December 08, 2016


You often get yourself into trouble because you react so fast, you make an action without properly assessing if it is the right action. You don't think, you just put yourself out there and make poor judgments. You let the heat of the situation control you. You are not being yourself and that is why you end up being a loser. You're like an untamed beast that do whatever he wants just to prove yourself and when you begin to realize that what you did is wrong... it's already too late.

There are many people who ends up in jail even though they are not that bad or they are were not criminals. They accidentally killed or hurt someone at the heat of the moment. Their excuse is they don't know what are they doing because angered has controlled them. This is not an excuse, of course you know what you are doing, you just let emotions control you.

In life there are some instances where you don't need to take an action, you just need to let things cool down. You just need to stay calm, relax and don't do anything.

You don't need to overreact, all you need to do is read the situation and tell yourself "small things cannot bother me anymore". If you will look at the situation, it is not really a big deal. It is nothing, it doesn't hurt you, yes it may hurt your pride but pride doesn't exist. You invented the thing called "pride" by being emotional and invested at the moment.

If people disrespects you, if they do something at you that is offensive, just keep it cool. You know better, you are smarter and you know how to respect. You can't teach pigs how to fly, you can't teach them how to be respectful. Don't level down and argue with them. You will learn in the end that your decision is right for not arguing with someone who is not worth it. You will feel happier because you escape from a problem that is meaningless, you are more peace with yourself and you don't have any regrets.

Because arguing with someone who is not the same as your level is just a waste of time. You have your dreams, you have big goals. People that are focusing on small things are small people. They wanted to look powerful by being loud, they wanted to look strong by being vulgar and offensive. And if you will examine their lives.... they were broke and unhappy because their lives has no direction.

All things will flow correctly, if you are travelling the right direction, if you are doing the right things... you will be alright even if there are somethings that bothers you at the moment. You will be bothered if you focus on those useless things but if you are so focused on your goals and life... nothing can disturb you. It is like you have a straight line and you follow it until you reach your destination.

Being calm and still is a great weapon. You can read any situation if you are so cool. You will know what to do if you are not letting your emotions control you.