December 08, 2016


This is the game of life, it is very tricky and playful and if you cannot play it right... you're dead. You will become a loser, you will eat shit ha ha ha ha! So you better know how to play it, if you can't understand how to play it then just enjoy the ride and accept what is happening to your life.

Life, it is either you play it or it plays you. You can change it or it can control you. Your happiness depends on how you see things. Your success depends on how you feel good about what you have. If you have millions yet you can't appreciate life then you're still a failure. If you have less but you feel more... congratulations, you already won! It is about how you honestly feel with your situation without seeing what others have or how others treat you.

The game of life is very deceiving, at some point you feel you were already on top then a few weeks later you will find yourself at the bottom again. Sometimes you feel you made it then a few days later you will search for what is missing in your life again.

The game of life is very simple to play if you know the simplest things on how to play it. The basic rule is don't complicate it, appreciate every second may it be good or bad and then don't rush it.

Just live with the moment because when you're already old, you will wish to slow it. You will wish to slow time because you're already dying. When you were young you want to make the time fast but when you grow old you want a slow motion of your life. But it won't happen, you cannot control time. If it is your time then it is your time. So be happy if you're still living now. Do whatever it takes to become successful and experience all the things you want to have.

The game called life is very tricky. At one moment you're very comfortable and you feel like everything is alright but later an adversity will kick you in your ass.

So you better be prepared because life is full of randomness. If you are afraid of surprises, if you hate change then you will not be able to enjoy life more. You must welcome any discomfort because it is part of the game.

Life is very fast but if you are not enjoying it then it is very slow. Life can offer you anything if you are willing to work for it. So while you are still strong and capable of dominating, do everything to make the most out of your life. Try everything, use your body to experience different emotions. Life is all about feeling. Any negative or positive feeling is still part of your life so embrace all emotions and enjoy it as much as you can. If you are feeling bad just remember that it will soon be over so don't make it so much of a big deal.

Curse life and it will curse you back, it will punish you like a helpless kid in the park. Celebrate life and you will experience a lot of good things that you thought you wouldn't experience.

Life is a roller coaster, you must get used to it. Sometimes you're on top and sometimes you're at the bottom. There is nothing wrong when you're down, you must be able to learn how to fight and fight your way back to the top.

You can't cheat life, no matter what you do to make it long... if it is your time then you can't escape death. So if you are still breathing now, if you can still move now... pursue your dreams. Do something that will make your family happier. Do something for the people that you care the most. Life is better if you will use it for love and not for hate, it may sounds corny but it is true. The more positive things you do, the better your feeling will be. If you are spreading negativity then you will feel bad the whole day, you will feel sick no matter how much you deny it.

Play life like you are in control. Be the game master, play by your rules and not with the rules of others, make your game so much fun and worth remembering. Go ahead and play the game of life now.

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