December 07, 2016


A lot of people don't know that they are unstoppable, a lot of people don't know that. They thought that being unstoppable applies to only few people who were gifted and blessed with great talents and abilities. They believe so much in commercials about unstoppable people, they believe in the term "the chosen ones" or "the chosen few".

The reality is everyone is unstoppable if they choose to. Even you who is reading this unstoppable message, if you think that you are unstoppable then you are. Your perception for yourself is your reality. The more you believe in yourself, the stronger you will be.

Let me define you first the word "unstoppable". What does it really mean? it means a person who can't be stopped or a person who can do continuous actions without stopping. It means a person who can exert an effort forever. It is very simple, this definition can apply to anyone.

So if you want to become unstoppable then simply take actions forever. What is your business? what is your hobby? what is your passion? you can become unstoppable on your chosen field for as long as you keep on taking actions. There is no other meaning behind being unstoppable, it simply means keep doing what you are doing and don't let anyone stop you.

So if you are a body builder and you want to become unstoppable then simply lift weights everyday. Nobody can stop you, only you can stop yourself. You can become unstoppable by not stopping yourself.

You are stopping yourself by planting negative thoughts in your head that you can't do it, that you don't want to keep going anymore. But guess what? those thoughts were not true. All thoughts about giving up and you were so tired were all false. The truth is you just need a little rest and breathing room. But once you are rejuvenated a little bit... you can continue what you are doing.

Your number one enemy is you, you are unstoppable but your negative thoughts and bullshit habits are stopping you from being successful. What if you just do it everyday and keep doing it until you go too far? what if you just keep on repeating the process and let the results take care of itself naturally? what do you think will happen? What do you think will you become? how will you look and how much success can you accumulate?

If you're a writer and you want to become unstoppable then just keep on writing. If you're a basketball player and you want to become unstoppable then just keep on playing. Keep moving and do your stuff, that is the best way to become unstoppable.

If you're a painter then keep on painting. If you're a basher then keep on bashing. Never stop what you are doing. If they can't stop you that is their biggest problem but always keep in mind that only you can stop yourself and nobody else.

You can only be stopped if you stop yourself from moving. They can say whatever they want, they can try to stop you but again, you can only be stopped if you stop yourself. You are so unstoppable, you need to remind it to yourself.

So just keep on doing what you are doing, do what makes you happy, do what motivates you. Keep on taking actions and become unstoppable forever. Become a water who keeps on flowing, a bird that keeps on singing.

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