December 10, 2016


If someone is annoyed and he can't get rid of you, if the only solution is to grant your wishes so you
will stop... you will get what you want.

This is called the annoying technique, you will annoy something or someone just to get what you want. Make them feel that you will not stop until you get what you are aiming for, make them feel that you are unstoppable.

It doesn't matter how they feel, it doesn't matter how you feel, what matters is you get what you want, am I right? so annoy them with massive actions but also make sure that you are not hurting anyone and that what you are doing is still with in the accordance of the rules. The main idea here is to keep trying until they give up.

Annoy success until it submit itself to you. Do whatever it takes to become successful. It is just a mater of time before success gets annoyed and give you what you want in life. Repeat and repeat until they accept defeat.

If you are applying for a job and you can't be hired. Don't be annoyed instead let the companies get annoyed at you. Show up to different companies everyday, tell them that you need a job, tell them how good you are and that you are there for business. You are there to make their company better, do this a million times until the companies get annoyed at you and hire you. This technique will work. A lot of big names in the business does this, people who don't believe it are lazy and has no ability to keep going because they want immediate results, and where do they end up? NOWHERE.

So you have to be relentless in annoying the things that you want. You have to be infront of them everyday, you have to make them quit and give your wish. It is like who will give up first, you or them?

Don't be disgusted for yourself if you've been always rejected. It is normal if you want something, especially if it is something big, you have to taste a series of defeats before you become victorious.

If your mind has been trained to try and try again... everything will be easy for you. Your potential will become unlimited. You will not worry about rejections or failure anymore. All you think about is growth and making actions. For you rejection is just another number, failure is just another feedback that will only make smarter.

The annoying technique is awesome, it is like commanding the universe to submit itself to you. It is like torturing success by trying over and over again. You torture success with the trials that you made until it cannot hold on to pain anymore and give you everything you need.

Even if some people gets mad at you for being so persevering, even if they laugh at you because you are not producing any results... those comments doesn't matter. Your train is already moving, let them be annoyed because the will submit in just a matter of time.

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