December 17, 2016


Make your options very little so you have no choice but to do it, look at those people who have a lot of choices... they don't know what to do. They don't know how to handle everything because they were so confused.

Trimming your choices and appreciating the choices remaining will make your life very easy. For example, if you have a lot of clothes in your closet... you need to get rid some of them so you will be able to appreciate what you have. You have to get rid of the clothes that you are not using anymore because not only they are making your closet crowded, it also gives you confusion on what to use everytime you have to go out. It will eat a lot of time on your busy schedule, you will have a bad day and that is bad for the business.

If you wanted to buy a car, of course there will be a lot of suggestions from your friends, relatives and closest ones. You will be confused, you will entertain lot of references which will only make your life very difficult. You will be scared to buy what you wanted to buy because you think you might purchase the wrong car. You need to trim your choices again, just listen to some people whom you trusted the most. Trim your choices so you will be able to decide fast. Don't look for a lot of options because it will only make you stuck, it won't be able to help you in your decision making.

In life, you don't need to look for a lot of options because it will make your brain cluttered, it will make you undecided. You would love to pick all of your options which is not possible and not healthy. You will only get crazy if you want to have everything because that is a form of greediness. And being greedy will not contribute to your growth, it will give you bad emotions. You would love to control everything, you will become a control freak.

Just live 2-3 options and then pick one immediately. Options are good but if you want to have a progressive life then you don't need to entertain all of them.

Look at those people who have a lot of shoes, they don't know what to do with those shoes anymore. They were acting like crazy, they can't take care all of it. They want to maintain everything but they can only hold some of it. And the saddest thing is... they are seeing some of their shoes getting old and they can't do anything about it.

Just like in hobbies, if you have a lot of hobbies then you will not know what to do first. You love to do it all but you don't have enough time and energy for all of it. You will only feel bad if you can't do one of your hobbies.

You will appreciate life even more if you have less friends, properties, commitments and business. You will be able to give more focus on the things and people that you value the most if their numbers were very little. You can't divide you attention for everything or everyone, that is very impossible.

You have to let go of some things or people right away, letting go means allowing yourself to become free, it will allow your mind to think clearer and sharper. You will have much better life if you have less options because it is conserving your time and energy very well.

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