December 06, 2016


You are afraid of what? afraid of asking for something? afraid of asking for a salary increase? afraid of asking a girl for a date? afraid of telling the truth? I don't know what is it to be afraid of.

You are afraid because you don't want it bad enough, you are afraid because you already think you can't get it before you even try. I will tell you, you don't have anything in your hands when you were just a baby. You don't have anything, you don't own anything so why are you acting like you have something to lose?

Even if you have a lot of properties now, even if you have a lot of money now, you can't bring it with you when you die so don't ever act like you have a lot and you can lose a lot. You already lost everything before you die, the truth is it is not yours forever, you cannot bring any of those things to next life, if there is.

So stop acting like you will lose something, stop acting like you have an identity to protect because there never was. You don't have to be afraid of anything because just like I said, you don't own anything.

Even if you think that it is yours, even if you think that you can hold it forever, the truth is one day you are going to die and you will not able to bring anything with you.

So don't be afraid to chase something, don't be afraid to ask for something because you have nothing to lose and you can't own anything. There is really nothing that you can have in this life with you forever ad there is also nothing that you can lose.

If your mindset is just to experience it then you will have a very wonderful life. If your mindset is just to try it and not own it forever then you will become free, you will become loose and your will have a very easy life.

So don't be afraid to try. I mean be ok with being afraid but still try because trying is the best thing in the world. Try to get something but don't get attached with it, don't feel sad if you can't have it. Don't get depressed if you fail because life is all about trying and no getting. If you try with all your might, even if you fail... you will still be happy because you know you defeat your fears.

It feels very good if you try to get something, use all your courage and forget about the results. What matters is you do it your way, you do it even if you are so afraid to do it. There is no greater feeling in this world than leaving your comfort zone and exploring the possibilities. Always test the waters, test everything, test your capabilities and test your limits.

Because when your hair is already white and you can't do anything anymore... that is the time when regrets will start to kick in. You will tell yourself "what if I do this, what if I do that?" But you can't do anything anymore because you're already weak and dying.

So if you still have the strength now, do what you wanted to do, get what you wanted to get. There is nothing to be afraid of. Failing is normal, regret is the worst feeling that you will ever get.

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