December 19, 2016


This is another great hack to make you feel better and have a more positive outlook in life especially if something bad that is happening to you at the moment. Create a story from another story. It is the stories that we entertain in our head that shapes our lives so you better entertain the stories that are helping you and not the ones that are dismantling you. Thoughts are very powerful, it is the director of your life. If you will be able to filter your thoughts and use only the positive ones then you will have a very good life.

So if there is something happening to you at the moment that you don't like, try to reframe it and make another story from it. Let's say your money keeps on decreasing for whatever reasons, try to make another story from it, just think that you are investing or something and your money will grow again later. Just think that it really happens and more money is the next stage of your financial story. Think that your business will do well for the next few days.

If you are sick right now and that has been the story of your life for the last few days, try to reframe it too. Just think that you are just resting and you are preparing for a big comeback. Just think that you are just gathering your strength and you are planning to make a massive actions when you feel better.

If your relationship with your partner is sour at the moment, try to reframe it too. Just think that it is just a challenge and you need to do something about it so the sweetness will come back. And of course don't just think about it. Do something about it too, making a story needs movement too. You need to take positive actions to make the your better.

There are different stories that will happen to your life everyday. It is how you interpret those stories and how you react. You can rewrite those stories and make it better or you can even make it worse. The decision is up to you. It is all in your hands. The brain is yours, the pen is yours, everything is in your control.

Because if you will not reframe a bad story then it will have an ugly ending. You must rewrite it, redirect it and do what is necessary to create a very good and happy ending. You have a lot of time to make a change, you can control your thoughts and steer your life to a better place.

A lot of people already have good stories in their lives but they can't seem to appreciate it that is why their lives were miserable.  They are making a bad story from a good story and of course the ending is bad as well.

So do everything to make your story better, do your best to have a very good ending because you are the only one who can write or change your story. You are the writer, the producer, the actor and the director.