December 06, 2016


Greatness is widely used nowadays, everyone wants to become great but they are not willing to put the work, sacrifice and pain. They thought that greatness will come to them in just a few weeks or days. Some people talks about greatness a lot but if you will check the number of hours they work... it is not even close to 50. So funny isn't it?

Greatness is a process, that is the reality. It is not something that you will have and then you will never lose. It is not something to maintain forever. That is why successful people, great athletes and millionaires never stop working. They knew that greatness is not permanent, it can leave them if they are not cautious of their lives. It can leave them if they are complacent, lazy and not getting better everyday.

Greatness is unlimited and it has no ending. It is a constant work, it is a continuous improvement. So if you think that you were already great and successful and you decided to stop working... good luck to you, you will fall down very fast. You will become a loser again. You will start from the bottom again.

So once you have the momentum, you have to keep going. Work harder than yesterday because a lot of people were working harder than you. Outwork everyone if you can. You can take it slow if you are really tired but don't ever get addicted to rest because you will lose your grip.

Always remember that if you wanted to become great then you should never stop. You should work consistently and your efforts should be high. You should not hold yourself back and become relentless if you can.

Greatness is not to be achieved, it is something to work on forever and not getting tired of the process. Greatness should not define you, you should define your own greatness. You should have your own standards and own barometer of success. You should not let people judge you if you are great or not. If you are working everyday and striving to become great then you were already great. Greatness is simply become better everyday and not being satisfied of what you have. Appreciate your skill level and properties but never get satisfied. And also don't feel less, if you really wanted to become great then you should feel more and have the feeling of abundance.

A lot of people will talk about it but will never work for it . It is better if you don't know anything about greatness but you are constantly working rather than you know the process but all you do is talk about the process. Greatness only applies to people who works everyday and improve their numbers everyday. It is for people who are doers and not just talkers. It is for people who doesn't look for results but rather focus on the journey and keep on moving until success show itself naturally.

You shouldn't wish for greatness but rather work for it and build a very strong work ethic to become successful one day.

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