December 24, 2016


There are some things that you don't know that will make you poor. You think it is making your rich because you are getting something but the truth is... what deducts your money makes your financial status downgraded. It is ok to spend, there is nothing wrong with that but if you want to become financially free forever than you should make it a rule that what is coming out from your wallet should be lesser than what is coming in.

1. Owning a credit card. Credit card doesn't help you, do you think that rich people uses credit cards? of course NO. They don't want to have liabilities, they don't want to have debts. They don't want to use money that they haven't worked for yet. Credit cards were used by people who doesn't have money at the moment but feels entitled to spend more. Using credit card will make you build habits of spending in advance and working later to pay it. It sucks if you will work for one month and your paycheck was already budgeted for paying credit cards. A lot of people becomes broke by the use of credit cards,, middle class people loves it because all they do is spend their money for useless things.

2. Car loan, house loan. Owning an expensive property doesn't make you rich. Yes, you will look good if you have your own car or house but it is not fully yours until you fully paid it. You are still in debt if you are paying for something. Again, getting something in advance and paying it for years is not a good thing. It makes you suffer, lesser money will come int your life. And also, the interest is very huge, you can even use the interest for building a good business that will give you more money. What makes you look good doesn't make you feel rich, and that is the reality.

3. Buying sale items. Just because it is 50 percent sale doesn't mean you saved 50 percent. You still spend money so where it the saving part there? And the truth is... some items were not really sale, they just put some advertisement on it so you will be attracted. Buying items that you don't needed will just deduct something from your wallet. You are just happy for the moment while buying those items, later you will see that you are not even using those items anymore. Make a list of things that you are not using anymore and calculate all of their prices... you will see that you've wasted a lot of money.

4. Watching a lot of advertisements. Always putting your eyes infront of home tv shopping will program your mind to buy stupid stuffs that you don't needed. You will be tempted to buy it because you are being hypnotized to make a purchase. Surveys says that 90 percent of the customers of home tv shopping where in huge debt if not broke. Stay away from watching a lot of advertisements because it will not help you, it is an attraction for a broke life.

5. Impressing people. Comments from other people will not make you rich. You can make yourself look rich but if you are in a huge debt then you are so disgusting, people will even laugh at you when they discover that you are broke. A lot of people will buy 2 cars even though it gives them a lot of pressure for paying it. They wanted to look rich even though they know the truth that they are not. Impressing people that you are rich means you are not really rich. Real rich people were very secretive because they don't want other people to borrow some money from them.


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