December 21, 2016


There are lot of references on the internet that will give you information on how to become rich fast, attract wealth fast without having to work at all. It is crazy because the logic is simple. You will not be able to attract money if you will not work. Work is the only thing that gives you money so if you want to have a lot of money... work a lot. It doesn't matter what kind of work. What matters is it is legal and it won't put you in a bad spot.

I will not make the introduction very long I know you are so excited to become rich so here it is, memorize it and put it in your mind every second so you will be able to attract rich fast:


That's it, very simple but hard to do. Very hard but really possible. All you have to do is give time to activities that will give you money, growth and abundance. Put your mind very close to money and you will get money. Engage in activities that will give you growth and it will be easier for you to make money. Make making money your number one hobby, reject those hobbies that will make you spend and poorer. Very simple, you will just make your life very basic and focused on making money and that's it. No need to make a lot of calculations or plans. Just simply talk about money, think about money and make money your number one priority.

It simply means you have to cut the things that are just wasting your time and making you spend. Cut the people that are being parasite to you. Cut those activities that will shave your wallet. Focus your energy for making money.

There is a right time for spending and relaxing, you have to do it when it feels right. Do it when you have enough and you feel like your financial status will not be affected.

You can be generous but not all the time. Just choose the people whom you can be generous with.

This technique is hard and you cannot do it all the time because you need balance. But you can do it for several months or weeks then do something else if you feel like it is unhealthy anymore, take a break then come back on that money making state again. But if you feel like you are loving it and you want to do it forever then do it, attract wealth forever.

Money is all in the mind, where the focus go the energy flow. There are lot of poor people in this world not because they are destined to be poor. They just don't know where to focus their energies. They were so focus on stupid activities like instant gratification, gossips, pulling someone down, being jealous, laziness, blaming the government etc. That is why they attract poverty, they think about negativity that is why they get adversity.

So if you find yourself doing things that are not related to money stop it. If you find yourself being someone who is broke and complaining a lot... leave that bum right away and go to better places where abundance is present. If you find yourself thinking about negative things, stop it and forge some abundant thoughts. Very simple, think rich and happy thoughts and paired it with hardwork and for sure you will get everything you want.

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