December 05, 2016


Our generation is full of talkers nowadays, everyone is good at talking but not good in working. Everyone can talk about his dreams, ambitions, plans but after a few years they were just the same person who talks before. All they do is talk and talk and talk and achieve nothing. Words are meaningless if you can't back it up, words are nothing but words and people will get tired listening to you if you can't produce results. You can make them believe or listen to you for the first or second time but if you can't fulfill what you've promised... they will look at you as some kind of a joke who can't produce results.

Words are powerful at first but will become weak in the end, it will become nothing but a sound that cannot even move a small thing. Words will become powerful if you can back it up with actions. So do what you said you will do, work that is congruent with your promises.

People will trust you if you have evidences to show them. Your value will increase if you are trustworthy and can fulfill what you've promised. Show an evidence that backs up your story. Because if you can't show them a proof of your talk then you are just a hoax. You will remain a myth, you will never become a legend.

Truth will be seen in the end, you can cover the truth in the beginning. You can pretend to be someone you are not but in the end... people will see the real you. Your true colors will be revealed. It is either you're a scam or a real thing. It is up to you which role you wanted to play.

So be careful with your choice of words, be careful if you are trying to impress someone, never tell them something that you don't have or can't do because you are just setting up yourself for a bad labeling from other people. They will label you as fraud or pretentious character. They will not respect you, they will just laugh at your words.

So if you want people to believe in you, you must gather a lot of evidences. You must prove them that you're about taking actions and not just speaking words. People will believe in what they see and not on what they hear. You must have the track records that you've done something great. You can't fake results, you can't fool people twice.

Words are nothing but potential, it is nothing but 50 percent could be real and 50 percent lie. So if you want to be real... do the real thing and don't speak what you don't have or will not do from the very beginning.

Show them real evidence, show them the real you. Show them what you can do and show them what you've got. Never show them more than what you can do because you will just fall short in the end. Be real, be true to yourself. If you don't have it then don's peak about it. If you can't do it then never showoff that you can do it. It is all about being real from the very beginning.

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