December 27, 2016


This process is the best process in the world. It is also known as the unknown process, there is no specific definition, there is no specific name... YOU JUST DO WHAT MAKES YOU BETTER. You will define your goal, make a commitment of pursuing it and then just putting something on it everyday. You just do what makes you one step closer from it, you just do what you think will give you a progress.

Confusion ignites procrastination that will create depression. So if you don't know where and how to start... just do something, just put something on it. Every action is the right action, you don't need to worry too much if what you are doing is right for as long as you are doing something... you are right.

So stop hesitating and do something, do something that will move you. Keep on doing something until you become something.

Everyone is taking about the "process" but they are not consistent on their process, they just do it so that they have something to share with their friends or followers. They were not serious about it. They just wanted to look good and be able to show something to the world.

An unknown process full of actions is better than specific process that is full of shit. You can become successful by just taking actions everyday and thinking about your goals. You can go very far if all of your actions were related to your goal no matter how weird or how small that actions is.

Just do everything that will make you better and bigger... every action will do, it will sum up in the end and you will be thankful of yourself for taking actions and not just wondering what you can do.

So stop questioning yourself if your actions were right or wrong. Just simply do something and don't let a day end without doing something for your goal. Just be patient because all of your efforts will be rewarded for sure. You will get everything you need and want. Have faith and trust your unknown process.


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