December 27, 2016


You always have to have something to show so you will get the job done. You have to present people something so they will believe in you. But what if you can't show anything? the answer is very simple... just present anything then just replace it later when you have time.

For example, if your client is asking you for samples of your work but for whatever reasons you didn't bring your portfolio or you forgot to bring it... just show something you can show, download some images on the internet, download some files and show it to your client. It may or may not work, it can backfire at you but one thing is for sure... if you didn't show something to your client then you will not get the project. Your client will not trust you because you can'st show something. He will think that you are not for real.

So just get something from anywhere and show it. But also make sure that you can really do what you have shown. Make sure that you are not over promising something to your client and you can back up what you are saying.

You are not lying if you can prove that you can do it, it just happens that you can't show something for the moment so you have to improvise. Don't be afraid to take chances, be confident that you can still win even if you are incomplete or not prepared.

If your client needs a mockup of the product that he is expecting and you don't have it... again just present something that you can present, get it somewhere, find something that you can show. Just replace it later when you already have time. There is nothing wrong in showing something that you can also do.

Because you can never convince anybody if you don't have something to show. You have to improvise so you can rise.

Don't be shy or afraid to show something to the people. The intention here is to convince them and make the believe that you can do the job. But you must do this if you can really do the job, you must not do this just to scam someone. Because at the end of the day, people will know the truth, they will know if you can really do it or not.


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