December 09, 2016


If you can afford to smile despite of feeling uncomfortable and feeling so much pressure then you are in the right track, in the end you will still win.

Being happy despite of hardship, being cool under fire is a great advantage. You will be able to think clearly, you will be able to move swiftly. Even if you are tired, if you are happy being tired then you will be able to still move and do the actions that you needed to do.

Life is all about emotions. The happier you are, the stronger you will be. You will feel light if you are happy, you can move quick if you are happy.

Look at those athletes who were dominating the game. They were so much having fun, they were smiling and laughing. Everything looks effortless to them. It seems like they can't mistakes. Even if the commit a turnover and even if they were behind.. they still manage to enjoy the game and that is why they still win in the end.

Happiness will give you a big advantage. You will look invincible, you will look very loose and free. You will look like you have nothing to lose and all you think about is winning. It will see in your body language that you are so confident and you mean business. Your opponents will lose their focus because they will be annoyed at your facial expressions, they will feel that you are mocking them. They will not be able to control their emotions and that will make them lose.

Even in life, if you feel that your life is hard for the moment... just look for the small things that will make you happy. Look for simple things that will make you smile and you will see that everything will become easier again.

You can even fake happiness if you are depressed, just think of happy thoughts and you will become happy little by little. You can dominate the negative thoughts by continuously harboring past experiences that made you feel better and happy.

The happier always win in any kinds of field. In sports, business, politics, work etc. The happier person always win.

If you are happy it means you love what you are doing even if it is hard or impossible. Having the ability to smile in adversity is a great skill that everyone must develop. If you are happy time will fly, if you are happy you will not notice that many hours have passed. That is why it is recommended to pursue a goal that you really love because you need a lot of time to reach it. You need a tremendous focus that will only happen if you really love what you are doing.

And one more thing, even if you fail... if you are happy with your journey, if you are so happy doing the process... you will still fail that you succeed. You will never feel that you fail because of the good emotions that you get by traveling your journey. Happiness is priceless, win or lose.. if you are happy, you're already a winner.