, you can do it. It is good because you will get a lot of ideas in life, you will have some references once you face some kind of a new situation.

But always keep in mind that motivational videos and articles will not help you if you will not help yourself. You should limit yourself form using those things a lot because you might use them as an excuse for not taking an action.

Just watch 2 videos a day and at least 2 articles too and then take action right away. Don't get hooked to much from those contents because you will find yourself getting addicted with it and you can't take actions anymore. You will say to yourself "just one more videos, one more videos" then a day has passed by and you haven't take actions yet.

Remember that you are the one creating your own motivation, while those articles and videos help, at the end of the day it is still up to you if you will take actions or not. Those are just references, it will not make you move. Your decision will make you move, your willingness and desire will make you move. So regardless if you feel good or not... just move, take actions so you can dig your own motivation.

Once you create a momentum, it will b easier for you to finish a task. The key here is focus. Just focus on finishing one task at a time and then go to another task if you have. Go to the next step and focus on it again until it is done. It is easy to create your own motivation, you just need to practice a disciplinary action. So what are you waiting for? move now and create your own motivation!!