December 18, 2016


It sucks when someone is pulling you down even though you are not doing anything wrong right? it sucks when you feel that someone is mad at you for unknown reason. It is normal, they are bitter because you are better.

You know better than them, you can do better than them that is why they are jealous and they can't help themselves but to act like a loser.

Someone will pull you down if you are doing well in life. It is funny because no matter how hard you try to be nice with them, they will still see something wrong in you. Well, never mind those losers because you don't need them. Never mind their bitterness because they are the ones feeling bad not you. Don't feel bad if they feel bad about your success because it is not your fault if you have the right mindset and perfect work ethic. You work hard for what you have, they can become bitter all day while you are drinking your expensive wine.

You too, if you are bitter about somebody then it only means he is better than you. It only means you are jealous with his success. Even if you don't admit it, he is doing well and you are there complaining and whining about your situation. So if you don't want to look like a loser... create your own success and stop being bitter about somebody.

Being bitter is a sign of jealousy and unable to accept that someone is happy with his own life. If you can't be happy for somebody who is winning in life then just shut up and focus on other things. If you don't have anything good to say then it is better to keep quiet than saying things that will hurt someone.

Bitterness is ugliness, it won't give you good feelings even if you are the one who is hating. You won't be able to create your own fortune if you are bitter so you better change your attitude. Your focus will be towards other people if you are always bitter. You won't be able to take positive actions. Bitterness takes away happiness.

If you can't be happy for someone's success then just create your own success and be happy for yourself. That way you are living your own life and you are not destroying other people's life.

How to stop being bitter:

1. Focus on yourself. Try to improve yourself everyday so you won't be able to look at other people's life.

2. Always remember that bitterness will never give you progress. No matter how bad you put someone down, always remember that your position has never changed. You didn't improve by saying bad things to someone. You never get rich by being jealous with someone, what does it give to you?

3. You will only keep feeling bad by being bitter. If you keep on being bitter, you will never feel good. You will always see someone succeeding and you will always see yourself failing. You will always compare and will try to pull someone down. You will be trapped in a rat race of jealousy and enviness. You will always feel hate, you will never become happy in your life.

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