December 21, 2016


One of the reason why you can't become successful is because you don't trust your own backyard. I mean you don't trust what is yours. You are looking too far, you don't want to become successful in your own place and own way.

You want to have your own business but you keep on looking for other businessmen and ask for their tips and lessons. You have a place in your house where you can build a small eatery yet you are making a lot of excuses, you are looking for the difficulty and not the opportunity. You know how to cook and you love to cook yet you can't cook. Why is that? Is it because it is hard or you are just making a lot of dramas. You were expecting too much, you wanted to become a big timer so fast but you don't want to take actions. Who are you fooling? you are just fooling yourself. Use the resources available and create success on your own.

You have a pretty decent computer in your room with a fast internet connection yet you are only using it for porn and any other stupid things. You watch you tube for 8 hours a day, you visit websites that are not healthy for your brain. If you will only use your computer and internet for online jobs then maybe you have a lot of money now. And you will say to your mom that it is hard to find a job, wow! excuses again. Success is already in your own backyard, dig it and find it.

You already have the skills and talents, all you need is implementation but what are you doing? you keep on comparing yourself to others and see the weakness in you. You practice and practice because you think you are not perfect. You never test your real capabilities, you are so afraid to show what you've got. And what happened to you? years have passed and you still never get the break that you need because you keep on finding faults in yourself by focusing on what you don't have. Success is already in you, stop looking at other people's backyard and nurture your own progress.

This is the biggest problem that most people are facing nowadays. They always thought that they are doing wrong. They always thought that success is not near them. They keep on looking for other people and places, they never trust their own resources and skills.

Just look around you and you can create success with what you have. Don't look too far because you are only making things difficult for you. Be confident of what you've got and try to make it no matter what.

Start with what you have, start where you are. No more excuses, do it in your own territory.


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