December 21, 2016


It is scary because time is getting faster and faster and a lot of people don't care about it. They simply enjoy taking their lives for granted and make themselves believe that they were really happy because they were enjoying the moment.

A lot of products were invented today to amuse you and waste your time. You think you are having fun but you are not. You are just setting up yourself for failure and disappointment in the end.

Before, there was no even gadgets or cellphone, life was very slow you can take your time and always be in the moment. But now, life was very advanced. People were so focused on their gadgets taking selfies that will eat a lot of their time. All those selfies will give you is likes from people that you don't even know or like at all. There is nothing wrong in doing that if it is giving you a progress or self accomplishment. But if you are doing it just for the sake of impressing people... you are in big trouble. You are wasting a lot of time accomplishing nothing. It is good if it is giving you money but if not... you better make a self assessment because you are in big trouble my friend. Your happiness will be based on people's reactions and not through your own creations.

A lot of illegal drugs were invented in the market to amuse you and make your time fly away. It eats a lot of your time. You thought you are cool but wait for a few more years and you will find yourself either in jail or in the mental hospital. Now tell me if it is still cool.

There is nothing wrong in doing what you love but make sure it is not eating a lot of your time and your future is being put in jeopardy. You can enjoy as much as you want but you have to enjoy the right way. You can enjoy pursuing your goal and becoming a little bit better everyday. Make sure 90 percent of your actions has a purpose and can give you a good life in the future.

Time is very fast, if you are not aware that it is getting faster and faster everyday because a lot of apps, gadgets, bad medicines were being invented to amuse you and give you a temporary happiness.... you will become old accomplishing nothing significant in life. Your happiness will become very dependent on those things. In other words you will not be able to create your own happiness because you're so addicted on external things that the main purpose is to make your life worse.

You have to find something that is more beneficiary. Life is very fast and those gadgets and vices made it even faster. An ordinary person can even spend his whole day just gossiping in facebook and other social media. He doesn't know that he is already wasting his life by doing that.

You have to be responsible in spending your precious time, if you will waste it, waste it by making your life better.


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