December 10, 2016


There are still some beliefs today that are still alive and scaring some people. Beliefs that were not proven to be 100 percent accurate. Some instances those beliefs were true because of luck or stupidity. But those beliefs were not even close to 10 percent real because it was only made by people who wants to scare other people and make a name for themselves.

If you still believe that you have to give your 10 or 20 percent of salary to some kind of a religious group so you that will have an assurance that you will go to heaven... wake up. That belief has been exposed a million years ago. There are lot of reports about corrupt religious officials and they are only using your money for their own pleasure. If you really wanted to go to heaven, just be good and believe in God.. that's it. You don't need to be used by groups that will only use you and manipulate you. Your faith alone will save you, as simple as that.

If you believe your boss that you can't find another good company because his company is already the best, if you also believe him that you are not good enough and you still need some experience... wake up, that kind of belief was just a bogus. There are lots of stories about self made millionaires, they became successful by simply believing in themselves and stopping someone to manipulate them. You too can become successful by your own definition if you will learn how to trust your skills and established an unbreakable belief that will put you on top. You should overwrite that old belief of yours and replace it with a belief that will work to your advantage.

Only rich can become rich, if you are poor you have no chance of becoming rich. This belief has been destroyed by people who doesn't believe in the word impossible, this belief has been dismantled a million years ago. There are hundreds of stories about rugs to riches and those were all true. There is no such thing as luck, all you've got to do is work the hardest and dream the biggest. You can become something if you have a vision, you can become anything you want if you will create a new thought process that will make you take actions to become successful.

It is your destiny, accept it. If there is someone who tells you that you cannot do anything about your situation... slap that guy. There is no such thing as destiny, everything happens for a reason and destiny has no relation with your situation right now. If you are poor it is because you think like a poor and your effort is poor. If you can't do good in life, it simply means you are just happy being on the bottom and you don't want to do anything about it. Successful people don't believe in assigned destiny, they create their own destiny.

There are more beliefs that you shouldn't believe especially if it will kill your dreams. Only believe in things that will empower you and make you very motivated to do great things. Your belief is your reality, you should be careful and picky on what beliefs to believe in.

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