December 11, 2016


It's funny how a lot of people set goals for 2017 already. Did they reached their goals this 2016? did they realized all of their dreams because they were planning about good things to happen for the 2017 when 2016 is not finished yet?

There are still more days for the 2016 and they should use it to reach their goals that they planned on January 2016. It seems like they gave up already and they are looking for a new life, they think that 2017 will be easier than 2016.

The truth is... if you will always try to escape from a hard situation because you think that it's over, there is a tendency that you will do it again next time.

What did you do before 2015 ends? you think about making your 2016 awesome, prosperous and successful right? you think about having a new life, you think about changing but did it happen? It didn't happen because you are always thinking about restarting, you are always thinking about escaping the hardship and by doing that... you become trapped in a rat race.

You always wanted to change, you always wanted to get into the future immediately but you don't want to take actions. You just want to get there without doing anything. You wanted to fastforward this year even though there are still some days that are remaining and you can still make the best out of it.

A lot of people were taking it very easy now because the end of the year is very near. They were already thinking about next year and all of their new year's resolution that they will never even take seriously.

A lot of people already gave up and call it quits this 2016. They were very busy doing their Christmas party, reunions and any other events that will just take away a lot of money from their Christmas Bonus. They will tell themselves it's ok because next year is going to become prosperous, it is ok because they will work hard next year and earn a lot of money. But how can you start your new year strong if you don't have momentum.

If you really want to make 2017 your year then you should build some habits that will make you become successful before the year 2016 ends. If you have a goal and it seems like it is really impossible to get it... just get it still. Even if you think that there is no more time, just make actions that you think will make you at least one step closer to your goal. At least you are still pursuing it and you didn't act like others who completely gave up and wish that next year is going to be a great one.

This year is not yet over, you still have some time. What if you give your super best for the last few days of the year? what if you completely lost your mind and just get your goal no matter what? Miracles always happen in the end. You will never know if you try. It's not yet over, you still have work to do.

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