December 20, 2016


In any problems, work is the only solution.

If you have problems emotionally, physically or mentally... work is the solution.

If you are depressed go and work, run for a few kilometers and you will feel fine again. You will feel happy and light. Food can only give temporary solution if you are depressed, you will only be happy for just a few minutes and you will go back being depressed again. You will get another box of chocolates or chips and your depression is still there. But if you do any kind of work, may it be about business or exercise... you will somehow find a little joy. Your depression will be lessen, may be it still there but it is not like as it was before.

If you are injured, you also need to do work. You need to do some research on how to cure your injury and then do the proper treatment for it. You cannot just sit there and do nothing, the injury will heal but you have to wait for a very long time. Unlike when you do the work, you will be able to find fast solutions and you will know how to cure it. You need to take actions, you need to make a move.

Money problems? you know the solution... work. Just work, just do something that will give you some money and your problem is solved.

Movement is the solution for any problem, you have to get up and move your ass. You have to to think of something that will solve your problem and just do it. Movement will create improvement, it will provide solutions.

If you are just sitting there and doing nothing, your problems will only get worse. So be aware if you are not working because you are only making your problems multiply.

Bored? you know what to do... work! Just do something, just do anything. Do something that will give you benefits. Working is fun if you will be used to it. Do something that will make you happy. Create movements that will make your life a little bit better.

Working is free and it has a lot of benefits yet a lot of people doesn't wanna do it. They still prefer to lie down and watch TV which will only make matters worse. Being still is bad if you do it for a very long time. The weeds in your garden will grow and it will eat all of your beautiful plants.

Look at those people who loves sleeping, even though they are getting enough sleep, they are still not happy with their lives. They still feel heavy, they still feel tired. It is simply because sleeping and resting is not the answer... it is work. It is work that will give you energy, does high level athletes become stronger by sleeping? definitely not, they become stronger by continuous hardwork and sacrifice. Work will make you stronger, work will make you better, accept it and change your bum life!!!


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