December 18, 2016


If you think you're already tired... you better think again. Because by believing that thought, you will really become tired. Your body will follow your mind so you better train your mental toughness if you want to succeed in life. Anything that the brains says... the body will follow, the body cannot command the brain, it all starts in your brain. Every idea comes from your brain, every belief and plan comes from your brain. Your body is just there to execute the command from the brain. The body cannot do anything without the brain.

So if you think and feel that you are tired... stop believing it. Believe that there will always be second and third wind, there is even a fourth or fifth. You can continue until the end for as long as your brain is telling you so. That is what champions have, they have the second and third wind. You think they already gave up but you will see them coming back again. You don't even know where are their strength coming from. It is like a miracle, you wouldn't believe what you are seeing.

Winners keep going until they have nothing left on their tank, and when their tank is emptied... they already won. They will never stop until they win any battle.

So don't ever believe your mind if it is telling you that you have to stop. There is always the next wind, if you're already on the third wind then the fourth wind is about to come. You may get tired but you should never stop, you are unstoppable, your wind is unlimited, it can go up to 100th wind.

Life is not about how strong you are or how talented you are, it is about outlasting everyone around you. It is about moving until the end and claiming what is rightfully yours. So breathe, enjoy every ounce of air because the next wind is coming.