December 31, 2016


You have to know when to sacrifice and you also have to see opportunities where you can make sacrifices. You have to be aware of what you are doing and completely be honest with yourself if it is making you progress.

The key here is to be aware if you are having fun at the moment. If you are having fun then it only means two things... you are having fun in your work or you are having fun doing nothing like watching tv, playing video games or simply gossiping in facebook. Yes it is fun doing those things but the only question is... are those activities beneficiary? Are those activities going to make you rich or poor?

Successful people have done a lot of sacrifices in their lives that is why they were so successful. They do the things that they hate to do until it becomes their habits. They do it until those sacrifices become daily actions and they feel that those aren't sacrifices anymore. They treat it as another day in their life. At first it is hard but it becomes easier because they become familiar with it and they were not having a difficulty doing it anymore. When a thought plays in their head and that thought is not beneficiary, they knew it is a time to make a sacrifice. For example, if they remember that today is the airing of their favorite TV show... they will not watch it, instead they will do what they needed to do. They knew that is the moment to make a sacrifice because for sure they will get better rewards by doing it. It is just a matter of conditioning their mind to prioritize what is the most important things first and setting aside the activities that are not beneficiary. They don't even have to think about it, they don't need second thoughts. They were experts in making the right decisions that is why they were always in the right place and always find the best opportunities in life.

For example a champion marathon runner... he will always wake up at 4am in the morning to do some running drills. It looks very hard, it looks like a sacrifice to others but to them... it is nothing. It is like an ordinary day, it is very easy for them to wake up at 4 am because they turned those sacrifices into habits. They do it everyday that is why it is not a sacrifice anymore, it is already a lifestyle. It is not very hard, it is just a simple task for them.

So if you wanted to become successful too, you should turn those sacrifices into habits. Do it everyday, find sacrifices as much as you can and make it a habit. For example, you will do something for your goal everyday... you will do it even if it is holiday or Christmas, you will do it because you don't want to cut your momentum. You will do it because it is the right thing to do. It is only hard in the beginning, it will become very easy in the end.


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